Back from Hongkong

I’ve not been updating as I’ve just got back from Hongkong.
And surprisingly, I bought more clothings and cutesy items than compared
to beauty products!!!
Oh well, maybe it’s not that surprising after all since I still have
alot of skincare products. Enough to last me till 2011!!!

Here’s a collage of my loot:

For beauty products, I only managed to grab 2 packs of DHC samples.
Thanks to Jess’s discount, I got 10% off.
I also got 3 tubes of BLACK false lashes glue.
It’s so difficult to find BLACK glue in Singapore!

And my star buy would be the LANIEGE Hydra solution essence.
I went to the store and it was going for around Sgd70 after conversion.
Then I found it at Bourjous which is like Singapore’s SASA too.
There was a discount and I paid only Sgd44 for it!
OMG! What a bargain!
I doubt I’ll ever get it at sgd44 in Singapore unless it’s a staff purchase
or something. :)))))))

SK II Private Sale

Sign up for the private sale HERE

BTW, has everyone collected their SK II 30ml sample of the facial treatment essence yet?
I’ve read that most counters ran out of it during the first day of collection.
Unbelievable, right?

But I was lucky enough to collect mine at Tangs Orchard :)
Much contrary to some reviews online, it did not stink at all and in fact,
I find the scent of the product pretty calming.
I use it like how I would use a toner and today’s just the second night only.
I wonder if I’ll see any significant results soon?

After all, it’s not nicknamed ‘Miracle essence’ for nothing, right? 😉

2nd L’Oreal Warehouse Sale was DISAPPOINTING!

L’oreal warehouse sale was disappointing! Previous sale was soooo much better!!!
Majority of the items were the same….
Except for the ONE table infront of the entrance selling Vichy, LRP & Skinceutical items.
Price ranged from $5 to $40.
Heard that most of the popular Vichy stuff were sold out within 1st hour of sale.

Skinceutical serum expiring in Sept 09 going for $10.
Surprised to see it almost sold out, but you should know that for most beauty products, they tend to lose their effectiveness especially when nearing expiry date.
Don’t think I’ll wanna waste $10 on that even though it’s retail price is probably many times more.

The table from previous sale which had the GWP makeup pouches and bags was gone too.
Only spotted one makeup pouch on sale at $5 each.

I saw the handy Star Secret Kit going at $10 but only 1 design available.
The really chio smokey eye look one which I bought from the previous sale was SOLD OUT.
Maybelline mineral blushers now slashed to $10 each instead of $12.50 from the previous sale.

What I can remember for the pricing:

Vichy sunscreens $10-15
LRP items $10-35
Skinceautical $5 to $60

Maybelline Cosmetics Mostly 2 for $10 or $10 each!!!
– Eyeshadow palettes $10
– Angelfit Dream Mousse Blusher 2 for $10
– other blushers at 2 for $10
Mascaras 2 for $10
– Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner 2 for $10
– Watershine collage, essence, lipstick, Moisture Shine 4 for $20
– Maybelline Mineral Foundation 2 for $25
– Maybelline Mineral Blusher $10

L’oreal Cosmetics
– MU Palette (3 e/s, 1 blush & 1 lip color) $10
– Mineral blush 2 for $15
– E/S palettes $10
– Undereye Concealer $10

L’Oreal Skincare
– Their anti-aging range in white & gold for women above 50 is going at $15-20
– Loreal spot corrector/sunblock spf 15 lotion/anti-wrinkle thingy $8
– Derma Genesis Day Cream + cleanser set $20
– Derma Genesis Night Cream $15
– Nail Polish 3 for $10

– Slimming packs $20
– Refills $10

I left with only 1 set of LRP suncare (mist spray, sunscreen lotion & after-sun care lotion for SO) $35 & vichy eye & lip sunblock balm $10.

My La Posay Roche set contains:

Priced @ $29.38 at

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water 150g which is priced at $19.90

La Roche Posay Posthelios After-Sun Care 200ml

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Stick 0.25g priced at $25.00, I got for $10.


L’Oreal Warehouse Sale… YET AGAIN? Watsons too!

Didn’t they just have one awhile ago only?
Anyway, they’re back!

