I’m An Online Shopping Addict

Yes, I’m as guilty as charged. Ever since I accidentally stumbled onto online shopping 12 years back (Oh no, I sound so old now). I’ve been buying practically almost everything online. From household groceries to baby supplies and even dog food, I get it all online. So naturally when it comes to my clothes, shoes and accessories, you bet that they are mostly bought online too.


I love how technology has brought the fashion world closer to us, we no longer need to set foot out of the house to purchase another dress. Just go online, click and check out. It is that simple. In fact, with the Internet, you could just check out the latest trends and what’s Princess Kate is wearing so that you can buy that same dress and hopefully cart out before it is sold out.


Even high fashion brands such as Burberry have jumped on board the online store bandwagon. Fans of the famous plaid prints can now check out their latest offerings on their webstore and cart out if anything catches your fancy. Other brands such as Chanel, have gone all social media savvy too and though you can’t buy a 2.55 online, you could however watch their latest fashion shows there or browse through their online catalogs.


I’m real excited about what the fashion world is coming up with next. Do swing by My Fat Pocket‘s Fashion Portal for the latest Fashion news & updates!

CNY Shopping Part II, The Hunt Continues…

I have been doing some online shopping of late, which is something rather rare because I’m usually shopping for Asher all the time. However, CNY is just around the corner, and I’m lacking casual outfits so what the heck. My wardrobe is full of work dresses but when it comes to casual stuff I only have tees, tanks and shorts. So I decided to get some casual dresses online.

Presenting my loot…

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CNY Shopping… Part I?

Ok, so I felt guilty for not updating my blog these few days. I have been busy with the baby and dog and a million other stuff which I don’t really know what… heh… I had to turn to the Internet for my CNY shopping.

2014-01-11 20.35.34

Sadly, I’d only managed to get my footwear settled so far… Presenting my CNY kicks!

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ZALORA launches it’s 1st private label EZRA

ZALORA, Asia’s leading online fashion destination, has announced the launch of its first private label capsule collection, EZRA at http://www.zalora.sg/ezra/. Designed by a collective of in-house designers at ZALORA, the collection launches with womenswear, but will expand to feature both women’s and men’s apparel, footwear and accessories.


Available across all ZALORA sites across the region, the initial EZRA womenswear collection features an exciting mix of fresh and up-to-the-minute pieces. Incorporating fun and flirty designs for the girl who loves the feminine frivolity of fashion, to chic and cutting-edge looks for the girl who likes to stand out from the crowd; EZRA is set to become a wardrobe staple for any fashion-lover.


Sold exclusively on ZALORA throughout Asia, the collection allows shoppers to get closer to the ZALORA brand, providing them with added fashion options in their online shopping experience.


Drawing inspiration from runway and celebrity looks, as well as street styles, the EZRA collection will be updated to feature key seasonal trends. EZRA’s upcoming men’s range will similarly embrace a wide-range of trends from youthful street-style to a more refined sartorial look that allow any guy to experiment with an assortment of modern, globally-inspired looks.

Visit http://www.zalora.sg/ezra/ to shop the EZRA collection, or visit the EZRA Blog to keep up to date with all the latest EZRA news at ezra-blog.com

Zalora brings River Island back to Singapore!

Missed River Island?


Well, River Island fans rejoice because starting from 13th September onwards. Yes, you read me right, the beloved British high-street brand will return via e-commerce to South-East Asia’s leading fashion e-tailer.

zalora x ri logo The trend-setting British high-street brand, known for its edgy take on fast fashion, will make a comeback through localized pure-play e-commerce, on ZALORA. The brand will also be launched on ZALORA’s Hong Kong and Malaysia sites, available for the first time.ZALORA shoppers will also have the opportunity to subscribe to the exclusive River Island VIP club and receive offers and targeted promotions. 

ZALORA will be introducing both the Men’s and Women’s AW13 collection – featuring apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories – Following the official on-site launch at www.zalora.sg/river-island-singapore/, on Friday, the 13th of September. 


The inaugural collection will feature a mix of chic-meets-street with both runway and urban inspirations. The women’s assortment boasts a strong Monochrome focus, with sophisticated touches of embellishment. The creative team behind the collection has worked a fun and youthful message into their latest designs, taking top runway trends and interpreting them in a wearable and affordable way.

Can’t wait for the launch? Remember to mark down the date on your calendar!

The Bodyshop Sale is back again!


The much-awaited TBS sale is back at Expo, starting from tomorrow till Sunday. Not sure what to grab?

