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I’m a total klutz when it comes to makeup and I kid you not. I hardly ever experiment with colors and I’m always seen in the usual do.

I also do not have any experience with makeup schools or beauty counters. The closest would probably be beauty makeup workshops I have attended for cosmetic launches. Take for example, the recent KATE cosmetic event where I got to try out almost the entire range of cosmetics they carried.

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[REVIEW] Soya want smooth & supple skin? Try SANA Namerakahonpo!


Does this appear familiar?
Well, that’s because I’d blogged a short little introductory entry on the Sana Namerakahonpo (wow, ok now that’s a mouthful) series before over HERE
This time, thanks to SANASample Store I got to try them out for myself!!
Now, you must have heard and read countless times how drinking soyabean milk is good for health & skin. So how ’bout Soya in your skincare? Soybean extracts & Ceramide has long been used in Japan as a skincare ingredient.


In fact, it’s so well-received in Japan, it’s the No.1 skin care over there with over 35 million units sold.

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New Skincare Range by Sana : Namerakahonpo Soya Q10 Skincare

Seen these in stores? Bet you have!

It’s a new range by the great folks from Sana :) These new Soya products are the hype now and currently adorn the shelves of Sasa, John Little etc

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SANA’s Uroitaishi, the Moisture Ambassador

Anyone seen these cute little dolls at SASA or John Little?
The first time I saw them at Jurong Point’s John Little, I couldn’t stop cooing over them.


They are just so adorable!

*lip balm is still not out in Singapore yet, stay tuned for updates from my blog :)


“I like how handy this is, it’s small and light enough to carry around in handbag.

The mist is really fine so you won’t need to worry about your makeup running or looking like you are perspiring. It’s also versatile as you can use it before or after makeup. Practically just anytime you need a quick moisture fix! 

However, it does not seem to provide as much hydration as desired. I think the gel works better for me. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty decent spray priced at S$18.90″


“I thought that it was interesting that this could be applied over makeup as well. I tried it on my cheeks and it did not mess up my blusher at all. It gives a slight cooling feel.

The texture is light and the gel is very quickly absorbed. After that, my skin felt fresh and moisturized. I applied it on one side of my face only and you could really feel the difference. The untouched cheek felt dry and tight.

Furthermore, it contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid as explained in the above diagram. Plus, it has nano-collagen too! OMG, this one is defintely a keeper. I’ll stock up more, besides, it’s really affordable at S$20.90 only!”


SANA Super Quick Cosmetic Range is LOVE

I’m CRAZY over the SANA Super Quick Range and here’s my reviews as promised :)
If you missed out on my FOTD, do check back my older blog entries:
FOTD with nude look makeup found HERE

As you should know the nude makeup look is very HOT & POPULAR in Japan now. Mori Maya is the face of SANA Super Quick products and she looks fabulous!


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Looks for Fall 2010 by Pret-A-Beaute: Recreate the look with budget products

Pret-A-Beaute brings you the 4 fall makeup trends this 2010.
And for those who are on a tight budget, thou shallnt fret as I’ll just introduce some budget products you could use to recreate these looks.

The whole nude natural look is hot in the trend charts, and so is the defined eyes and nude lips combination that is all the rage in Japan right now.

I’m totally digging this whole au naturel look. It gives one a very clean, minimalist feel. Great as day makeup to the office or even out for high tea with the girlfriends.

Nude lips can be achieved with the Sana lip concealer

I realized that I prefer to wear it on its own then with the lip gloss. Maybe cause of the matt finish it gives…. Guess I am not a fan of glossy lips.

Come evening, add on more definition to the eyes and you’re ready to hit the clubs. This smoldering, intensive eye makeup look is sexy and trendy.

However, do experiment before going in for the dive as the smoky eyes look is not what everyone can carry or am able to achieve without much trial and error. You don’t want to end up looking like a lost panda in the city or someone who had just survived a back alley robbery.

If you have short or spare lashes, do try false eyelash extensions. This will brighten and open up the eyes further. You may also stick to the conventional mascara to achieve the look though. However, I’m a fake lashes convert so I still stick by my falsies to give me those drama-mama eyes.

Get this look with Sana’s Super Quick Products.
Line eyes with the powder liner for a smoky look:

Sana can be found at John Little, Watsons or Sasa stores.

This is one for the daring, as such loud lips are bound to attract more attention than one can handle. I think it’s a fabulous look for night, but if done properly, it should look good for day makeup too. Do keep makeup on the other features minimal as the lips are the emphasis. You will want to avoid looking like a mascot which had just escaped Universal Studio @ Sentosa.

Tip: Use a lip liner before or after applying the lipstick to give lips a more defined appearance. Applying powder on the lips before lipstick application can also help lipstick stay on longer :)
Try Tony Moly’s lipstick in RD03

This is interesting, I personally find purple quite a difficult color to wear especially on the eye area. If not done correctly, people might mistake my eyeshadow as theatrical makeup for bruising.

