The Body Shop’s White Musk – Be A Natural Born Rebel

Have you seen it in stores yet?

Launched in 1981, White Musk® is a world first and a landmark for the fragrance industry – the first cruelty-free musk fragrance to arrive on the market. The fragrance pioneered the use of synthetic musk in replacement of real musk which is extracted from the civet deer using cruel and painful methods. The Body Shop has given their best selling fragrance a sensational, uber-stylish makeover.

I was given a bottle to try out, well, I’ve never tried any White Musk products from The Body Shop before and I do not even know how its supposed to smell like. After trying it out, here’s my verdict….

This is something different from my usual fragrance choices which are usually more floral or fruity. Instead, the white musk is more of a velvety, feminine & sensual fragrance. It contains hints of musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla. It’s a versatile fragrance so let this bring from work to shopping to that hot date at night.

Rediscover this iconic fragrance in stores today and proudly shout about its cruelty-free pioneering stance!

The Body Shop STOP Sex Trafficking of Women and Young Children campaign

Following the success of STOP Sex Trafficking of Women and Young Children campaign for the past 3 years, The Body Shop® Foundation continues to explore different avenues of helping grass roots charities.

This time round, the YOU can vote for the charity that YOU would like to support through the purchase of the Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, a lip butter specially created to give YOU a voice to vote and become a beauty activist.

10ml for S$10.90

How to go about it?


Buy a deliciously zesty, Dragon Fruit Lip Butter, for superb moisturisation and lips that are super soft, super smoochable and super sexy. For every purchase you make, you’ll get one token. Each token represents the profits from the sale of the Lip Butter.


Take your token to the voting box. The voting box will have three separate slots, each one for a different local charity. Vote for the charity you want to support by dropping your token into one of the slots. The choice is yours.


You enjoy luscious lips and a warm feeling inside, we count the votes and help support local charities. Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.

That’s The Body Shop® philosophy!

Support World Animal Day (The Body Shop & SPCA)

Bring your animal friends (dogs, cats, hamsters, tortoise, fish etc. are all welcome!) down to celebrate World Animal Day with the SPCA and The Body Shop! There will be doga (dog yoga) demonstrations, doggie grubs for sale, animal-related talks and more! The Body Shop will be setting up a booth to sell our products and doing “Paw-fect” art for the animal visitors.

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[Contest] The Body Shop presents 10 Most Loved Products at 30% off!

Heya! As promised, I would be sharing with you the top 10 most loved products by The Body Shop. These will be available at 30% off from today onwards till 14th Oct. So grab them before it’s too late!

Like I mentioned previously, I am taking part in The Body Shop Bloggers’ Challenge.

I would need your help and support to win.

And if I am the winning blogger, one of my lucky readers would also win a prize too :) And the attractive prize would be *drum roll, pls!* a hamper containing all 10 of the most loved products below + 1 star entrant (worth over S$400!) Now, how cool is that?

Presenting the 10 best sellers at The Body Shop

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Celebrate 36 years of natural wonders with The Body Shop

Founded in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick, through the years, The Body Shop has grown to become one of the world’s most iconic & pioneering beauty brands that advocates fair trades and is strictly against animal testing. All of the products by The Body Shop are powered by nature & rich in the highest quality ingredients, therefore, you can be assured of its quality.

I have a few favorite products which I totally adore from them. Check out my past blog entries on reviews of The Body Shop products I’ve tried.

If acne has been plaughing you, then check out my post on The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil and Shower Gel. Also, do read about the Nutriganics Drops of Youth Pre-Serum, this is an innovative, pretty recent product by The Body Shop.

And because I’m a fan of The Body Shop, I am proud to announce that I will be taking part in The Body Shop’s Bloggers Challenge. Please stay tuned for my blog entry on Monday, 17th Sept and find out how both you & I can win some prizes from The Body Shop.

Meanwhile, celebrate The Body Shop’s 36th Anniversary with 30% off the 10 Most loved products. Psst… I’ll be revealing these top 10 products in my next blog entry too.

[Review] Combat acne with Tea Tree Oil

No thanks to the pregnancy hormones and increased humidity, my back ache aka bacne took a turn for the worst. The LMS Spotlight was not helping in areas which were difficult to reach and furthermore, I wasn’t utilizing its full capacity. I was using it just once a night instead of hourly as instructed. The back is just not a convenient spot to treat acne effectively with such a tool, especially when you are doing it alone.

Afraid of using chemical-based products such as BP 2.5%  due to its lack of research for usage during pregnancy. I decided to go for something more natural such as Tea tree Oil. And where else to find affordable tea tree oil then at The Body Shop stores.

