[Review] Chanel CC Cream

A lovely ex-colleague gave this to me and I was pretty eager to try it. And it’s my first luxury make up brand CC cream. If you had been following my CC cream reviews, you would notice that I had managed to try out a variety of Korean brands only. A short extract taken from the Chanel website: With its CHANEL signature, CC Cream combines 5 actions in 1 single step:

SOOTHES. Cornflower water comforts sensitive skin.
MOISTURIZES. Hyaluronic acid helps maintain hydration level all day long by trapping and retaining moisture inside the skin.
PROTECTS. SPF 30 and PA+++ sun filters block aging-accelerating UVA-UVB rays. A mineral filter guarantees higher tolerance on the skin.
PREVENTS. An active ingredient of natural origin, Rejuvencia, provides the best shield against external aggressions.
EVENS OUT IMPERFECTIONS. Redness, dark spots and pores are visibly diminished.

Within moments, skin appears flawless and glows with a natural beauty. The complexion is visibly even-toned, fresh and radiant. CC Cream delivers complete correction and natural-looking, long-wear makeup. An ideal cream for day-long confidence with a lightweight, non-oily, comfortable texture.


If I’m not wrong, its available in one shade only – 20 beige

There is a strong scent, not sure if that’s the smell of cornflower water? Upon application, it turns matt instantly. In fact, it was so quick that I was worried I won’t have time to do my entire face without it drying up on my palms.

In terms of coverage, I would say it’s average. Which is a good thing for those who prefer something light or have pretty great-looking skin to begin with. Those who like me, have these crazy dark eye rings, broken capillaries and blemishes might not find the coverage sufficient. Hence, a concealer is recommended to be used together with the Chanel CC Cream.


Like the other CC creams I have tried, the Chanel CC cream does not disappoint with it comes to achieving that radiant glow.

If you ask me, I still would prefer The Face Shop’s CC Cream due to the coverage it provides. However, this one does not pale out in comparison much, I guess it would have worked better on me if I had a blemish-free complexion (which I unfortunately do not have).

[Review] The Face Shop Aura Color Control CC Cream SPF30 PA++

So I was given this from The Face Shop to try out. And upon opening the beautiful press kit (yes, kudos to you marketing team for such a pretty box), I was quite stunned to see a compact instead of the usual CC cream in a tube.


The Face It Aura CC Cream comes in the form of a compact case complete with a face sponge and mirror.


There is a tab that you press down to get the CC cream out. And I was in for yet another surprise; this was a skin tone shade CC cream! I had been reviewing other CC Creams previously and all were whitish in color. So I was really psyched about trying this one out.

I was given the one in 02 Natural Beige to try which I presume is one of the most commonly used shades or so I’d been told.

Anyway, I tried using it with the given sponge but I was not used to that. Thus, giving up eventually and ended up using my fingers instead. It has a creamy texture (like a BB cream) that goes on smoothly and best of all, it becomes matt rather instantly. I did not even have to apply loose powder. It felt just right on my skin.


So you know how some BB creams can still appear too light for my somewhat tanned skin tone? This surprisingly blended pretty well. And because it had a beige tone, it gave me the coverage that I needed. I believe the Face It Aura CC Cream is one of the CC Creams in the market that comes with the highest coverage. As you can see, it did quite a good job of covering up my broken capillaries (those tiny red veins on my cheeks).

image (8)

I also like the fact that it comes with SPF30 and PA++ so I can skip my sunscreen when using this. Some might like the compact packaging because it is easy to carry around even if you do not want to bring your whole cosmetic pouch along. The mirror in the compact comes in real handy when you can’t find a powder room to touch up.

You can check the Face It Aura CC Cream out at all The Face Shop outlets :)

[Review] Elisha Coy Always Nuddy CC Cream

I’m back with yet another product from WISH TREND to share with you. If you love korean beauty products then you must check out this website! WISH TREND is a Korean website which focuses on all stuff beauty, fashionable & entertaining.

photo (3)

I’d received my ELISHA COY ALWAYS NUDDY CC CREAM and was eager to test it.

photo 1 (1)

A little intro about this product first…

Always Nuddy CC Cream blends into your skin layer as its capsule unravels. 
Colour encapsulated spheres brings about natural skin tone colour. As the colour capsule inside of the white hydrated base bursts, natural blemish effect can be expected.
Hydrated skin with 20 skin moisture ingredients, even skin tone by great persistency and adherence. As layered over, glowing and hydrated skin tone can be accomplished.

If you are wondering how to get that GLOW and RADIANCE which Kpop stars always spot. Then this is the secret to their beautiful makeup!


I’m very new to this whole concept and this is my first CC Cream. I was surprised that it didn’t come in a skin tone shade. I know some other CC Creams do… Anyway, the Nuddy CC Cream is to be used together with a BB Cream for optimal results.

As shown by this Korean blogger, you can see how there is coverage from the BB cream and then radiance due to the CC cream base that was applied first.

I tried to do some shots like the one above but my cam was too lousy to capture the difference. And hence, I can only do a demo on my inner wrist. The texture of the CC Cream is surprisingly light, kind of like a mousse.


As you can see from my above photo, after applying and spreading the CC Cream evenly. The skin has a pearlish glow to it, I guess this is what they meant by “Colour encapsulated spheres brings about natural skin tone colour” 

However, when used alone, it doesn’t provide much coverage. That’s when you need to add on the BB Cream. Then voila! You get perfect complexion that’s flawless and radiant.

 If you are thinking of buying this CC Cream or just any other product off their site.

Here’s a voucher code for you! 


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Minimum Amount to Use: over 20 USD order

For you Singaporean fans, you can grab their stuff off Qoo10sg. So check out the WISHTREND MINI SHOP on Qoo10 here. Do also LIKE their Facebook Page.

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