Hello December, Be The Best of 2014

Wow, just wow, I can’t believe we are at the last chapter of the year 2014. This has been one of the best years in my life because of new experiences and the endless blessings from the big guy above. In fact, to be honest, I kind of do not want 2014 to end but that’s just me being silly.



Unlike past years, I do not have year end bonuses to look forward to. I don’t really have the budget to buy expensive presents for myself or others. I am, in fact, a lot poorer than before and yet I am so much happier. No wonder, they say that you can’t buy happiness. Sure, I was happy when I was earning an income. But then there were also all these moments where I had so much negativity; I hated my life, my job, the people around me and how superficial and patronizing I had became.

Now, I am the boss of myself, on second thought, well no, since my boss is actually a rather demanding and stubborn, emotionally-driven 2 year old but it doesn’t matter course I love him. I guess that is the difference. Being a stay home mother isn’t any easier than having a full-time job but I am happier doing the things I do because I love it. The amount of happiness I derive from each day outweighs the amount of money I should be earning.

But no thanks to the high cost of living especially in Singapore, I’m afraid that I might need to return to the workforce someday. Perhaps, some day my SAHM journey will come to end but before that happens, you bet that I will be making the most of it. And hopefully, things will work out fine and I won’t need to. :)

hello december_thumb[6]

It’s the final chapter of the year, let’s make it one of the best! Have a blessed & magical December!

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