[Review] ETUDE HOUSE Wonder Pore Set

PINK BOX July was late but it’s always better late then never. This blog entry, I will introduce the Wonder Pore Series to you. It’s a brand new set launched just recently only. Now, it has a clay pack and whipping foam to complete the line with the existing Wonder Pore Toner.

The Wonder Pore series boasts of a total pore solution 7 in 1: Continue reading

[Advertorial] Kanebo’s Freshel White C & Moist Lift

I was real excited to try out these products from Kanebo after hearing so many raves about this Japanese brand. Kanebo is a well-known Japanese beauty brand and Freshel‘s brand concept is to provide hassle-free and quality beauty products for the busy, working ladies. It is also one of the few Japanese brands to have come up with a BB cream that is an All-in-One product -a beauty essence, an emulsion, a cream, a sunscreen, and a makeup base. The BB creams have received many raves online and so I was excited to see what it could do for me.

From left to right – Whitening Essence Cream, Whitening Lotion (L), Whitening Milk (L), Whitening Night Essence, Whitening Cream & BB Cream W Cream UV

From left to right – Moisture Soap, Brightening Moisture Lotion, Moisture Soothing Essence, Night Essence & BB Cream Moist Lift

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[Review] Snowbeau – Wheat Germ Oil Facial Cleanser & CoQ10 Toner

Snow Beau is a new local onlineshop with beauty products made in USA.

A short introduction on this new brand in the beauty market.

All Snow Beau products have been personally tried and tested by Snow Beau before they are launched out. So feel confident and give your skin a treat with our products. All our products are manufactered in USA which is FDA registered, GMP-compliant facility incorporates an on-site laboratory and testing facility. Snow Beau adheres to strict quality standards and does not use animal derived raw materials or do any animal testing of products.

They currently carry only 3 products but are looking to bring in more. I was given 2 of these products to try out and they are the –

Snow Beau Wheat Germ Oil Facial Cleanser (S$25.90) & CoQ10 Facial Toner (S$22.90)

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[REVIEW] Bebeco Skin Care Range from Korea

A Beauty Affair is proud to share with her readers about another HOT Korean brand, Bebeco, that is currently available in Singapore. Did you know what does the brand name Bebeco stands for?
Well, I certainly didn’t and I thought that this was rather cute.

Bebeco = “BEtter BEauty COsmetic”

Bebeco carries a wide variety of skin care products that are highly popular in Korea and now, even in Singapore. Their range of skincare also incorporates natural ingredients such as Orange Vitamins and Plant Hormone in their skin care range. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Thanks to Bebeco, I was given a number of products to try out. I told them about my skin concerns; blackheads, uneven skin tone and dryness on the cheeks. And I was introduced to this skincare regime which is like a DIY Facial Routine. Something one can try at home and save money at the same time instead of splurging hundreds at facial salons.

The DIY Facial Routine will allow one to achieve an effect that is similar to what one gets at the facial salon.
It consists of the following products:

Step 1: Real Perfect Cleansing Gel
Step 2: Plant Vita Foam Cleanser
Step 3: Perfect Peeling Gel
Step 4: Strawberry Yogurt Mask Pack

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Paula Begoun: Do toners tone?

I thought this was an interesting article that might be helpful for all :)

Do toners tone?
By Paula Begoun

In reality, toners—also referred to as astringents, clarifiers, refiners, fresheners, and tonics—don’t tone anything. At least not by the dictionary definition of “tone,” which refers to the “normal firmness of a tissue or an organ.” The term “toner” is a caprice invented by the cosmetics industry and, therefore, it can mean anything they want it to. I have heard that toners do everything from balance the skin and close pores to deep-clean and prepare the skin for other products. They do none of that. In fact, toners of any kind do not close pores, they do not deep-clean pores, and they do not reduce oil production. If toners could do any of that, given the repeated daily use of these items by most women, who would have a visible pore left on their face?

There are no ingredients in toners that can firm skin and return it to its normal state. What well-formulated toners can do is help reduce inflammation, add antioxidants, skin-identical ingredients, and cell-communicating ingredients to skin, soothe skin after cleansing, help remove any last traces of makeup, and impart some lightweight moisturizing ingredients to skin. All of those things can have a beautiful, significant impact on the appearance of your skin and can make a huge difference but you still haven’t “toned” anything. Nevertheless, the word “toner” has stuck and is commonly accepted by consumers which is why it is used so often in the cosmetics industry.

Regrettably, not all toners are created equal, and many are terribly formulated, especially those containing alcohol, meaning they have a real capacity to cause irritation, redness, and dryness. No matter what toners are called (astringent, freshener, pore cleanser, clarifying lotion, witch hazel, and so on), and whether they are inexpensive or expensive—if they contain irritants they are bad for skin.

When toners don’t contain irritants they can still fall flat when they are poorly formulated and lack any real beneficial ingredients for skin (such as antioxidants, skin-identical ingredients, or cell-communicating ingredients). Your toner should not only be free of irritants but it should also be filled with state-of-the-art ingredients for your skin. If they’re not, why bother (especially if the toner you’re considering is expensive)?

It is best if the toner is fragrance-free, but those are hard to find. I am also pleased to state that all of the toners in my Paula’s Choice line meet the standards outlined above for what a state-of-the-art toner needs to be effective for skin.

