La Belle Skin Threatens To Sue Me Over Bad Review

I’m not sure which is more infuriating; a brazilian waxing session which left my panties stuck to my lady bits or being threatened with a lawsuit by the very same company responsible for that bad waxing experience.


Yes, I’m referring to the blog review I’d written about La Belle Skin after purchasing their deal via Apart from the dissatisfactory waxing service, it turns out I wasn’t the only one who did not know about the hidden charge where you had to pay for feminine wipes. S$3 for a sheet of feminine wipe was pretty much daylight robbery but 2 of my readers had to pay S$10 and S$12 respectively. Why were the charges for the wipes varied? Shouldn’t there be a standard price?

Below is screenshot from the original blog post‘s comments section.



After reading what the others had to say about their brazilian waxing experience at La Belle Skin, it seems that I wasn’t the only one who had left the place feeling upset and disappointed.

All-out censorship isn’t the way to maintain a company’s reputation. My review was based on my HONEST and PERSONAL OPINION! And ironically, I’m the PAYING CUSTOMER who was not satisfied with the service but instead of finding out why, they’d rather silence me with such BULLY TACTICS. What credibility do I have left as a beauty blogger if I allow companies like La Belle Skin to shut me up whenever I write a review that doesn’t sit well with them?

Anyway, this was the email which I’d received from someone in the company called Wind who didn’t even have the courtesy to sign off.


Honestly, I’m not sure if I should be pissed off by their audacity to come up with such a letter, or be amused by the atrocious English.


With more and more companies headed towards a customer-centric culture, it is unfathomable why La Belle Skin would rather waste time issuing threats, when they should be focusing on improving their service. Then perhaps, there would be good reviews written instead. I mean, no company is perfect, even the best companies are also susceptible to bad reviews but at least they take it as a learning opportunity and work on improving customer satisfaction. This email I’ve received speaks volume of the company as one that would rather sweep bad reviews under the carpet than to do something about it.


Oh and by the way, my name is spelt ‘Charlotte’ and not ‘Charllotte’. Please get your legal counsel to take note of the correct spelling.


Like Dog, Like Owner – Someone wants to sue me

Remember that I had blogged about a french bulldog who kept chasing Mocha around the Bishan Dog Run to hump him? Humping is usually a display of dominance. Apparently, it turns out that it’s our fault (Mocha’s and mine) because I’m a “prima donna” with a “Yappie little annoying dog” as I  have “never bothered educating my dog properly” according to the owner of the black french bulldog. :(

image credits to decals

Yes, the owner of Yoda is threatening to sue me. Read my blog entry first and then his email to me.

My blog entry has not been edited nor altered because I have nothing to hide. CLICK HERE.

For convenience sake, I’d pasted my blog entry here w/o the pictures as it would take up too much space. And I have highlighted sentences which involves Yoda in red.

Each visit to the Bishan Dog Run is always refreshing because of the new dogs and owners you get to meet. This 2nd visit was exceptionally fun as Mocha stayed there for 5 freaking hours (no thanks to waiting for another dog, Champagne & his God Ma to arrive). So Mocha got to meet many other dogs and had so much exercise till he was totally deadbeat during the whole weekend.

Meet Mocha’s newest playmate. This uber cute, freaking adorable, omg-i-so-wanna-squeeze-it Chihuahua. It’s oozing of cuteness, I just want to kidnap it and bring it home.


Now don’t they look adorable together? This cute little fellow got me thinking of wanting to add on another furkid to my home. Oh well… I was just thinking only. Mocha is already such a handful, I don’t think I can handle another furball messing up my place.

And you know, as with every playground, there’s always a spoilt brat or bully that goes around making the lives of the other kids miserable. Well, the dog run is no exception. Meet Yoda, the french bulldog that is as active as Jack Russell.

And Yoda was obsessed with Mocha. He wanted to hump Mocha so bad… maybe cause Mocha was oozing of ‘guai-lan-ness’ (cockiness). LOL. But he went around annoying the other dogs too. You could just hear the owners going “Yoda, no!” all the time.

And he wasn’t light so I was afraid he would crush Mocha when he tried to pounce on him. So Mocha ran to me for help, I carried him up. Then Yoda started to claw at my thighs… resulting in me telling the dog off “Yoda, No!”

Yoda proceeded to jump onto the bench I was on and then his head BUA-ed (brushed) against my back. Oh yucks… cus he had mucus-like drool all over his mouth. I love dogs but I don’t like it when they have thick, mucus-like drool. I also do not fancy naughty dogs that are bent on humping anything alive.