Going at just S$18.90 for 10ml, this little green bottle of goodness is a skin savior for me. A best-seller at The Body Shop, the Tea Tree Oil is a natural, targeted solution to help clear blemishes quickly and effectively without over-drying the skin. Renowned for its anti-bacterial benefits, the Tea Tree Oil also helps to soothe blemished skin.

Add on the Tea Tree Oil Body Wash which is going for S$18.90 for 250ml, I know I’m doing my best to combat these nasty zits. And things have been looking up for me, the back is almost cleared of active acne, leaving the scores of brownish scars, a solemn reminder of what a disaster it used to be. Even my hubby has noticed the difference too. :)

Special precautions & warnings:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Tea tree oil seems to be safe when applied to the skin. But it should not be taken by mouth. Ingestion of tea tree oil can be toxic. (source)

Do note that some may not recommend usage of tea tree oil during pregnancy but as long as you take care not to accidentally swallow it then you’re fine. Seriously, who in the right mind consumes tea tree oil!?! Talk to your doctor if you are unsure.

GSS is here! Shopaholics are you ready?

It’s the time of the year where every shophaolic excitedly anticipates. Yes, it’s none other than the Great Singapore Sale. So armed with numerous credit cards (to get more discounts off through special shop & bank collaborations), we hunt down bargains with a vengeance.
If you are not one to jostle with the crowds for a good deal, take heart to know that even online stores are sales too. You can now shop within the comforts of your home and still get a good deal.

[Advertorial] The Body Shop’s Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth

You know, ever since I hit my mid twenties, anti-aging has always been on my mind. Who doesn’t want youthful, smooth and radiant-looking skin? Which explains why I’m ecstatic to learn about The Body Shop’s latest organic range – Nutriganics™  and how it can help me achieve great skin.

Nutriganics™ is a new range of organic products which have been certified by Ecocert that targets a common issue which most of us, women are concerned about – Anti-aging. You may check out the entire range over at their website here, most of the products are part of ELLE’s Beauty IT List 2011. They have the full works from the cleanser to the masks.

What really caught my eye in this range is the Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth; a pre-serum that makes use of the scientifically advanced plant stem cell technology which has been proven to enhance surface skin renewal for smoother, fresher and healthier looking skin.

It has extract of beech bud which contains a rich concentrate of minerals, enzymes, trace elements and vitamins. Another interesting fact is that it also contains Community Fair Trade organic babassu oil from the COPPAlJ co-operative in Maranhão, Brazil. The Body Shop is known for its fair trade programs which has helped to empower the women of this collective by turning the traditionally female occupation of shelling and pressing babassu nuts into a key source of income.

Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth contains 99% natural origin ingredients and 20% organic certified ingredients with no parabens or silicon. This is good news for those who have sensitive skin or a preference for organic products.

What’s truly unique about this product would be how easy it is to incorporate it into your current skincare regime. It does not matter what is your skin type or existing skincare regime, whether you are 26 or 66 years old. Just simply use it prior to your usual serum or moisturizer. This is one versatile product which you should always keep by your side as a weapon to combat against aging.

I have combination skin- oily T-zone and dry-normal skin. By mid day, my T-zone tends to get more oily whereas the cheeks could be dry due to the air-conditioning of my office or car since I’m always on the go too. My skin concerns are on combating signs of aging such as wrinkles and pigmentation as well as keeping my skin hydrated.

So I’m really excited to incorporate this pre-serum into my current skincare regime. To use Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth, you could either drip a few drops and mix it with your moisturizer to enhance the hydration. Or simply drip 2-3 drops and massage it onto your skin before proceeding with your usual serum or moisturizer. I prefer the latter because I get to warm the product up with my palms before giving my face a mini facial massage.

This pre-serum has a light, refreshing scent and is quickly absorbed by the skin. I was glad to find no uncomfortable residue left after application and this was important because I still had the serum and moisturizer to apply next. I like how it keeps my skin pumped and hydrated while I sleep through the night in an air-conditioned bedroom.

You can find Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth (30ml) retailing for S$58.90 at all The Body Shop stores. It may seem like a small bottle but you only need a few drops each time. So a little really goes a long way. This is definitely worth checking out.

The Body Shop breaks record for Largest Street Carolling

Last year, they had 460 participants setting the record for the largest street caroling in Singapore for the Book of Records. This year, we managed to break that 2010 record, setting a new one at 500 participants!

If you were walking past Paragon on17th Dec, you would have heard about this or were even approached to participate. Those who did got to redeem a free TBS product which I believe was a hand cream.

Youth volunteers gather gets things kicking as the emcee tries to get more participants from the passing crowd. Continue reading

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