[Review] Biore Skin Caring Cleanser Series

Did you know that Biore has a new packaging?

Green for blemish prone skin.

Blue for normal to combination skin.

Orange for dry & dehydrated skin.

Pink is the scrub for all skin types.

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2012 DIY Beauty Routine: How I prepared for my 1st day of work

Blessed with a public holiday on the much dreaded Monday, I had so much time on my hands I didn’t know what to do. Till it hit me, I should do a little DIY ‘spa’ preparation for the 1st work day of 2012. Not that I was looking forward to the end of a long weekend but at least, I could indulge in some self-pampering.

First & foremost, I indulged in a DIY Scrub + massage using the Aqua Rine Aroma Bath Sea Salt.

A scrub helps in exfoliating and ridding the dead skin cells which causes dry skin; something I’d noticed on my lower legs. Furthermore, the scrub would also help with removing ingrown hairs, this comes in handy for those who shave/wax/epilate. After the indulging scrub, you get skin so soft and baby smooth, you would just wanna roll around on your bed bare naked.

For those who prefer the convenience of hair removal at home, you may try an epilator. This handheld gadget is like a bunch of tweezers that pluck out hair as you maneuver it over your skin. With all ingrown hair loosen by the scrub, this is a perfect opportunity for some maintenance.

Check out the latest ones from Philips, they do come in really pretty designs and are affordably tagged below S$200.

Once you are done, soothe the skin with some ice pack if necessary. Else it times to lather up with body butter. I chose the rich Martha Tilaar Dewi Sri body butter in Citrus Paradisi.

The rich, creamy body butter feels luxurious on the skin and is great for those of you who sleep in air-conditioned rooms. The sweet citrus scent is also pleasant and light on the nose.

Following that, I pampered my feet with this Tony Moly Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid. I guess it works the same as the Baby Foot Easy Pack which softens the dead skin on the back of your feet and causes them to peel so that you would get soft, baby smooth feet.

I can’t wait to try it out and post the review soon, so do stay tuned. I’ll tuck in bed later on tonight with the Laneige Multiberry Sleeping Pack for perky, hydrated skin when I wake up. :)

[REVIEW] CAOLION Moisture Peeling Massage Gel from KOREA

WISH TREND is a Korean website which focuses on all stuff beauty, fashionable & entertaining. Some time back, I received the CAOLION Moisture Peeling Massage Gel from them and I was excited to try it out. With quite a number of such peeling scrubs in the market currently, I was curious to see how would this one fare. Since for one, I have not heard of this brand before but since it was featured on their website, it should be something good.

So curious to find out how did it fare? Click to read on more…

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