Date 16-18 JUN 2009
Venue Concorde Hotel, Level 3, Concorde 2
Time 11AM-8PM for 1st day and then 10AM-8PM for the rest

Who is going?
I am SOOOOO tempted to go BUT I won’t because I’ve spent enough at the previous sale.
However, I am so tempted to go down today for the Watsons Warehouse Sale happening at Suntec, East Gallery, opens 10AM-10PM and ends on this coming Sat.

So many SALES & not enough money :(

Watsons GSS catalog

Haha, I know this sounds crazy but I can pick up a Watsons catalog
and read it like a magazine.
I enjoy looking at the promotions they have and the new products they’ve brought in.
As you know that of late, Watsons have been bringing alot of new imported goods.
We now have Superdrug, Majolica Majorca, CURE and many more.

Have you picked up your copy yet?


Here are some products which I find worth buying:



I love the Vichy moisturizer! I did a review HERE
I think this bundle is really worth it! 25% off is alot more than the usual
Watsons 20% discount *duh*


Correct me if I am wrong but weren’t the K-Palette liners priced above $20
previously? Anyway, $15.10 is really a steal.


A L’Oreal eye makeup bundle: Unstoppable Mascara & Eyeliner for $20.60!?!?
That’s nearly 50% off! This is a MUST BUY!!!
And you get a pencil shadow FREE :)))))

Products I think you should try:


A new product by ZA. Say bye bye to ugly, open pores.
Read my review HERE


Just launched makeup base by Maybelline. It was initially available overseas.
Oh thank you, Maybelline for bringing this to Singapore!!!
I find that it light, non-clogging and has great oil control.
It also has SPF 25 PA ++ so you don’t need multiple products. Just use one.

Products I find interesting:


New detox drinks from Japan! Really intriguing…. but alittle too much
for my pocket. :(


The cleansing express gel was the product that caught my eye.
It actually turns from gel to water!


The limited edition casing is truly gorgeous and the price is just as
attractive. Really worth it!

Products I am tempted to get:


Gransenbon Gran Blusher!!!! *speechless*


Eyeliner that fills up the waterline area and is resistant to tear & sweat?
That’s like an answered prayer!


Last but not the least, the absolutely adorable Sesame Street products!
OMG OMG OMG Elmo looks soooooo cute! I am tempted to get all of the Elmo items
shown above and the big brolly too.

*takes deep breath*

Now you know why Watsons is one of my favourite stores.

L’Oreal Sale’s Loot

The loot!!!!


This is a e/s + blusher + lip color palette :)
It is really small and compact so it’s handy when you are going out with a small
bag and do not have much space for much stuff inside.
You can just leave your makeup pouch at home and bring this out.

It opens up to this!
I love the colors on this palette. It’s just truly gorgeous!

And YES! The L’Oreal Derma Genesis Day Cream going for 1/2 price!!!
I’m not sure if it was cause I arrived too late but there was only the day cream on sale.


And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Derma Genesis range.
Even The Times UK has a high 4/5 rating for it!

Here’s what they say about the L’oreal Derma Genesis:

They say “Skincare with Pro-Xylane and hyaluronic acid derivative helps the renewal of surface skin cells for younger looking skin.”

We say These two ingredients perform the same function, boosting the skin’s water content. This may help to increase skin plumpness and combat sagginess that comes with age. Research suggests that hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring skin molecule, acts like a moisture magnet when it comes into contact with the skin. Pro-Xylane is a derivative of sugar xylose, found in plants. Dr Tamara Griffiths, a dermatologist from the British Skin Foundation, says lab studies suggest that this compound may improve cohesion between the top and bottom layers of skin, potentially increasing firmness. However, she says further studies on facial skin, published in the public domain, are welcome.

Feel-good factor Slightly medicinal smell; gives skin a subtle shine.

Science rating 4/5

Review by Kate Wighton, the science editor of Body&Soul.

If you’ve missed out on this sale. You can still get the L’Oreal Derma Genesis range at a bargain at either Watsons or OG Chinatown.
Watsons is having 20% off for the Derma Genesis range.
OG Chinatown is selling them at a bundle.
When you buy the day cream ($32.90), night cream ($34.90) & essence ($36.90)
together as a set. You’ll get their eye & lip makeup remover & lipgloss FREE.

Eyeliner stock up! My most used cosmetic item!


Makeup Pouches. It was cheap & pretty so I got alot.



Cute, eh?

Today is the last day of the sale.
So please go down if you can make it!
Details are in my previous blog entry.


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