Here’s my list of recommendations…

Tea Tree Oil_7306_4_134_zlargeThe award-winning and best-selling Tea Tree Oil because it’s effective and all-natural solution to your acne issues. I swear by it, do check out my review here.

Sub_cat_header_bath & body_Body Cleansing

The shower gels because they leave your skin moisturized and smelling so yummy. Who can resist these delicious-scented shower gels made from natural ingredients. Personally, I’m a fan of Passion Fruit & Grape Fruit.

STRAWBERRY EAU DE TOILETTE_18414_0_0_zlargeAnd last but not least, we have the fragrances. I love the refreshing, fruity scents they have over at TBS. If these are going at a promo price then you should really grab some.

Have fun shopping 😉

Hello from Shanghai II


So last night, I went to Xin Tian Di, a tourist spot in Shanghai. Had dinner at Crystal Jade cuz I was told it was nicer then Singapore’s. As usual, I didn’t take any photos of my food because the first thought on my mind the moment my food is served is to eat it. And defintely not to whip out my iPhone to snap.

I also got to take the train for a second time and it was mad crowded. Unfortunately, that was our only choice because during peak hours, it can be so difficult to get a cab here. Does the photo below reminds you of a similar scene in Singapore? It’s probably gonna get worst if we hit 6.9 million in population.

image I didn’t shop much around the XTD area though. Everything’s probably too expensive anyway. So off we headed to explore Cheng Huang Temple.


 And as usual, since it’s the summer holidays. The area was bustling with the PRC crowd, probably from other provinces. Though I cannot fathom why people would want to come here when it’s like 40 degrees high. Yes, you read me right.

There’s quite a number of shops here selling souvenirs here. I was disappointed to see the pens which I bought yesterday at Peace Hotel going at ridiculously cheap prices there. For each pen I had gotten at Peace hotel, I could have bought 12 pens. That’s a total of 48 pens I could have gotten with the amount spent yesterday. No wonder the lady boss gave me a free necklace. Urgh… Oh well, lesson learnt.

Hello from Shanghai

I’m in Shanghai for some work and it’s 38deg here. Really freaking hot! And I’m kinda embarrassed to say that this is my first time traveling alone. But so far, it has been ok. I probably should try traveling alone but maybe not. I already miss my little piggy.

Anyway, my hotel room is huge, for someone living alone. I think I got an upgrade. The bedroom has a sliding door that separates the “living room” which has a sofa and the other tv.


I went to the Bund today and it was mad crowded, not with tourists but the mainland folks. Bad idea to come by during the summer.


We stopped by the iconic Peace Hotel & there was this quirky shop inside which sold souvenirs. I bought some stuff… Thought this owl was really cute, I couldn’t resist.


So anyway I can’t wait for Friday to come so that I can see my precious lil baby.

Ready to be surprised at 313?

So I was invited to tour around 313 @ Somerset to check out their stores and latest promotions. This was my first time attending such a blog event and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

First and foremost, let me share the latest promotions. Shoppers are definitely in for a treat and pleasant shopping experience at 313 this GSS!


Mega Surprise Machine as shown above is a towering 3m-tall mechanism that remotely represents a huge gum ball machine. To try it, you must be the first 100 every day to pick up a game ticket, which are distributed with a minimum spending of S$80. I got to try it out and won a S$10 Etude House voucher! Woohoo!


If you have not spent any money yet, don’t worry, there’s a game for you to participate in too. Yes, you can win without any minimum spending. Located at the 313 L1 Atrium, you just simply have to hoop onto fasion apparel which adds up to the requested price amount. If you get the amount right (+/- S$20), you will walk away with retailer vouchers from F21, Marche, Esprit & more!

From now till 28th July, you can also try your luck with the 313@Somerset Gacha-Surprise Facebook App! LIKE the 313 Facebook Page so that you can start playing. Players stand to win vouchers from Paradise Inn, Forever21, Esprit, Chomel, Kenny Rogers & more! When you invite 3 friends or more to play, you will receive a token for an extra turn!

We got to tour the shopping mall and OMG, it has been such a long time since I stepped into 313. There have been changes, like some stores which I used to patronized have closed down :( to make way for new stores :)

Now, I’m gonna share with you the stores to watch out for…


Smoothie King located at L1 at the corner of 313, you can see this shop the moment you step off the escalator from the MRT station. There used to be Japanese food stalls in this area. Anyway, if you are a smoothie lover then you are in for a sweet treat because their smoothies are to die for. Really yummy drinks… You can expect nutritional fresh-blended smoothies and other healthy products such as energy bars and snacks from this store.

