Korean eyebags all the rage now!

Beauty trends keep evolving and some are just really plain strange and weird. Remember the eye bag look I’d blogged about previously where several makeup tutorials have popped up all over the net, teaching you how enhance these “smiley bags” with tools ranging from white eye shadow to double eye lid tape?


So I have these very obvious 笑袋 aka Smile bags which I usually photoshop away but sometimes miss out when I’m too busy correcting other flaws on my face. And honestly, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry because these are all the rage now. Yes, puffy under eyes are the latest beauty trend now.

So much so that Koreans (and everyone whose just as crazy as them) are undergoing the knife just to have these fatty lower lids permanently there. Why? Because you look feminine, innocent and girly. A new aesthetic procedure has emerged; known as Korean Love Band Eyes or Youthlites, it is designed to mimic the natural youthful fullness found in the skin just below the lower lashes.

photoYou likey moi eye bags?

In fact, Prive clinic is the first in Singapore in offering a minimally invasive method using dermal fillers if you are keen in getting such a procedure done. Check out Annyeonghaseyo, Aegyo Sal! For the Love of Korean Eyebags for more details.

Any thoughts on this? Would you have them done or if you already have such bags under your eyes, are you proud of them now? Let me know, I’m curious…

Smile bags, Tear bags, Eye bags…

If you naturally have these bags under your eyes, most commonly known as smile bags aka 笑袋. Then you shouldn’t try to conceal them because it has been trending in Japan since last year. And women all over Asia are trying to emulate this makeup look as well. I guess I’m in luck, because I have them naturally.

It’s amazing what these girls do to achieve such a look which is said to make your eyes appear bigger. *stares into mirror, does it?* They use highlighters, eyeliners, contouring powder and now, eyelid tape?!?! Seriously??

Saw this picture being shown on Facebook…

So what’s your take on this? I find the AFTER photo with the eye bags actually makes her look older. How can anyone find this cute. While I’m busy trying to photoshop my eye bags away from most of my photos, there these women actually wish that they have them.

I personally do not recommend doing this too often as you know, some people get double eyelids from wearing tape for years. Can you imagine permanent folds under your eyes if you do this too often. @_@

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