[Review] Kustie Exfoliating Jam


Some of you may have seen this brand, Kustie in Watsons or aLT@BHG before. KUSTIE is a natural body care brand, which specialises in products made from quality ingredients found in nature. I love floral scents so I was pretty excited when I found out that they have a newly launched exfoliating jam which comes in two variants – Cherry Blossom and Rose.


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[Review] bSoul Bath Set, Natural Hair & Bath Products From Italy



Due to time constraints and a hectic schedule, there are occasions where I take showers with my little one.  We used to have our separate bath sets because I was afraid that mine would be too harsh for his delicate skin. But now, we can share our shower gel and shampoo! Made in Tuscany, Italy, bSoul bath products are completely free from oil derivatives, silicones and plastics, making them suitable for children and even babies. Unlike other brands, I don’t have to worry about cancer-causing agents or parabens in my bath products. So we have been the products from around 3 weeks and I am going to share what we like about them!

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The Bodyshop Sale is back again!


The much-awaited TBS sale is back at Expo, starting from tomorrow till Sunday. Not sure what to grab?

Here’s my list of recommendations…

Tea Tree Oil_7306_4_134_zlargeThe award-winning and best-selling Tea Tree Oil because it’s effective and all-natural solution to your acne issues. I swear by it, do check out my review here.

Sub_cat_header_bath & body_Body Cleansing

The shower gels because they leave your skin moisturized and smelling so yummy. Who can resist these delicious-scented shower gels made from natural ingredients. Personally, I’m a fan of Passion Fruit & Grape Fruit.

STRAWBERRY EAU DE TOILETTE_18414_0_0_zlargeAnd last but not least, we have the fragrances. I love the refreshing, fruity scents they have over at TBS. If these are going at a promo price then you should really grab some.

Have fun shopping 😉

Have you heard of Superdrug?

This is something new for me, yes, I’ve seen their products in Watsons for quite sometime but knew little of them. Off hand, I only know that they’re a UK brand and they should be pretty reputable. Furthermore, the Superdrug products caught my eye due to their really low pricing.

As a self-confessed beauty junkie, I’m ashamed that I have not learnt of this brand sooner. A quick search online shows that they are the United Kingdom’s second-largest beauty and health retailer currently operating over 900 stores in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We currently have 226 in-store pharmacies. Oh cool! That’s something like Watsons or Guardian over here and their website reminds me of US’s drugstore.com

Long story cut short, AS Watson bought them over in 2002. So that is why you see their products all over the Watson stores. In fact, they are kind of like a house brand… It’s like Watson’s in-house products.

So the only product from Superdrug I have tried would be the Pearl shower gel. They were going for 300ml at S$2.00 only! I would say it’s not too bad but if you’re fussy over your shower gels. Then perhaps this is not for you. It’s really basic and the scent isn’t much to rave about. But for the price I’m paying, it’s a reasonable product.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of their other products soon…

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