How Far Are You Willing To Go For Beauty Deemed Perfect By Society

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I think it’s sad that people have to resort to getting plastic surgery just so that they can get hired for a job. It has been an open secret in Korea but it seems China is following suit due to the influx of degree graduates vs low supply of jobs. I think its also rather upsetting when some folks go for an ultimate makeover and end up looking totally different.

It is like as though they are saying “Hey Ma & Pa, your horrid genes made me look fugly so now I’ve to resort to plastic surgery to make myself to look good (or at least according to society’s standards).” And even more depressing when some get so obsessed with a certain celebrity that they go all out to become clones themselves.

(Ever seen the Clark Kent clone or Miranda Kerr’s clone?)

Here are some bizzare articles to check out. Weird surgery trends such as undereye bags to look younger or injecting botox so that one can wear Louboutins all the time.

Read about the crazy shit that people do to themselves in the name of “beauty”.

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Latest Korean Beauty Aesthetic Trends?

Keep yourself abreast with these articles, especially if you are working towards looking like a Kpop star.


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Articles On Beauty You Should Check Out

Women seeking ways to further beautify themselves are able to access these information readily online. With the help of science and medical knowledge, no perception of beauty is too far-fetched. You wanna look like a Korean superstar? Check out the must-have features which are popular now. Want to wear Louboutins without pain? Well, we have a solution for you.

Just simply check out these articles …

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Pretty Woman

In the past, undergoing the knife to look better was something kept under wraps and not to be talked about. However, as aesthetic procedures and plastic surgery became as common as taking a stroll in the park. People have started to be more open about having undergone such works. Some even taking it to the extends of sharing it online via social media websites.

And with the latest K-wave that swept Asia, beauty has once again been redefined. Everyone is dying to look, appear or even pass off as a Korean. All thanks to K-pop singers and groups such as Girls Generations and Missy A sporting fresh-faced, wide-eyed ladies with almost perfect-looking features.

Honestly, I don’t believe that their good looks can be attributed to just purely makeup. So there are rumors about plastic surgery. Well, with Korea being one of the top countries to go to for plastic surgery. Surely that is no big secret, right?

I mean, if you werent naturally blessed with good looks. Then there’s no harm forking out some money and having that fixed. Who won’t want to look like Kim Ah-Jung?

How bout Angelababy?

Or Nickhun for the guys?

So if you hate your droopy eyes or flat nose THAT much, then why not do something about? If you think that it would increase your self esteem and confidence, then why not? While I am probably gonna stick to just maybe minor, non-invasive aesthetic treatments such as botox and fillers, should I ever require them. I do not see anything wrong with undergoing plastic surgery or aesthetic procedures.

Personally, I think that life is too short, so just go ahead and do whatever that makes you happy. If I had the courage and money, I would love to pop by any famous surgeon’s clinic and get my face sharpened. I’m not sure how they are going to do it. Lengthen my face shape by adding chin fillers? Or inject botox into my square jaws. Perhaps, my face is too fat, I’ll probably need both procedures? Heh…

Speaking of which, I’ve tried jaw reduction with botox before. You can read all about my experience here. It was quick and relatively painless, my only grouse is the hefty price tag.

Also, aesthetic procedures are not just limited to botox and fillers. There’s a range of other treatments which are said to promote youthful looking skin through the use of lasers and other technology. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, if you are curious and itching to find out more. Then you should really head down over to , specially brought to you by MyFatPocket, is a new portal where consumers can gain knowledge and be empowered to make informed decisions about how to look and feel better.

It’s the first and only dedicated site in Singapore where aesthetic doctors, clinics and consumers can come together to foster a well-informed community on all aspects of aesthetics.

What you didn’t know about Botox at Aesthetics Hub

Did you know…

that Botox can Treat Acne Breakouts, Eliminate Large Pores, Reduce Sebum Production?

A plastic surgeon in Chicago injects directly into the skin to eliminate large pores, oil production and acne breakouts. He said that Botox prevents the production of the sebum, which in turn starves the bacteria that causes pimples.

Did you know…

Botox May Prove to Be Surprising Ally Against Depression

Botox is a wrinkle reducer. A study confirms that facial muscles do not simply broadcast people’s emotions, but are important for identifying and experiencing emotions which, in turn, interrupts the development and maintenance of negative emotions.

Did you know…
Sweaty Women Use Botox To Smell Good

The bad odour that accompanies sweating also puts a question mark on personal hygiene. Botox selectively blocks the activation of sweat glands and hence no sweat is released.

Did you know…

  you can make your Botox Lasts Longer by Taking Zytase before the Injections?

