So I have not been blogging lately because I have been so preoccupied with my work. I am not sure if it is a good or bad thing. Furthermore, the Macbook Air was also showing signs of death so it can be quite a pain using it. Anyone has any mini laptop recommendations? I’m not sure if I should still go for Apple or switch but honestly, it’s such a Breeze using the Apple.

Anyway, to make up for the lack of updates, here is one entry with some updates cramped into a single post.

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When The Boy Falls Sick…


All it takes is just one sick child to throw a wench into your plans. I didn’t intend to take leave today but I had to because the boy fell sick again. He has been having the dreaded flu and cough on and off. And after trying western medicine for the longest time, we decided to switch to TCM aka Traditional Chinese Medicine.


So he was getting better till things took a turn for the worst and here I am, back at the TCM doctors again. Just mere 3 days after our last visit for treatment. But the thing with cough is that it is such a common occurrence especially with little children. The same goes for adults, on the public transport, you can hear and see people coughing away. Even in my office, there are a few who are also afflicted with the dreaded cough. So one of the ways to deal with this is not to make it such a big deal, face it, kids fall sick all the time. Continue reading

Lou Hei @ Lokkee Restuarant


Thinking back, it was all due to a really silly mistake of mine that we ended up at Lokkee for our Lou Hei dinner. Firstly, the gang did not plan to dine at Lokkee, heck, the majority of us did not even knew its existence. The choice venue for the gathering was Lao Beijing (which also happens to be part of the Tung Lok group; just like Lokkee). So I offered to go get a table since I was the first to reach Plaza Singapura. The moment I reached the 3rd level, I entered the first chinese restaurant I saw without even looking at the sign. That was how we ended up with a table in Lokkee. I had only realised that I was in the wrong place when I looked down at the menu and to my horror, it was Lokkee instead of Lao Beijing. Too embarrassed to admit my mistake and make an exit, I forced my friends to come into Lokkee instead. Well, on the bright side, we got to try out a new place as a group.


Taken from the Tung Lok website… “Lokkee is inspired by Chinese take-out food often found in Chinatowns across cosmopolitan cities like New York, London and Sydney but elevates it through the use of premium ingredients and clean flavours. Lokkee’s menu is based on the cuisine of Chinese immigrants who have built on traditional Chinese cooking and interpreted it for diners in their adopted homes. Diners can look forward to sample well executed dishes that are synonymous to this urban culinary phenomenon such as Chow Mein, Mongolian Beef and Orange Chicken.”

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Getting Used To Working Life


I was a working mom for only 8 months before I decided that it was for the best to quit and stay home with my little snuggly pie. So the return to work after 2 years of staying home was terrifying and nerve wrecking. However, I was more afraid of losing touch with the corporate world and becoming obsolete. And I have yet to build up my personal retirement nest, hence, the decision to give up my glorious afternoon naps to become a wage slave and see where it takes me.

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Breaking the rules

So far, I’m still coping well despite some hints of baby blues which I would save for another blog entry another time. I’m also nearing the end of my jamu massage tomorrow. My masseur mentioned that I do not have much wind in my body except for my left shoulder blade which is rather stiff. And I had always attributed that to sitting too long infront of the computer at work or home.

So I’ve concurred that the confinement rules are all bullshit. Haha, because I’ve broken almost every rule possible and should be filled with ‘bad wind’ to the brim.

1) Not touching water at all – I washed my hands each time before I touch my baby, breast pumps. I also bathe baby and wash milk bottles myself.

2) Not showering or washing hair – I showered and washed my hair daily in warm water without using whatever nonsensical herbal crap.

3) No fan – I had the fan on almost 24/7 and sometimes facing me directly.

4) No cold drinks – I had sneaked abit of slightly chilled milo when noone was looking.

5) No fruits or veg – No vegetables is an extreme case but I had papaya fruit juice twice.

And the list goes on, because I can’t really remember what else I’ve broken. But yeah, I’m doing fine, no aches and not much wind according to my masseur :)

Hello! I’m back from paradise :)

Ok so this entry was delayed but anyway, last week was marked as one of the best of 2011 thus far (I hope there’s more to come though!).
I was in beautiful, picturesque Maldives for my honeymoon.
And I had so much fun with the fishes, the clear waters or just lazing around in my water villa.
Though it’s not a pocket-friendly destination, I felt that this is a paradise worth splurging on.
Besides, it might just disappear in a decade.
Did you know that most islands were no more than just mere 70cm above sea level?
Yeah, blame it on global warming.
It was an eye-opening experience to feed the stingrays every evening.
These docile & delightful creatures would come by the shore punctually around 4pm.
Feeding begins at 5pm and after that, they would take a swim round the entire island before heading home.

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Deal.com.sg’s epic failure with BKK Trip Deals

Deal.com.sg’s facebook page is flooded with angry customers requesting for their refunds.
It turns out that previous deals for BKK trips had hidden costs and ridiculous terms & conditions that were only made known later on after they had paid.
These deals were exceptionally popular with 3108 vouchers sold for the 1st one and 2628 sold for the 2nd deal. Less than S$200 for air tickets & accomodation – what a bargain!
So many folks were tempted, even my friends were MSNing me about this deal.

You voted & I’ve won :) Thank you!

Remember my blog post on the Liese 100 bloggers challenge where I’d appealed for votes??
CLICK HERE to recap your memory.
CLICK HERE to read about my positive experience with the Liese products.
Well, guess what? The results are out today and I’m in top 20! Woohoo! I’m #5!
Thank you for all your votes. *MUAHS*
I hope that my voters do get lucky and be one of the 10 to win a Liese product.
Do also keep your eyes peeled wide open because there will be a giveaway post up tomorrow!

Easy A Movie Preview

Thanks to Janet, I got movie passes to watch Easy A with kaki yesterday. 
What a lovely treat to cheer us up on an otherwise moody monday… 
 We were late and since it was free seating…we only managed to get seats in the front row.
Nevertheless, the movie managed to distract us from the discomfort we experienced from hunching and craning our necks upwards.
Emma Stone stars as the decent high school girl whose little lie about losing her virginity gets spurn out of control into a web of knotty situations. This is made worst after she starts helping the misfits in her high school to lie in exchange for money. 
Easy A is a comedy with punch lines that are genuinely hilarious and bound to make the mouth & tummy muscles work harder.
 It managed to pull a great rating of 7.1/10 tomatoes on rottentomatoes.com too!
Do catch it when it opens officially in cinemas islandwide on 25th November 2010 :)

Halloween & how mine was ruined by The Arena

My 1st Halloween experience was way back in 2008 and it was superb. Probably because I had on a fabulously cute witch outfit; one which I had been lemming for since ages.
I went without expectations since it was my first time but I had ended up having the time of my life. My bestie, June accompanied me despite being ill and she got to borrow my brand new Sergent Sexy costume. We had the costumes, the props so all we had to do was to just go out & have fun.

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