If Chanel is out of the budget for you, do head down to Watsons and check out the Majolica Majorca range. For Chapter 27, they have beautiful hues of purple and pink.

You could recreate this look (photo on left) with their Blooming Dream Eyes palette in Midnight Dream:

And finish off with their highly-raved mascara, the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On in Violet Magic (shade VI606)

Images from Pret-A-Beaute

Nude Makeup Look with (mostly) SANA Cosmetics [FOTD]

As usual, I had fun experimenting and playing with SANA cosmetics and learning more tips from dear Carra, the brand manager. This is just a sneak preview of what’s to come.

Carra said that the nude look is very HOT & POPULAR in Japan now!!

I’m totally digging this look and I think that the Japanese babes look really hot with such makeup :)

My FOTD for 28 August 2010:


Eyes & Brows Makeup Using:


Sana Super Quick Shadowliner Ex
Sana Extra Heavy Eyeliner
Sana Styling W Brow in New Born *Eyebrow mascara!! First time using it!*

Shimmer liner on lower lid by Majolica Majorca

Face Makeup:


Base, Concealer & Foundation from Sana Natural Resource

Blusher in Glow by Elf

Lip Makeup:


Sana Nude Lip Concealer
Sana Super Quick Lip Gloss in Nude 01

I’m lovin’ this whole new look – Light brows and nude lips but very defined eye makeup!
I will blog in detail when I have more information on the products used, some of which I had only received :)

SANA Natural Resource Makeup Range Review

Thanks to SampleStore & SANA, I got to try out this newly launched makeup range.

This is a continuation from my previous entry on their skincare range.

Taken from their website, this is a very informative flow chart of how you can incorperate the SANA Natural Resource Makeup range into your daily regime. Click HERE for chart

Makeup Bases

There’s a total of three shown on the site:

For dry skin

Price: S$34.90

For those concerned with redness

Price: S$28.90

For those with discoloration

Price: S$29.90

The one I had gotten to try out was the 1st one as shown directly above.
I find the texture creamy and smooth, just like my Maybelline Angelfit Zeropore Base.
Application was a breeze without leaving any sticky after-feel.
It is light-weight and spreads evenly before ‘disappearing’ on your skin.

Bare skin:


It’s SPF19 and PA++ so pretty sufficient enough for the working office lady who only exposes her face to the merciless sun rays before work, during lunch and after work.
This seems like a promising product so far.

After applying the base:



Price: S$22.90

This is not like the usual concealers I’m so used to having. Like for example, my ZA concealer.

I apply using the tip of finger as a spot concealer to cover up facial blemishes such as a mole or pimple scar that is not fading as quickly as I want it to.



I must say I’m pretty impressed with the coverage and it does not irritate the skin at all. Some concealers clog pores and I am wary about putting something like that on recovering pimples.


Price: S$28.90

I was not given a sample of this to try, hopefully I would when I return to their office next month for my follow up review.


Take your pick! Liquid or 2-way?
Both come in 4 shades each so you can ensure that there’s one suited for your skintone.

Price: S$39.90

Price: S$38.90
Refill Price: S$26.90

I was given the powder to try as I hardly use liquid foundation. I’m a ZA 21/22 and I was given shade number 3 to use. The powder is really fine and sheer. So don’t expect a whole load of coverage. But it still works reasonably well if you use a concealer along with it.


It looks pretty dark right? But doesn’t appear to be when applied.
However, still very confusing for me cause I won’t have picked this shade if I were shopping for foundation on my own.


Personally, I find it more natural-looking.
You won’t be caught dead looking like a 7th month Getai singer with this foundation.



Price: S$39.90

This is enriched with rose water that has been carefully distilled and extracted from one of the most fragrance flowers. I love the big, fluffy giant puff that helps set my entire makeup.

As I had only received 4 of the makeup items to try, I will not be able to comment on the rest of the products.
However, I hope to be able to review the rest if they do give me some to try…

You too can get these products for FREE to try them out but participating in the SANA Natural Resource Challenge. Please click” target=”_new”>previous entry

Participate in SANA’s Natural Resource Blogger Skin Challenge!

10 lucky readers will be invited to the SANA Sensitive skin challenge too!
You will also get a hamper worth $200!

But you need to be a Fr3b member in order to join, do sign up with Fr3b now by clicking HERE!

Do remember to include that you read about this from my blog :)

Good luck, ladies! :)

Sana Super Quick LIP CONCEALER EX01 Review + SASA Sale!

I saw this at the SANA office the other day but was TOO SHY to ask for a sample.
Anyway, it has been on my mind ever since.
I finally went down to SASA today and got it.

Where to buy? SASA
How much? S$17.90

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