Hello Kitty Nail Wraps In Singapore!

Hello Kitty fans rejoice because now you can start wearing them on your nails. Our favorite nail wrap brand, NCLA, has come up with a Hello Kitty edition. And best of all, you can find this locally at a very affordable price.


Got your attention? Check out the other designs available…

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MacDonald’s Hello Kitty Craze


Once again, we will see Facebook, Instagram pages flooded with photos of the kitty with no mouth.

 I’m wondering if they would have the Special Limited Edition version in Singapore? Because they had the owl one in Hongkong LAST YEAR and I am soooo envious.


Why is Singapore so outdated -_-

Are you a Rilakkuma fan?

Move aside, Hello Kitty fans. It’s the Rilakkuma invasion. This adorable, lazy bear character from Japan has gained fans worldwide that it even have stores dedicated to selling only its merchandise.

Rilakkuma (リラックマ Rirakkuma?, a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of relax and the Japanese word for bear) is a Japanese character designed by Aki Kondo, produced by San-X in 2003.

Here’s my take on the top items every Rilakkuma fan should have.

Rilakkuma apparel:

Every self-respecting Rilakkuma fan must own at least one piece of Rilakkuma apparel. It doesn’t matter if its authentic Sanrio merchandise or not. But you must own a piece before you can truly proclaim yourself as a fan.

Rilakkuma stationery:

To keep you motivated at school or your desk job, it’s highly recommended that you as a Rilakkuma fan keep some stationery of this kawaii relax bear. Besides being irresistibly cute, at least these character merchandise are practical and functional.

Rilakkuma cushion/pillow:

Because a cushion or pillow is much more practical than a plush toy. You can hug it or use as a back support too.

Rilakkuma handphone case:

As you carry your mobile with you all the time, why not add a little eye candy to it with a Rilakkuma handphone casing?

And because you have everything else. A Rilakkuma plush would complete the collection.

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