Za celebrates 15th Anniversary with a special edition foundation case that is …

Uber kawaii! And that word itself is an understatement. I mean, just look at this casing! It’s soooo freaking cute and pretty that I personally think its the best design they ever had. Well done, Za!

photo 2-1There was a little party held at the Window Sill Pies. Lovely little cafe serving pies, I got to try out the banana-something pie and it was yummilicious! I’ll definitely recommend that you try it if you have the chance to.


And the theme was come dress in yellow or pink. But like every party’s gate crashers, we arrived in corporate wear. In fact, we were the only 2 misfits in corporate wear.


Yes, I know its so shameful. But never mind, let’s get back to the casing which I’m loving so much.

photo 1-1

This limited edition casing is designed by Naho, a Tokyo-based freelance illustrator who graduated from the renowned Parson school of design in New York. Her works has been featured in Anna Sui, Vogue Italia and Vogue Girl Korea.

The design as you can see shows these pretty ladies with long legs partying away. So what’s the story behind this Za Foundation case design?


It’s about the Za girl inviting her pretty friends over for a party to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Za. There’s a lovely spread of cakes and champagne to go round as they make merry.

Anyway, since this is a limited edition case, I suggest that you better grab it fast before its sold out. With such a lovely, adorable design like this, I won’t be surprised if they sell out fast.

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ZA Go Go Lashes! New packaging & new mascara range!

Sorry for the long overdue post but this was an event I’d attended last month. ZA introduces their new mascara range. Check out their gorgeous Ambassadors in the 3 new mascara types:

The venue was at La barra di Vino; this neat little bar off Mohd Sultan Street. Parking was a bitch and you would like to think that Mohd Sultan would be a ghost town now but there are still their regulars filling up whatever waterholes that are left in that area.

Anyway, the private function room though small was cosy and beautifully decorated by the passionate marketing team. Just check it out:


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