Toys Overload?!? Some tips to overcome

A common dilemma in every household with kids – how many toys is truly enough? Very often, we are tempted to splurge and pamper our little munchkins with as many toys as our pay check allows. After all, kids learn through play, don’t they? And then we have the well-meaning relatives and friends who do the same during birthday parties or for no reason because you don’t need an excuse to give.


But too many toys result in clutter and this in turn stresses the little ones out even though the clutter may be visually blocked by the adults. Sometimes, less is the way to go. Too many toys may over stimulate junior. Having too much of a choice usually leaves them easily bored and along with the tendency to appreciate what they have less. What’s more, cleaning up after play time becomes a real chore.


For us, storage was starting to become a big problem. Our tiny ‘bomb shelter cum store room’ holds 90% of Asher’s stuff. We have an entire side of the storage rack dedicated to just his toys. Continue reading

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