A Houston doctor said that since Botox is zinc dependent – they need zinc to work, he wondered what would happen if he “gave people zinc before their Botox injections. So, he combined a high dose of zinc with a phytase enzyme and Zytase was born. The drug is taken four days before and on the day of the Botox injection. The Botox’s effects last longer – meaning fewer shots and less money spent!

Did you know…

 you can inject Botox in your Feet so you can wear super high heels without feeling the pain?

A self-confessed shoeaholic has paid more than £300 to have a “Loub job” — fillers and Botox injected into her feet — so she can wear her favourite designer Louboutin stilettos without feeling any pain.

Do you know… how I know this?

MyFatPocket has launched a new website specially on aesthetics, called Aesthetics Hub.

Aesthetics Hub is a convenient and information-rich platform for your aesthetic and cosmetic concerns.

From Singapore to the Philippines and Korea, Aesthetics Hub covers a diverse range of aesthetics topics; from the most innovative treatments, products and news to local doctor’s directory and How-It’s-Done procedure videos, Aesthetics Hub is your reliable source for information on beauty, inside and out.

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Korean Celebrities’ Most Wanted Facial Features

Plastic surgery is no longer a taboo in the modern era. With figures skyrocketing, countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Korea have been attracting both men and women in getting their aesthetic features fixed by plastic surgeons.

Korea has been named the top country with most plastic surgeries done and shopping with bandages is so common that the public will not bat their eyelids at.

K-pop craze has been on the rise and continues to heat up the fever in many countries. Both men and women who seek to fulfil their ideal look, more often than not, refer to Korean celebrities’ appearances. Here are some examples.


With most Korean having single eyelids, more and more celebrity-wannabes are flocking down to get single eyelids surgery. Yes you seen it right. SINGLE eyelids surgery. Rain is one good example of a single eyelid Korean celebrity and boy, does his single eyelids do look charming enough to enchant the ladies! 

Taeyang, known to wow girls with his ‘bad boy’ look has given single eyelids another image other than the innocent boyish look. His thick eyebrows that are almost always frowning injects even more badass playboy look that would break the hearts of many willing girls. 

Face Shape 

A perfect wholesome face is that of actress Song Hye Kyo who needs no introduction. Her face shape may not be a sharped oval, but her broad forehead and wide cheeks allow all the facial features to be ideally positioned in.

On the whole look, Song Hye Kyo portrays an innocent child-like image with those captivating doe-eyes and porcelain fair skin.

What do you think of next year’s aesthetics and plastic surgery trend? Go to MyFatPocket to find out more!

Psst… Top 10 Gossip I Wanna Share

If you have been visiting the MFP Portal, you would have come across these interesting articles. Here’s my top 10 picks from the GOSSIP Section :)

#1 – Eat Angry Birds Mooncakes Now

I thought it was an ingenious idea to come up with angry bird mooncakes but honestly, the ones shown in the photo above ain’t appealing at all. Would I purchase them? No. Because they look like poorly made mooncakes. I rather get some yummy champagne truffle mooncakes from Fairmont Hotel or whatsoever.


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Aesthetics… Would you change the way you look?

Anyone recalls the movie ‘200 pound beauty’ where this overweight girl went through a major plastic surgery operation to emerge as a beautiful, hot lady? The lead is played by Korea actress Kim Ah-jung who is super pretty and even though she has undergone the knife to enhance her looks, it still appears so natural! Thumbs up for her surgeon.

So now it’s the golden question, what would you change about yourself physically if you could?

In the past, I was crazy over Ayumi Hamasaki and would die for her eyes but after seeing a certain famous blogger D*wn Y*ng’s blotched job where you can see the reds of the fleshy part inside her eyes…. Eeeew. No way!

I think I would love to slim down my jaw line as it’s very defined and square. I have tried botox which was sponsored by Neuglow. You can read about it HERE. Unfortunately, this procedure is not permanent. In fact, for a much slimmer jaw line, it’s recommended that you return every 6 months for another session. I just don’t have that kind of money… boohoo :(

The next thing I would like to try is probably to sharpen my nose. Maybe try fillers since they are non-invasive and temporary; lasting only 6-8 months. I’m still fine with my nose and find my jaw more of an issue. So this is probably a procedure I would like to try out for fun.

So how about you? Anyway, My Fat Pocket have started an Ask Doc discussion in our community. In this discussion, you can ask Dr Karen Soh (Prive clinic) about anything  related to aesthetics.

Dr Karen Soh is a friendly and nice lady whom I met recently for my Vitamin C & Glutathione Drip at Privé Clinic. You may read about my experience HERE

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