Anyway, that was Yoda up there in the photo, annoying a cute little white Pom. Do not be deceived by its size, cause this little fellow is one feisty chilli padi. He kept snapping at a golden retriever. It was hilarious… these small dogs probably think that they are Great Danes.

Maybe Mocha wasn’t as fierce as this pom cuz Yoda left it alone shortly. Anyway, Mocha got to make friends with other dogs too.

And I got to check out all the adorable little furballs. These 2 cuties have the same owner, the mini pin is called Lula. And the fat, pudgy one is just so cute! Both are females and the small one was so overweight. They didn’t even leash her but place her in a trolley. Lula on the other hand was very agile and prancing round the park with her owner.

And meet this naughty little fellow who hopped onto the bench, stole Mocha’s bag of treats from our dog bag while I was away cleaning Mocha’s poo nearby. What a smart doggy!

By evening, most dogs have left as the humans needed to fill their stomachs too. We stayed on and proceeded to the large dog run where there was a black dog and a JRT. However, the owner of the black dog told us that the JRT was there alone. Two ladies came by and left it there for hours already.

Could it be an abandoned doggy? Mocha & the JRT started playing and chasing each other round and round. Before they both tried to dominate one another by pouncing on each other. The JRT did not seem to have any ticks or fleas problem, it was well- behaved and very agile.

Pardon the dark photo but I’m still using a 3GS. Anyway, we stayed with the dog for another hour and we spotted 2 ladies coming into the dog run. But they did not call out for the dog, in fact, they washed their hands and then stepped out of the gates.

One of them was already outside while the other was about to open the gate when I walked over with both dogs. I didn’t say a word but wanted to observe both the body language of the dog and the lady. The dog then saw the lady and started wagging its tail in delight.

Only then did the lady mumble “time to go home”. Both my girlfriend and I just felt that they had the intention to abandon the dog. As its a dog run, they probably think that some dog-lover would be kind enough to take in the dog or bring it to the SPCA on their behalf.

Such behavior is really intolerable and totally irresponsible. If they really can no longer provide and care for the dog, they could send him to some dog shelter to be re-home. And not just leave him in a dog run without any food, water or shelter.

I hope that they didn’t bring it elsewhere to abandon it now….

Both ladies are quite old aunties like in their late forties or fifties. The lady with the leash was carrying a bag that had colorful hearts motifs all over.  The JRT has a collar around its neck and a bell attached to it.


On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 4:19 PM, G Kahn <> wrote:

In response to your blog entry regarding Bishan dog park and Yoda on Sept 13th 2011.

As with most cloggers like yourself, you allow yourself to rant and rave about anything without the responsibility or impunity of a real journalist.
However, in this case, a real journalist has stumbled upon the waste of space you call a blog.
My dog, Yoda, is neither a bully or a spoiled brat, he is a well educated dog who happens to be very affectionate. A character sought out by most pet owners.

He is in his teenage years and recently neutered, and as such quite an active dog. However, in no way dominant. If you knew anything about dogs, you would at least know that. When a dog bows his head in front of another dog, he shows submission! Humping has absolutely nothing to do with, and saying that Yoda was bugging any other dog is complete BULLSHIT!
All the regulars at Bishan (Which you are not) absolutely love him, and most dog owners like their dogs playing with other dogs.

Of course prima donnas have prima donna dogs, Yappie little annoying dogs who are starving for attention, but go about it the wrong way, Thus attracting unwanted attention. Because their owners never bothered educating their dogs properly. Their owners write blogs, thinking the world must be interested in what they have to say, even if they didn’t make the cut to proper journalism. Quite a similar behavior?

I’ve had dogs for over 35 years, I’m guessing this is your first one as is evident from both your behavior and your dog’s that neither of you know how to behave around other dogs.

Now for the legal stuff:
1. Tagging your page with labels such as “” is cause for libel or defamation. And as such, it would easily amount to a law suite.
2. Yoda is my dog, registered under my name, as such he is private property. Posting his picture on your blog without written approval from myself is a breach of my rights and as such, it is Illegal. So, You will remove my dog’s pictures and any comment that includes his or my identity.

1)The “Irresponsible owners” tag was referring to the 2 ladies who abandoned their JRT for hours in the dog run. Not sure why Yoda’s owner is getting so worked up over this.  Furthermore, how can this TAG be labelled as defamatory when no direct reference had been made.

2) Under the Ownership of Copyrights Law, Section 12.1.5  – The general rule is that the person who created a work is the owner of the copyright in the work. 

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