Shills Liquid Foundation – DO NOT BUY! Waste of money!

I grabbed this by mistake as I was blindly searching for a BB cream.
Actually, I was supposed to get a makeup primer.
I don’t even know why I was shopping at the Shills BB cream section for that.

Anyway, I had unwittingly presumed that they were all BB creams.
Alas, bad luck was upon me, I had to grab the only liquid foundation there.
My naggy other half was hurrying me and I knew I wouldn’t be coming down here again.

So yes, it was a lesson that cost me S$14.90.
And thankfully, it was on sale! Else it would have cost me $29.90.
I could have gotten The Body Shop’s new makeup base with that amount of money.

Firstly, unlike normal liquid foundations, this one was way too watery.
I left it to stand overnight and half of the bottle had this translucent liquid while the bottom half was beige in color.
I think the solvent was WAY too much.
Hence, the liquid comes out really runny.

And the packaging is nice to look at but totally useless.
It comes with a spray nozzle that squirts out the foundation not only on your targeted area but everywhere as well.
It was a messy affair with this foundation.

On the main reseller, Beauty Bistro’s website, I’ve gathered that it’s useful in concealing fine lines. I think it’s useful for nothing.
It was not doing its job of a basic foundation, much less could it do anything else.

I threw it out as the mere sight of the bottle on my dresser only made my blood boil.
And did I mention that it stinks too??


The battle against blackheads

They say pore packs enlarge your pores. Why? I have no idea.
And KAO which produces the Biore pore packs claim that using them
will not enlarge pores and your pores will go back to their
original size within a day or 2.

So what’s the difference now with these peel-off masks?
Well, for one, it does not come in a defined shape or size like the pore pack.
Do bear in mind that the pore pack is designed for usage on the nose alone.
Unlike the Shills chocolate mask which is in a paste-like form.
This gives me control over where I want to apply the paste on and
how large of a surface area I need.

I just want to share how the SHILLS Chocolate Peel-off Mask
is working wonders for me!

You can read more about it here:
SHILLS Chocolate Peel-off Mask Review

I used the CURE Natural Aqua Gel before this.
It scrubs off the dead skin and kind of preps
the skin for the peel-off mask to rid it of stubborn
blackheads that just won’t come off with the scrubbing.








The whitish dots you see on the mask ARE blackheads!
Amazing, isn’t it?
However, be warned, only purchase it if you have high pain threshold.

Anyway, if you are thinking of buying the Shills chocolate mask.
Do take note of the following:

Cleanse and dry your face before use. For dry skin conditions, apply toner to face before use. Apply appropriate amounts to face. The thickness should just be sufficient to cover up the pores. Avoid sensitive areas such as eyes, lips, eye brows. Allow 15-30 minutes to dry and peel mask off from the bottom up slowly. Apply your normal skincare then after.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

1. Do not apply product to other sensitive parts of the skin. (Around the eyes, scalp or lips.)
2. Should you suffer from any allergies from the use of this product, please stop using immediately and consult your dermatologist.
3. For sensitive skin users, use small amounts on your skin for the first trail. If there are no allergic reactions, continue as per normal.
4. Place product away from direct sunlight.

Shills Review

Where to buy?: Beauty Bistro OR John Little / SASA
How much? SGD$21.50

I couldn’t find much info about this particular KoreanTaiwan brand, Shills.
However, I know that it’s much raved on NU REN WO ZUI DA and that it can
be found in
It is also retailing in some local online stores.
Try googling for ‘Beauty Bistro’ or ‘Yourlifestore’.

What I got recently:

Super Magic BB Cream, Sexy Legs Spray Foundation Retail Price $21.50
cus I have ugly legs….


Product Description: SHILLS B.B Cream Sexy Leg Spray Foundation gives you the instant effects of sexy glossy legs without stockings or pantyhose. With its creative super light nude-look particle adsorbing technology, it instantly modifies uneven skin complexion.

No oily & uncomfortable feeling in hot climates. Extracted from all natural herbal essence with Korean manufactured EGF technology.

Natural whitening Arbutin essence whitens and moisturizes the skin. Peppermint essence refreshes tired legs and cools down skin in hot weather.

VERDICT: It is just like what the product description suggests.
Foundation for your legs. What comes out of the nozzle is icy cold, beige mousse-like substances. Then you spread it evenly over your legs so that you don’t look like you’ve got patchy legs.

I don’t know how long can one tiny spray can like this last me!!!
Seriously, if you need to do this for both entire legs, it’s gonna take quite abit of
the BB cream.
It did work though but needs alot of spreading and proper blending lest you end up looking streakish.

You see, I get red marks after I epilate my legs.
And this would help in concealing the marks even if it’s just alil coverage.



And we shall move on to then next product….

Shills Chocolate Peel Off Mask Retail Price $21.50


Product Description: A French chocolate beauty secret. Firms and tighten pores without oiliness and brightens the skin immediately. Removes excess oil and impurities by peeling, purifies the skin surface.

Shills Chocolate Peel off Whitening Mask is creatively made using chocolate essence and natural herbs which help to deep cleanse pores, remove old dead skin and extra oil. It can effectively slim facial features to create 3D V-face. The results are a slim, whiter and soften skin.

Strong chocolate fragrance brightens your mood.

VERDICT: Ouch, painful when you peel it off!

It’s like chocolate fudge oozing out of a tube! You spread it evenly onto
the spot you want and wait for it to dry.
After that, you can start peeling and oh boy, does it hurts! Cus it’s
kinda like waxing.

This product REALLY removes your facial hair.
I saw like a zillion of tiny, very faint fine hair on the mask!!!


It was not as effective in removing my blackheads as a pore pack but I still
like this mask! Haha! I don’t know why. Maybe cus it’s something
so unique and innovative since it’s a CHOCOLATE mask. When on second thoughts,
it is really pretty similar to the Dasio Charcoal Mask which costs $2 only.

I think I’ll grab a charcoal mask soon and try it out again to compare the two.


Stick to the Shills mask.
I tried the Dasio charcoal mask and it didn’t really work at all.

It works great if you use a scrub before using the mask!

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