Going Dark For Work, New Hair Colour By Headlines HairDressing


I’m starting work and I decided that my bleached ends, which started showing after the granny chic grey faded off, were too bright. So after a consultation with Nic, my stylist, at the China Square branch. I have decided to join the dark side, since I also happen to look better with darker locks too.


And as usual, I left the shade to Nic’s decision since I knew my hair was in good hands. He settled for an ash brown tone and because my ends were bleached, it turned out pretty unique. The top of my hair is a shade of very dark brown that almost looks like black and while the ends have this slightly grayish blue tone. Loving my new hair colour so much! Continue reading

My Grey Hair By Headlines Hairdressing


The granny hair trend has been around for a while, Kpop stars such as Hyunseung of b2st and BIGBANG’s Daesung to Hollywood’s bad girl, Rihanna have already been spotting silver grey locks a few years back. However, it had everyone embracing this latest hair trend only recently after A-listers such as Cara Delevingne went for this granny chic hue.


And I’m happy to announce that I’ve jumped on the granny hair bandwagon, well, at least for the ends. Because seriously, I don’t have the guts to go full on grey from roots to ends. But I love this much more subtle touch which Nic from Headlines Hairdressing had created for me.

IMG_20151125_222022_resized Continue reading

[Review] My Purple Hair at SOHO by Xpect

I just had my hair done at Soho by Xpect and I am loving it so much! In fact, I feel like a My Little Pony right now. Or some sort of mystical mermaid from a fantasy world.


The Xpect group boasts of more than 70 awards under its belt with its strength in styling. They are often spotted at photoshoots, shows, runways and events. Xpect Group are the Official Hair Sponsor for MediaCorp’s Retrolicious and President’s Star Charity to the most recent with MediaCorp Radio Awards where they have styled for all radio DJs and celebrities.

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