[Review] British Council Enrichment Trial Class (Nursery 2)


The British Council had their open house for Napier, Toa Payoh and Marsiling branch on Saturday. We had initially registered for the trial class at the Toa Payoh centre but it was fully booked and they still had slots at the Marsiling centre. Thinking that since it wasn’t too far from our place, I figured why not. The Marsiling branch is located in the Fushun community centre.


The children singing along with the video that was projected onto the screen

I had been thinking of sending Asher to an english enrichment class and saw this as an opportunity to check out if such classes would be beneficial (you know, worth the money spent). When it came to selecting a school for english enrichment, British Council tops my list for obvious reasons. So you could say that I attended the trial lesson with really high expectations. Continue reading

Rainy (or Hazy) Day Indoor Activities With Your Toddler



So the haze (or rain) might have kept you and your toddler indoors longer than expected but fret not, because there are so many activities you could do so in the comforts of your very own home. It’s time to stock up on some of the items required for these activities and best of all, you don’t need to get out of the house to purchase them. Hooray for online shopping! Continue reading

I’m Done Apologizing For My Toddler


Do you find yourself often apologizing for your baby or toddler’s behavior? Even though this is the way they normally behave because they are FREAKING TODDLERS NOT ROBOTS. And just because of the “tsk”s and dirty looks, you cave in and apologize. People find it so easy to judge and tend to forget that they were probably like this when they were little too. But no, they must have been perfect little angels. We had yet another unfortunate incident happen again today at the library.

I thought that at 30 months old, it would be a good time to reintroduce the library to Asher. After all, they had a Baby Corner where there’s carpeted flooring with a wide selection of baby books. Asher has been a regular patron of the library since he learnt to walk at 13 months, however, we stopped the visits once he started attending playgroup. So off we went to the library and he was really excited about it. Upon seeing the baby corner with shelves full of board books, Asher told me that he wanted to get a book on bears to which he was promptly “ssh-ed” by a librarian.

My boy is merely 30 months old and still a toddler. This is how toddlers behave. Obviously, he still doesn’t get that you speak in low, hush voices at the library even though I constantly reminded him to because the librarian was giving us this dirty look. But he wasn’t screaming his head off, throwing a tantrum, crying or flinging books off the shelves. He wasn’t running around and causing a disturbance to the adult patrons of the library who are located at the other side of the library. He was just simply telling me what he thought of getting while marveling at the many books on display, just like any excited toddler would.

Then the same librarian came over to tell me that “He is really loud.” Seriously?

Continue reading

[Book Review + Giveaway!] Our Chinese Books Loot From Read With Me Mommy!

Asher has been crazy over this classic book, titled “We are going on a bear hunt”. We never fail to read it before bed and he gets excited acting out the scenes from the book. So I decided to search for the chinese version and mind you, it was pretty difficult trying to find this title locally. But I eventually found it!


Since Asher has shown some interest in mandarin, I wanted to expose him to the language as frequently as possible. And there’s no better way to do it than through our love for books and reading! Check out the books which we’d ordered, these titles (on the left row) are originally in English. He is familiar with the english version so it helps when I start him on the chinese version.


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What I’ve Been Up To (Toddler Activities & Some Updates)

Firstly, I fell sick then Asher caught the flu bug from me. Since then, we were like sick little bobos for the past 2 weeks. Then just last weekend, we had the car to ourselves, so naturally we have been out almost everyday. So I have been busy busy busy and have not been blogging as often as I wanted to.


Here’s what I managed to do with Asher. I’m glad to finally announce that we have established a bedtime routine! I know, it is one of the fundamentals that should have been set up months ago but parenting is a journey of lifelong learning. So we are into our first week and hopefully, we will not break out of it.


We bring in a couple of books, some of them handpicked by the big boy himself. We indulge in some reading after he finishes his milk. It is a calming activity that helps him to relax and get ready for bed.


I’ve also DIYed a light box for him with materials from IKEA. However, I am still not totally satisfied with it. I think my box is too shallow and small but this would make do for the moment.

IMG_20140720_114318And I got some peekaboo reddish pink highlights done but since they were peekaboos, they are not obvious. I’m not sure if I like it or am regretting it. But I probably would let my hair rest for a month before I do something else to it.

Collage 2014-07-31 00_11_48

I was also at a launch event for Creme Simon, check out my blog post on it. And I just had a food tasting at Sakae Sushi this week. Yes, I tried all of the yummy stuff above… Now, this is just a teaser, so wait for my blog review, ok?

Guess that pretty much sums up what I’ve been up to of late. Oh and August, please be good to me.

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Coolest Library For Little Ones

I think I’d just found my favorite library of all times. I have been bringing Asher out so often, it is starting to burn a hole in my pocket. Indoor playgrounds, enrichment activities   and so on, all these cost money.

So when I found this Treetop section at the National Library at Bugis. It was like a dream come true, the place was done up nicely to resemble an enchanted forest which of course made Asher very excited. And there were books for 0-3 years of age available, which would have made this an education trip, not that he cared though.

