My Latest Hobby – Crystals


I was first introduced to crystals by a friend and yes, I have seen them around shops. I recall that my dad has an amethyst geode at home. From my limited knowledge of crystals, I used to think of crystal usage in primarily Feng Shui functions. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. Likewise, many New Age practitioners also use crystals for similar functions as Feng Shui practitioners.

There are two types of crystal collectors, the ones that keep them for their beauty and use them as decorative purposes. And there are the ones who believe that crystals have healing properties and use them in their various mediation or healing processes.

Crystals are thought to possess different levels of energy and have a vibration which can be measured, and according to the level of the vibration can be effective healers of individual chakras. The Sanskrit word Chakra literally Translate to wheel or disk. It is believed that the human body has seven centres of spiritual power,of which these are referred to as the chakra. I could go on more about this but let’s keep things simple and talk about my crystals first.

Crystal healing is an ancient art that dates back many years and I understand that there are studies claiming crystal healing to be pseudoscience. Some believe that it is just a placebo effect that people who had positive encounters with crystal healing. Personally, I would suggest going with your intuition. If you think that crystals are just a bunch of hogwash then it would remain what it is and never work for you. But if you have an open mind when it comes to crystals, then you might be surprised at what you would discover and experience.


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RISIS Mother’s Day Tea Session



Last Sunday was Mother’s Day! And we celebrated with a simple lunch at a Korean BBQ restaurant followed by a tea session organized by RISIS at Tang’s Seviin Lounge. For starters, we were treated to an educational presentation by RISIS on gemstones. We learnt about the symbolism and brief history of these stones as well as what were the upcoming trends for gems. And guess what? I was so captivated that I’m seriously considering getting myself something real soon. 😉 Continue reading

Top picks from RISIS to celebrate Mother’s Day 2015


Just a reminder for you peeps, Mother’s Day is approaching in a month’s time. (10th May 2015) If you are having trouble sourcing for presents, do consider these top picks from RISIS’s range of delicate styles, which includes their Devotion collection set with their marque’s Orchid icon and a special hand cut Rose Quartz crystal.



I love how soft, feminine and beautiful the Rose Quartz collection looks. My personal favorite would be the Dew Drop Ladybird Necklace. It has this cute, whimsical feel to it with the ladybird design and yet maintains its elegance.

To shop for the collection, head to: RISIS Online Shop or visit any RISIS outlets.

Celebrate romance with the Valentine’s 2015 collection by RISIS

Following the popularity of its first saga seed collection, Love Saga, RISIS once again turns to the red “love seeds” for inspiration when designing the Love Meets Love collection of seven jewellery designs, each capturing the beauty of nature and pure love.

Nostalgic emblems for those who grew up in this region, where saga seeds were traditionally given as tokens of affection, this exquisitely crafted range further symbolises true love through the use of rose quartz.

It has been said that you never love the same way twice. Similarly, saga seeds represent the emotions of passion and romance, yet each seed is completely unique in its own way. Similarly, rose quartz, also known as the “love stone”, is believed to promote unconditional love and happiness.

The two materials star as the highlights of two necklaces and a bracelet, or individually worked into rings and earrings. Each natural saga seed has been carefully handpicked and coated with red enamel, then paired with pink rose quartz — specially cut to reflect the organic form of the saga seed. These symbolic icons of love, crafted in 925 silver and plated in 18K gold, form a dainty and modern collection that serve as perfect messengers of love and romance.


This is my first time checking out RISIS jewelry and I’m surprised at how affordable it is. So forget the Pandora charms & try something different this round. Impress your woman with some Love Meets Love.





The Love Meets Love collection can be found at:


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