Halloween 2015 Events For Children


It is the time of the year again where parents have the excuse to dress up their little ones in costumes they wished that they had the guts to carry out. If you are wondering where are the appropriate places you could bring your children to celebrate Halloween without risking a nightmare or damaged childhood. Then fret not, because I have compiled a list of not-so-scary Halloween parties that are happening this October.


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Our RW Sentosa Staycation

We had a short staycation because I needed a break and yet we were not prepared to travel in a plane with Asher yet. Probably gonna wait till he grows older before we bring him somewhere kid-friendly. I have been starved of a vacation for 2 years already. I still remember buying those Uggs-inspired boots for a supposed cold climate trip only to find out that I was pregnant. And since then, I wasn’t encouraged to travel anywhere, Batam included.


My little beach boy all ready for staycation

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