10170824_10152711868949606_925634781_n Continue reading

The Coolest Bookshelves You Should Have In Your Home

I was searching online for a bookshelf for Asher and his collection of approximately 100 over books. Yes, my little 1 year old has more books than his mommy. And I chanced upon these cool bookshelves. Seriously, I never thought much of bookshelves but these designs just blew me away.

Here’s the few which I’d handpicked to share in my blog, those that would not only add character to your home but also be great conversational starters. Move aside ‘floating’ bookshelves, these rusty pipes bookshelves are so much more cooler. Yeah, because shelves are just too mainstream.


pipe bookshelf for make

This reminded me of puzzles I used to play on the plane as a child. I love how they managed to create a story around the design of a person running and then falling down with just these triangles.

A personal favorite is this classic wall of books. In the picture below, it looks like it was designed for a child but I’m just not sure how the poor little one is going to reach the higher shelves. But I like how it allows the books to be front-facing and so the designs of the covers are part of the entire room’s decor too.


Maybe today your bookshelf will have teeth or a mustache to go. Isn’t this giant smiling face of a bookshelf sooooo cute?


I would absolutely love to have this for Asher. Great way to teach him his ABCs too. However, I’m not so sure if it can house that many books due to its design which causes some space constraints. Nevertheless, it’s a lovely piece of art and a great conversational topic.


This looks like every bookworm’s dream come true. A chair with all of your favorite books; a perfect 2-in-1! I can totally picture myself all curled up in one of these on a lazy, rainy afternoon with some chick lit.

Unique-Bookshelves-1Last but not least, is this design that’s inspired by the Batman movie. I’m sure all Batman fans would love to own one and have it displayed proudly in their bachelor pad.


Reading with Baby Asher

My little one is growing and sucha darling even though he can be such a handful at times. I miss him when he is asleep and when he is awake and fussing, I just wish he would just go to bed. Our current favorite activity is still reading together, ok, so I do the reading while he checks out the colorful illustrations.

We were at United Square for the weekend and there happened to be a book fair the atrium by Bookaburra. As usual, I was drawn to the fair and even though there were no board books on sale. I eventually settled for these 2 paperbacks.

As you can see from the first photo, he is enjoying the Hugglewug book alot. Though some words don’t make sense… like the title itself. I guess a Hugglewug refers to that strange monster-like species. But the book itself has BRILLIANT illustrations. It is eye-catching, bright and colorful. Asher enjoys looking through the pictures as I read to him. Some parts of the story encourages and teaches counting too. This was a great buy.

The 2nd book – ‘A Quiet Night In’ was pretty much suited for older children. It’s by an award-winning author so you know, I thought what the heck, probably could buy and keep this for him till he gets older, like say 1 or 2 years old. But we have started reading it already. Since its quite lengthy, I would read to him while he is in his walker. I keep a slight distance away so he doesn’t rip the pages off as this isn’t a board book. It has more text than his usual books so I take longer to turn the pages and he can get quite impatient.

However, he is rather amused by my voice, since this book probably takes me twice or thrice the amount of time to finish a usual board book of his. For example, Eric Carle’s Brown Bear or The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

But I can see he is quite happy with these new books. It’s a refreshing change from the usual Eric Carle books which we read together most evenings. Or maybe it’s because he’s still just a baby and everything seems to amuse him.

But all in all, I would say it was worth the money spent. I would highly recommend the Hugglewug book for babies to toddlers. Even I as an adult was captivated by the visual feast it provided.

Baby Book Review: The Hungry Caterpillar

Reading with my cheeky boy is one of my favorite past times.

It’s the only time I get to bond with him. Being a naturally quiet person (ok, I’m quite reserved unless I’m gossiping) , I don’t really like to talk much. And reading helps me to interact with him better through the story-telling.

One of our current recommended reads are the all time favorite The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I bought the sound book edition for him which features a sound button that you or baby could press to hear a playful walking tune with the subtle sound of chewing.

Even though it’s recommended for babies aged 6 months and above. (I suspect that they are afraid babies would somehow destroy the sound button with their excessive drooling or sucking.) Bubs is doing fine with it cus I’m the one holding the book and reading it to him.

The graphics are lovely as usual, very colorful and vibrant, the trade mark of Eric Carle books. It manages to capture bub’s attention for awhile at least.

Follow the hungry caterpillar on its journey to becoming a butterfly. Its storyline teaches baby to learn to count since the caterpillar starts with 1 apple and slowly progresses on to 5 strawberries and next, all the junk food as shown above. It also teaches baby the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly though it’s brief.

We have a few more editions of The Hungry Caterpillar because I simply love it so much. We now have the hardback edition and the puppet book. I’m still considering the pop-up edition but that’s probably only when baby is older & able to appreciate it.

All in all, I am giving The Hungry Caterpillar a 5/5 rating!

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