Money Saving Tips For New Parents


Raising a child in Singapore can be pretty expensive, just childcare alone can reach up to over a thousand dollars a month even after deducting subsidies given by the Government. When I was a new mother, there were some financial mistakes which I had made and wished that I wasn’t so consumed by the excitement of having a baby while making certain decisions. If I could turn back time, there are definitely some things which I would have done differently.


If you find yourself overwhelmed by the increasing expenditure due to the new headcount in your family, here are some tips which you might find helpful. Continue reading

Konjac Sponges for Face & Body from OneTwoSpree

I received this set of special Korean Revenbath Konjac Sponges courtesy of OneTwoSpree. They are a local online buying store that allows you to join sprees, hold your own private sprees (min no. of items required) or buy from their list of in-stocks. They have lots of Korean beauty products you can check out.

So I’ve never thought much about sponges and if I did buy one, it would be off some drugstore or even Dasio. So this was really eye-opening, a different sponge for a different need.

Just what are Konjac sponges?

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