Summary: Many irritant-free toners are a fine alternative as an extra cleansing step after cleaning the skin with a water-soluble cleanser. Toners won’t close pores and they won’t deep-clean, but depending on the formulation they can leave the face feeling soft and smooth, remove the last traces of makeup or oil, reduce or eliminate irritation, provide antioxidant protection, soothe the skin, and lightly moisturize skin. For some skin types, a toner can be the only moisturizer you need to use (especially during summer).

Basic directions: After cleansing the face, soak a large cotton ball or pad with the toner and gently stroke it over the face and neck. Do not rinse.

Kabuki Brushes & current Bioderma promo


New! Nature’s Minerals™ Foundation Brush

Where to buy? Bodyshop
How much? SGD33.90

Taken from the website:

“A high-density foundation brush that ensures just the right amount of loose powder is held in place between the bristles for progressive release and a smooth, even coverage. Rounded cut hairs are designed to allow circular movement across the face. Features a specially designed handle that fits easily into the palm, to allow appropriate pressure and flexibility.”

I was wandering around mindlessly at The Bodyshop when I caught sight of this new display stand for their mineral makeup range; Nature’s Minerals™.
The first thing I spotted was this kabuki brush. I tried it on the back of my hand and GOSH! It was incredibly soft and felt really luxurious against my skin.

I am not sure if it works well with loose powder but it has defintely
scored points for being so gentle on the skin.
I hope to get this very soon….. :)

It is priced reasonably and I’ve read through a few reviews on how durable it is.
So why splurge so much on expensive, fancy brands which boasts of animal hair when you can grab this one at sucha great deal?

P/S: I think it’s made of 100% synthetic bristles.


Where to buy? E.L.F Eyes Lips Face Online
How much? USD 5 = Approximately SGD 8

Taken from the website:

“Our handy and easy to use Kabuki Brushes provide a light to full coverage on your face or body to ensure a flawless finish. The compact brush is perfectly sized to allow for precise and controlled application of bronzer, powder, or a highlighter on your skin.”

It is made of reasonable quality for a cheap, very affordable USD 5 kabuki brush.
Soft but still not as gentle as the Bodyshop one.
And it did shed alittle on me. :(
Still pretty worth it for it’s price. It is really quite a decent brush.

Also there’s a promo going on for BIODERMA now.
There is 30% off Hydrabio (Dry skin), Sebium (Combi/Oily skin) and Sensibio (Sensitive skin) range.
20% off the White objective & photoderm range.

Bioderma can be found in selected Guardian stores.
The ones I know of are Paragon’s and Jurong Point 2’s.

Bioderma Sébium H2O Solution Micellaire

Where to buy?: Guardian
How much? RP $33.90 for 250ml

Taken from the bioderma website itself:

“BIODERMA innovation, Sébium H2O gently cleanses the skin without drying it, through the micro-emulsion of impurities and excess sebum.

• Enriched with purifying active ingredients, Sébium H2O cleanses the epidermis in depth and regulates secretion of sebum. The patented sebo-correcting complex, Fluidactiv®, normalises sebum quality.

• Sébium H2O guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance.

• Sébium H2O is non-comedogenic.”

I got my sample yesterday and was excited to try it out.
Since it was highly raved in 8days and Mind&Body according to the beauty advisor.
She also mentioned that this range of products were specially targetting
those with sensitive skin.

(I have 2 sachets because I collected on the behalf of a colleague!)

The blue one is for oily/combination skin which I had (Oily on the T-zone & dry at the cheeks *le sigh* )


Interestingly, it is a non-rinse product. You just pour out some onto a cotton ball/pad and then pad lightly all over your face.
It’s said to remove makeup without having to rinse or double cleanse too.

After that, you use a new cotton pad dabbed with the solution and then pad all over again to remove any possible residue before you pad your face dry with clean cotton or towel.

Sounds good and totally hassle-free, perfect for the lazy woman like myself!
I read through the reviews on Makeupalley and there were mixed reviews though majority were still full of praise.
What more, apparently, this product is highly raved by models.
Then again, I was skeptical… would this suit asian skin too?

I decided to give it a go last night.
I had some makeup on:

Face: Maybelline Pure Minerals Foundation
Cheeks: Elf blusher in glow
Eyes: Some japanese brand powder liner
Eyebrow: TheFaceShop blackbean liner


I had to use up to 5 cotton pads to ensure that my makeup was totally cleaned off.
Not very economical.
Considering that the beauty advisor told me that the samples were 10ml each.
So I had 2 which meant that it would last me approximately 10 times.
Thus, it means that 2ml for each use was sufficient.
But I had managed to use up 5ml last night just to remove my makeup solely.

Some MUA reviewers shared the same concern on how costly it would be
if we used this solely as a makeup remover for the entire face.
We would have to use up alot of cotton pads & solution to ensure that our face
is totally free from any dirt or makeup.

So as a makeup remover, I give it: out 5.

But as a toner alone, it has redeemed itself.
I took the risk and did not rinse off last night and somehow I fell asleep
while waiting for my guy’s brother to reach home with the car.
So I slept without any moisturiser on in an air-con room.

However, this morning, I woke up with soft, supple skin.
It worked great and was not drying at all for me.
I am very tempted to purchase it very soon especially since
It’s currently going for $33.90 a bottle of 250ml.
But Guardian is having a promotion now.
1st bottle at 20% off and 2nd bottle at 50% off.
So if I buy two, it would cost me $44.07 $50.85 for just 2 bottles!

That’s still pretty CHEAP!!!


Usual Price : $33.90 for 250ml
Can be found at selected Guardian stores. I got mine from Jurong Point’s.

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