Encouraging Independent Play

Like most preschoolers, my son enjoys his play time especially through role-playing and imaginative scenarios. We have all the right toys in our home to create such an environment. What he lacked though was a playmate as he is the only child. Guilty about not giving him a sibling and being a working mother who could not spend as much time with him. I tried to make it up by being his favourite playmate. The pressure to continuously keep him entertained evening after evening finally took its toll one night. I felt like I had lost myself, having deprived myself of personal time because of my guilt. That was when I decided that he had to learn to play alone.


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Toys Overload?!? Some tips to overcome

A common dilemma in every household with kids – how many toys is truly enough? Very often, we are tempted to splurge and pamper our little munchkins with as many toys as our pay check allows. After all, kids learn through play, don’t they? And then we have the well-meaning relatives and friends who do the same during birthday parties or for no reason because you don’t need an excuse to give.


But too many toys result in clutter and this in turn stresses the little ones out even though the clutter may be visually blocked by the adults. Sometimes, less is the way to go. Too many toys may over stimulate junior. Having too much of a choice usually leaves them easily bored and along with the tendency to appreciate what they have less. What’s more, cleaning up after play time becomes a real chore.


For us, storage was starting to become a big problem. Our tiny ‘bomb shelter cum store room’ holds 90% of Asher’s stuff. We have an entire side of the storage rack dedicated to just his toys. Continue reading

“I Don’t Use Made In China Products”

Every time I hear this from some well-meaning mother/mother-to-be/grand parent, I somehow feel inclined to throw a hissy fit. It just annoys me to no end on how ignorant some people can be.


Sure, you are going to boycott all baby clothing and toys from China. Because there’s probably something in that romper that will break your little one in hives or maybe that toy will short-circuit and explode in your precious’s face. While you are at that, why not you throw out all the stuff you have gotten as gifts or purchased from Mothercare and Carter’s. Don’t forget the Fisher Price and Vtech toys as well.



Yes, sorry to disappoint, but just because you shop at some renowned American or European store. It doesn’t mean that their products originates from the same country too.

So I understand what they are coming from, the fear and need to avoid items made in China. But that would mean throwing away your Iphone too. Hello? It is understandable if you avoid the consumables. Like how even the mainland folks are buying baby formula milk from Hongkong and everywhere else except in their country.


However, when it comes to clothing and toys, surely there isn’t a need to overreact. In fact, it’s pretty much unavoidable, most of these items are manufactured over in China. So remember that before you go off rattling on how your precious little one only wears Carter’s (or whatever other brand) and avoids all clothing from China, because my dear, some of Carter’s clothing are made in China too.


And if you are REALLY that concerned, then please do some research on the brands you purchase. I’m sure seeing tags that read Made in Bangladesh or some other low-cost labour 3rd world country would make you feel more at ease.

Barbie & Ken finally tie the knot!

Totally creative & gorgeous! Someone was sharing this on Facebook & I went down to rocknrollbride.com to check out the photos. I thought they were brilliant and decided to share a few of my favorites with my readers.

Some more photos under the cut…

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