If you are foodie then 313 is the place to go, check out the food places available at B2 & B3 of the mall and you would be pleasantly surprised.


Clockwise from left to right : Popeyes (B2), Yayoiken, Sushi Express (both located at B3). I think Yayoiken (B3-33/34) is a place to check out, they serve affordable set meals priced at S$9.90 to S$19.90. You get a free flow of authentic japanese rice when dining here. And best of all? The food is delicious. Yes, so what more can one ask for?

If you are seeking for affordable sushi, then check out Sushi Express where everything from Salmon Sashimi to Sea Urchin GanKan is reasonably priced at S$1.50++ only! Seriously, where else can you find such good deals?!?


Now, if you are looking for a place to have dinner and just chill with your pals. Check out the Fish & Co outlet at B3. They have just revamped their menus so get ready to be spoilt for choices. That delectable platter you see in the above photo is one of their latest offering. The lobster was just heavenly… you should really go try it.


image_1This is the all-new drinks menu too. I think Orange Rainbow and Candy Crush looks good. Didn’t get to try it that day but I probably would the next time I head down to Fish & Co.


Also located at B3 is the Mochi Sweets. These pretty-looking, irresistible treats not only make great desserts but gifts as well. So what is that? Mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake made of glutinous flour pounded into paste and moulded into shape. Mochi Sweets introduces for the 1st time in Malaysia and Singapore its 12 flavors fully imported chilled mochi. The mochi is sold individually or in set gift boxes of 6 or 12 pieces.


And after you are done with all that eating, why not take a stroll and do some shopping. Check out Victoria’s Secrets Beauty & Accessories at level 1. I love this shop because it has my favourite VS undies! And there’s lots more too like VS bags, beauty products etc. I simply adore the perfume packaging. It has this 50s retro vintage glam feel to it.


This was the loot I got from my shopping trip there and 3 lucky readers of mine got to win these goodies.

OffersNPals, have you checked it out yet?

Hey fellow shopaholics and social addicts, I’m excited to share with you about this new website called OffersNPals which I had gotten to know from a friend.

It’s like social fun & an online shopping platform all rolled in one! Best of all, you get to connect to many merchants which you can look forward to shop from. You even get to share exciting offers with your friends on this site because sharing is caring.  And fun too! There’s also a review section where you can post your feedback about your purchase or about merchants quality read more about your friend’s purchase before committing to a buy. Sounds amazing, right?

This is the login page, I like how I can login in using my Facebook account so it saves me the hassle of having to sign up then wait for the confirmation email and all that.

I am totally digging its social media layout. Here, you get to share photos of your purchases, add friends to your profile, write and share reviews too and see what cool offers your friends have been buying! Haha, I swear this website must have been created for me because I have albums in my Facebook profile dedicated to showcasing my shopping loot.

You also get to customize which categories you wish to receive offers. The user-friendly search function allows you to check if you favorite merchant has any attractive offers up for grabs currently.

See the BECOME A FAN button above? Yes, it’s that simple to stay connected with a merchant you like.

One of the main attractions that drew me to OffersnPals is it’s different from a daily deal website which requires a minimum no of purchases to have the deal happen. Down here, merchants can offer discounts anytime they like and we the customers can also make an offer to the merchants! Yes, I’m not kidding you on that, this is the first website to offer this special feature.

The GIVE AN OFFER buttons is something to watch out for. For example, if you are planning a bachelorette manicure party, you could utilize this button to offer the merchant to give you a 30% discount off to commit for a manicure session for 6 girlfriends. How cool is that!

Another interesting aspect is that you get to share reviews and also read reviews from other consumers to aid in your purchase decision. Because some of these reviews could be written by your friends, it makes it all the more credible.

And to make things even more juicier for us, OffersNPals has a reward system for buying an offer or reviewing a merchant. Loyal customers get 5 points for each review and 1 point for each dollar paid at offersnpals. For example, if an offer is priced at S$200 and has 50% discount, net price is S$100. Customers would have to pay only S$12 to buy this offer and rest S$88, they can pay directly to the merchant. Since they pay S$12 at offersnpals, they receive 12 reward points.

So what are you waiting for? Join me now at OffersNPals, go on and add me as a friend while you are at it. Also, spread the word to your fellow shopaholic friends too!

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