Pregnancy Pillows : Do you want/need one?

This is why I love to surf international forums, because I get to learn a lot about stuff uncommon in Singapore. Remember abut the fetal dopplers I had blogged about previously OVER HERE? It’s not very popular over here, I doubt any of the currently pregnant mothers-to-be around me know of this nifty little gadget.

Anyway, my next topic would be pregnancy pillows, which are also not really that well-known or loved over here. Some find them impractical and not necessary.

Pregnancy pillows come in all shapes and are for cushioning the belly and back to relieve aches and insomnia suffered from later stages of pregnancy. There are the ones which are U-shaped, the really long flat ones that resemble a gigantic bolster, the boomerang-shaped and the simple pillow wedge.

These different shapes cater to different pregnant ladies’ needs. Some prefer a U-shape one for both back and front support whereas some find the wedge pillow slotted under the belly sufficient. Some women make do without it by building a fortress of pillows around them, in hope that the pillows would provide them with enough cushioning and comfort.

Pregnancy pillows however do not come cheap in Singapore. So far, based on my research, they cost at least over a S$100 with some brands going for S$150+ at shops like Mothercare.

A need or want? You decide.

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