Gel Nails with Nails Art by JC Beauty


Got my nails done at JC Beauty recently and here they are!


The roses and all the other nail art designs were hand-painted by Joyce herself. I had no specific design I had in mind so I let Joyce just do up something for me. She does mostly classy designs as evident in the ones she did for me.

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[Review] Gel Manicure With Nail Art at BeauMax


My nails needed a makeover and so I decided to go for a Gel Manicure at BeauMax.


Upon arriving at the beauty salon, I was warmly greeted by Nee, the attending nail technician for the day. She served me a cup of tea and showed me the colours and designs which I could select from for my gel manicure.

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Get Fashion Nails Like K-Pop Celebrities with Nail Artisans at Glamourous Factory


Recently, one of Korea’s most renowned nail designers, Mdm Shigeyama Ai flew in to Singapore to conduct a nail art workshop in conjunction with the launch of AI nail products. She is well-favoured by many notable Korean celebrities, including popular K-pop group,  Girls’ Generation. Yes, this lady does the nails for Girls’ Generations! And even though I had missed the nail art workshop by Mdm Ai. I was lucky enough to receive a manicure session with Ms Foo, who is none other than Glamourous Factory’s Head nailist and also the first Graduate student of celebrity nailist Mdm Shigeyama Ai in Singapore. She has more than 12 years experience in the industry and does the nails for award-winning TV actresses such as Priscelia Chan, Ms Ya Hui, Chen Li Ping, Dawn Yeoh, Taiwanese entertainment artiste Annie Chen and so on.


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Hausfernails Showcases New Nail Designs


Liliya Hudyakova showed us how closely related art and fashion are when she made sketches of nature into dresses. One of the dresses which caught my eye was the one inspired by a pinkish purplish sunset at a beach.


Gorgeous, isn’t it? So imagine the picturesque, scenic sunset on my nails. Add on some seashells and sparkling jewels, and you get this!


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[Gel Mani/Pedi Session Giveaway] Check Out My Chinese New Year Nails by Hausfernails

My previous sheep nails were melting away due to me slaving over the bouquets for Love U Beary Much and knowing that they probably won’t look good on Chinese New Year, I made another appointment with my trusty mobile manicurist, Ferlyn of Hausfernails. I also had a pampering nail mask treatment added to the usual gel manicure. Honestly, I must be living under a rock because I didn’t know that you even had masks for nails!

So here’s what happened. As you can see, my nails looked dry and brittle after the gel nail polish removal. I have this tendency to break my nails when they grow too long too :( Continue reading

Festive Nails With Etude House’s Play Nail Polish


Achieving gorgeous festive nails for this Christmas is made easy with all that gold and glitter from the Etude House’s Play collection. Here we have a wine red shade that is perfect for a base color which compliments both the gold glitter nail polish as well as the green and red confetti nail polish. Continue reading

Chanel Quilts x Galaxy Nails By Hausfernails

I thought of having snowmans, rudolph and even a penguin on my nails for Christmas then decided it was too cliche. So Ferlyn of Hausfernails suggested chanel signature quilts and galaxy nails with little snowflakes on it and I immediately agreed.


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[Review] Check Out My Whimsical Cute Nail Art By Mobile Manicurist – Hausfernails

If you are a busy person, like me, who can never seem to find the time to head down to a nail salon to get your nails done, then you are in luck. Have you ever heard of mobile manicurists in Singapore? Well, I’ve only heard of home-based manicurists but not of mobile ones. Besides, most nail salons in Singapore do not even make home visits. So imagine my delight when Hausfernails contacted me and offered to do a set of gel manicure with nail art for me.


Nothing beats having your nails done in the comforts of your own home and best of all, you pay a lower rate as compared to having them done in a nail salon. I felt like a Queen for the day!

To make it work, you would need a table that is near to a power socket for the nail lamp. I used a foldable table that measures 90 x 60cm. It was a perfect size for the whole setting.


Meet my nail artist, Ferlyn

Drawn by her passion in nail artistry, Ferlyn has been dressing hands with beautifully designed nails for about a year plus. She currently takes in appointments only on the weekends and public holidays. Her weekend slots are run out pretty fast so if you are keen in getting her to do your nails, it is advisable to book at least 3 days in advance. More information on how to do so later on in this blog post.

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[Review] Three Beauties of London – A Total Solution to Problematic Nails!

Have a nail issue?


Well, fret not because Three Beauties of London have just the solution for you.

Three Beauties of London, a Singaporean based cosmetic company established in 1952, is making their comeback with an all new style and attitude. Check out this range of nail-loving Made In US products they have to offer.


Love Your Nails’ is Three Beauties of London’s latest line of nail treatments that include seven different products for a picture‐perfect home manicure. This high quality nail treatment range made in the USA includes:

Natural Nail camouflage
Nail Rebuilding Protein
Fortifying Protector Base Coat for Brittle and Stressed Nails Fortifying Protector Base Coat for Soft, Thin Peeling Nails Cuticle Remover
Intensive Cuticle Renewal Oil
Ultra Protective Manicure Extender

I’m excited to share that I was given a set to try out. To be fair, I didn’t manage to try out all in the range as I have rather strong nails. So I didn’t manage to try the one for brittle nails and the one for soft, thin peeling nails.

Just to share that these are my favorites from the lot:

image_1From left to right: Intensive Cuticle Renewal Oil, Natural Nail camouflage & Nail Rebuilding Protein

image_3The Intensive Cuticle Renewal Oil has a faint tangy scent and is a bed time treatment for my nails. This has turned into a nightly affair and I love how cuticles appear now. This little bottle is packed with wholesome goodness of Vitamin A and E to stimulate healthier nail growth. I was expecting greasy fingers after application but was pleasantly surprised at how light it was and quickly absorbed too.


This is the concealer for nails, I never knew such a product was in existence! If you can’t spot which finger of mine in the above photo has a ridged nail then I guess it has done a pretty good job in covering up. It not only conceals imperfections with color but also smoothes surface imperfections. I tell ya, this Natural Nail camouflage is the perfect solution for those with yellowed, ridged, dry or brittle nails. I would declare this a must-have in every nail rescue kit!


The Nail Rebuilding Protein Kit is in the favorite list because it’s a one-stop solution to a host of nail issues. If you are plagued by soft, thin peeling nails, hard to grow nails, weak nails, damaged nails from an Acrylic manicure or spliting nails then this product is a must get. It contains horsetail which is a healing herb that’s rich in nutrients and high in silica to promote healthy nail growth. Nails are noticeably stronger within weeks of using this intensive treatment.


Another life saver which deserves a special mention is the Ultra Protective Manicure Extender. My nail color hardly lasts over a week long due to my daily activities which includes constantly typing on the keyboard and mobile. But hey, these are still looking good after a week because I think they work well on these nail stickers too. 😉


Pregnant mummies who still care about their image would be pleased to know that the entire treatment range is free of harmful chemicals like Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde and Camphor, making it safe to use.

Three Beauties’ products can be found at the following locations:

Robinsons Centrepoint
Robinsons Raffles City
Selected Sinma stores
John Little Marina Square
Mustafa Centre

[Review] ETUDE HOUSE Christmas Miracle Nails

As promised, I would do a review for the ETUDE HOUSE Christmas Miracle Nails. I had been contemplating a mani/pedi session to pamper myself of late but with a baby and limited time to myself, much less go out for a nail session. I decided to DIY with this 3 polish kit from Etude House in #2 Holiday Miracle.

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