I Was Addicted To Saving


I remember the first time I received my ATM card, I was probably only 16. Just signed up for internet banking and was introduced to the world of online shopping. There was something about cashless payments that added on to that adrenaline rush of shopping. It almost felt like I was shopping for free, this being something new to someone who has always used cash for purchases. I would not deny that I was a compulsive shopper, who lived by the motto “Life is short, get both if you can’t decide.” A piece of advice I would dish out to friends whenever they faced the dilemma of having to choose between two outfits when we were out shopping together.


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Guilty For Not Saving Up In 2015


Last year, I was thankful for a wonderful 2014. It was my first year as a SAHM (stay at home mom) too and overcoming that big hurdle was a good feeling. Furthermore, my finances were looking great too, Considering that I had managed to save the same amount as I had in 2013 when I was still working. Not bad for someone who didn’t have a job or stable income.


Sadly, I did not save up in 2015. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe I was feeling adventurous and embracing that whole “living in the moment” idea. I was surviving from paycheck to paycheck. Whatever earnings I had gotten from the online store and blog, I blew them on shopping, parties and enrichment lessons.

Looking back, there was the impromptu Batam trip, the Wanderlust staycation for the hubby’s birthday, the Punggol ranch birthday party for the boy (… haha, I swear all birthdays next year would be totally low key and budget). Then we signed Asher up for mandarin enrichment classes and I’ve just paid S$650 recently for the first term next year so as to secure a place in his class. But the biggest killer had to be all that shopping especially the ones done online. With Taobao being the main culprit, having “robbed” me of 10,000RMB within the span of 5 months. Which meant that I could have saved a S$2000 bucks in 5 months instead of buying so many books, toys and rubbish. But no, I was too busy carting out stuff from that super addictive site to care.

This kinda makes 2015 an extravagant year for me, considering that my monthly takings have been slashed by 75% since I stopped work. Some of you might say that I could have easily sat back and let the hubby do all the paying but that’s just not me. I guess I must have been heavily influenced by my financially independent BFF. So I am still paying my own bills and that includes my mobile, insurance premiums, some of Asher’s insurance premiums and credit card bills. I do not feel good about letting the hubby shoulder all of the financial responsibilities because leaving my job was my decision and he had been supportive of it. So the least I could do is to take care of my own finances. He should be feeling totally blessed and grateful for someone like me given the rise of materialistic women nowadays that demand equality but expect the man to pay for everything 😛

No prizes for guessing but my 2016 new year resolution would be to save more and spend less. I would need to be more in control of my expenditure and that would also mean to stop shopping on Taobao before I empty my bank!

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