Fashion Week Highlights

MyFatPocket has a whole selection of articles covering the fashion week events, as you all should know, Feb to March is Fashion Week in these various cities:

New york fashion week [feb 6 to 13]

london fashion week [feb 14 to 18] 

milan fashion week [feb 18 to 23] 

paris fashion week [feb 25 to march 5] 

My fav of all would be this… [Milan Fashion Week F/W 2014] Moschino F/W 2014 Collection with McDonald’s, Budweiser and Spongebob Squarepants 

Tacky? Cheesy? Well, to some I guess, but to me this is something new, refreshing and cute! Though most of the outfits might be deemed more suitable as Halloween costumes. There are a few less over the top ones like this McDonalds inspired pull-over. I would so wear it out!

Check out other Fashion Week Highlights below:

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[London Fashion Week F/W 2014] 5 Things to Know About Designer Julien Macdonald

[London Fashion Week F/W 2014] Cara Delevingne launches Mulberry handbag collection

[New York Fashion Week F/W 2014] New York Fashion Week Lineup Revealed



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MyFatPocket’s $9000 Prada bag contest ended & they are now giving… WHAT AGAIN!?

MyFatPocket’s $9000 Limited Edition Exclusive Prada Croco Bag Giveaway contest ended last Friday. And just now, a cute little homing pigeon flew by to send a piece of extraordinary news to me. My reaction to that message was:

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Prada brought her unique signature to another level! Last year, an exclusive and exotic Prada Croco Bag was born from the patchwork of ostrich (struzzo), lizard (luciletto), canvas (canapa) and crocodile skins. It was originally to be an archive piece that was to be kept in a museum in Milan, Italy.

This desirable bag was painstakingly put together with love and took three years to be made from scratch. 3 years. That’s 1095 blood and sweat days!

All the materials were hand cut, dried and stretched by hand. Exotic skins used in Prada are ethically sourced. Usually, genuine crocodile skin would cost S$30,000 and authentic ostrich skin could go up to S$20,000.

Look at how Rihanna rock her Prada shoes and bag! Cool huh? This is how one should pair their Prada with casual dressing.

While this tote is super luxurious, industry experts advise to clash your exotic Prada Croco Bag with your clothes and accessories, and should be worn with a day or flower print dress or jersey top with a skirt.

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Asia has a love affair that cannot be concealed anymore. Do you know that we, Asians, contribute for half of the US$80 billion global luxe industry.

When you know what you possess has been the result of several labourious days of highly skilled workmanship, you realize that its value lies not just in the amount of money spent but also in the painstaking effort involved in its the creation.

Louis Vuitton launched a stunning limited edition collection of sari dresses for Louis Vuitton made from vintage sari fabrics from cities all over India.

Limited edition products from leading luxury brands promise to offer customers something that is unique, different and of course very, very exclusive.

Asians have to show their status somehow, and luxury brands are a great way to do this. It gets much better if its limited edition. Just look at the Asia-wide acceptance of the Mercedes Benz as a sign that you have made it – there is nothing shameful in buying luxury brands in Asia!

To own a limited edition is like winning a gold medal at the Olympics. After all, it’s pure indulgence that we want to possess!

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