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Sensitive skin during pregnancy

Just a few days back, I noticed that I had a mild rash spreading across my face. It was like a skin allergy of some sort. My pores were red and angry-looking and it felt sensitive. I thought it was just a one-off incident but no.

A few nights later, after surviving the days with aloe vera gel on, I tried to apply a sleeping mask. But it made my skin sting and turn red almost instantly. While removing my makeup last night, I could see my skin turn reddish too.

This is something new for me because I do not have sensitive skin to begin. I did some research online and found that it’s normal. When you are pregnant, your hormones levels increase and this could cause skin to become more delicate. Especially when its exposed to sunlight, so sunscreen is still very vital.

Some women would experience ‘glowing’ skin, because increased blood circulation keeps the skin pumped up, while the skin also retains more moisture. Sadly, I’m not experiencing that…

Another skin change that you might encounter would be chloasma, a type of pigmentation which is also known as the ‘mask of pregnancy’. The main culprit behind this is the increased production of melanin. If exposed to sunlight without sufficient sun protection, the patches could get darker and often look unsightly.

Anyway, if you are suffering from sensitive skin like in my case, try Aloe Vera Gel for the moment. It’ll calm and soothe the skin till its ready to start using your usual skincare regime.

Caring for the neck

How often have you heard or read about the neck being one of the most neglected areas of the face and how many of you have actually put in more effort to take care of the neck? I’ve been procrastinating till lately, I noticed that the lines around my neck seem more noticeable in photos. Perhaps I’m overreacting but I guess it won’t hurt to start early.

Apart from the neck, the first signs of aging often appear in other neglected areas such as the eyes and back of hands too. The appearance of wrinkles are often a sign of lack of moisture. So it’s essential to also extend your moisturizer application down your neck.

#1 – Remember to moisturize your neck

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