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My job requires me to move about regularly and that means that I am often at the mercy of the elements. Knowing Singapore’s weather, you can expect it to be sunny and scorching hot most of the time. Despite having bought tons of organic sunscreen, I still find myself forgetting to apply it most of the time. It is simply easier to just pop a pill and get on with business.

Heliocare PureWhite Radiance Max 240 is heaven sent because it not only helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, it also slows down skin ageing from free radical. This magical little purple pill also repairs and prevents DNA damage caused by the sun, prevents loss of moisture on the skin, promotes skin radiance and improves the appearance of hyper pigmentation while evening the overall skin tone on both face and body.

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Heliocare Pure White Radiance

heliocare1 Heliocare welcomes a new oral whitening supplement capsule, Heliocare PureWhite Radiance. Discovered through the combination of sophisticated proprietary technology FernblockTM + White Tech Complex, Heliocare PureWhite Radiance brightens up your complexion and fights early anti-aging signs, achieving youthful, radiant skin.

Co-developed by researchers at Harvard University, Heliocare features the patented Fernblock technology. Fernblock is derived from a Central American fern that developed unique photoprotective abilities in its evolution form an aquatic environment to a land-based plant. It’s the main active ingredient in HELIOCARE products and covered by US Patent 56141679 as an anti-oxidant and photo protector for oral and topical use.

This potent ingredient is not available in dietary sources. Through the combination of the Fernblock + White Tech complex, this natural plant extract helps protect skin from the harmful effects of UVA & UVB radiation. Its effectiveness has been clinically demonstrated in both topical and oral sun protection products.

heliocare2I understand how harmful and damaging the sun’s rays can be, especially for someone like me who’s already actively aging. I used to spend a lot of time soaking up the rays while on island getaways, guess that explains my tanned complexion. So I’m really excited to receive a jar to try out and experience it for myself.


It looks really special because of it’s unique purple color.

Check out the new levels of protection offered by the Pure White Radiance other than sun protection :


The global antioxidant effect was quantified chemically and previously confirmed with biological tests, showing significant results when compared to vitamin C and beta-carotene.

(skin protector)

Administered orally or topically, it increases tolerance to sunburn. In studies conducted in conjunction with the Dermatology Department at Harvard University (Boston, MA, U.S.), it was found that oral intake prior to exposure to the sun significantly increased the minimum amount of solar erythema, resulting in a protection factor of approximately 2.5.

DNA or genetic material protector

Oral use of EPL prior to exposure to ultraviolet radiation significantly reduced the number of cells with thymine dimmers. After use, a significant reduction in the number of sunburned cells was observed.


The oral administration of EPL modulates the production of buffers and cytokines proinflammatories by the skin cells after their exposure to ultraviolet radiation. EPL has also shown protective capabilities in Langerhans cells, maintaining their numbers and morphology.

Skin aging

This benefit has been experimentally confirmed in a murine model for aging skin, showing a reduction of skin elastosis compared to general elastosis. It is a naturally-derived organic extract.

Above extract are from Heliocare’s fact sheet. Ok, can’t wait to try it out and blog a review. Do watch out for it 😉

Asian skin won’t burn that easily

Often, we are envious of the beautiful features Caucasians have.
Look at the Hollywood celebrities and their deep set, sparkling blue-green eyes and sharp features which most of us Asians can never dream of owning unless we pay a hefty sum to the plastic surgeon.

I was browsing the net the other day, reading up on sun damage and protection.


And this article by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy caught my eye.

Knowing your skin type helps and can aid in preventing possible sun damage before its too late.

There are apparently several skin type groups and some burn easily with high risk of skin cancer whereas there those such as Asian skin that are on the other end of the scale.

So what skin type do you belong to? Let’s say what Ms Murphy says:

Type 1 skin is porcelain white. Type 1 always burns and never tans. This type skin has the highest risk of skin cancer and wrinkles more readily that other types. Most Type 1 skin owners will have red or pale blonde hair, be blue-eyed, have freckles, and be of Irish, Scots, or Welsh ancestry.

 Type 2 skin is light or fair but burns easily. Type 2 skin can tan lightly with repeated exposure to the sun but still carries a high risk for skin cancer. Hair is usually fair and eyes are often blue. Most have a Northern European heritage.

Type 3 skin is still white but darker. Many of those with Type 3 skin are a racial blend and some Native Americans. Their skin sometimes burns and may tan to a light bronze but risk for skin cancer remains higher than average.


Skin Types With Less Risk

Type 4 skin tans easily and less commonly burns. Most Type 4 skin people will be of a Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or light complected African-American background. Hispanics and Asians with Type 4 skin are lighter than many others of their race. Risk exists but is minimal.

Type 5 skin is darker and never burns. Darker toned Hispanics, Islanders, and many Asians have Type 5 skin. These have very little risk of skin cancer.

Type 6 skin is dark. Most Type 6 skins have an African ancestry. Skin never burns and skin cancer among this group is very rare.

All skin types, however, can benefit from sun protection lotions. Lighter skinned groups should use a sun screen with an SPF of at least 15.”

 I guess most of us fall under the Skin Type 4 & 5, it is indeed comforting in some way. But we should not take this for granted and always remember to use sunblock!

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