Been quite busy with personal projects of late so I have not been really blogging. And I really need to get back on track with that job hunting, I can feel myself sinking into my comfort zone. I need to get creative, go out and do my thing or simply do something besides shopping :X

So let’s just do a quick summary on what I have been up to. First of, I had Brazilian Gold Keratin treatment done. I had a trim but this hairstylist noob ruined my hair, she practically thinned my hair by 50%, leaving it with too many layers and super frizzy. So I had to tame it but I could not see myself splurging $300 on a hair treatment. Which is why a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and that was to head down to Fave (old Groupon) to grab a coupon for Keratin treatment. My girlfriend actually shared this with me and I decided to give it a try. I know there are a couple of Keratin treatments on Fave, the one which I had selected was Luxe X M at Katong 112.


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Day 1 As A Stay Home Mummy Again


Home-maker and stay home mother are just a better term for my current jobless status. It is officially Day 1 of my freedom and I am totally enjoying it. This could not have come at a better timing, with the Lunar new year just right round the corner, for once, I am starting to soak up the festive cheer.

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Welcoming 2017 With Open Arms


Looking back, 2016 wasn’t as horrible as I had made it out to be. I had been so blinded by my anger and bitterness that I had overlooked the immerse amount of blessings I had received in 2016. Just to recall for my blog, I remember starting off the year with a wonderful media invite at CulinaryOn, Asher and I had blast making pasta. The following months brought some great blog collaboration opportunities. As for my social life, I had the chance to reconnect with friends whom played an essential role in being a pillar of strength for the trying period.


Last year’s resolution was simply to lose weight and save more since I was going to start a job. Moving forward this year, I am going to focus on spiritual and emotional healing and growth. I am thankful to a friend who has been giving me guidance so far. I also want to foster stronger relationship with family, communicate better and spend more quality time with them.


But I am not going to be ambitious and start listing my new year resolutions this round. because we all know what happen to new year resolutions after awhile. So I think I shall just end this here for now.

2017, I just know you are going to be an awesome year!


Random Updates… Shopping Update, New Eyebrows & other random stuff


So this week marked the 2 months since I’ve started working, it feels like it has been so much longer than just mere 2 months only. I’m still trying my best to adjust back to the working lifestyle. Some days I’m not so loving it and feel robbed of my time, gone are the days where I could eat in bed or settle for a nap between 2 to 3pm. And yet as the weeks progressed, I feel like I have my “adulthood” back. I get to do adult things such as catch up friends over lunch. This was a rarity during my days as a Stay Home mother. I might even graduate to chilling out one fine day.


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Starting the new year in mourning


The irony is such that when you recollect about the past year’s struggles and how you have emerged stronger with each hurdle, life decides to test your resilience. While most celebrated their children’s first day to school, a promotion to a new grade in school or their first day of a new job. I started the first monday of 2016 on a different note; giving my grandfather a final send off. Life following the death of a loved one can be quite surreal. You know for a fact that they are no longer there but then again, you have yet to fully grasp the reality of it.


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Closing The Chapter For 2015



As 2015 comes to a close, it also marks the end of my 27 months stint as a SAHM and the beginning of life as a FTWM. Looking back, it has been great year where I have received many blessings and opportunities. But like any other year, it was not without some bumps and tumbles along the way. I happened to struggle for awhile this year; I was sinking in further but thankfully, I have managed to pull myself out. Was 2015 unkind to you as well? Continue reading

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