Looking At The Positive Side Of Divorce


Divorce is getting increasingly common in Singapore, even among older couples, despite there still being a lingering taboo surrounding it. Just in 2015, it was reported that there were more divorces and annulment cases as compared to marriages. I certainly do not advocate divorce unless it is the only solution left in a broken marriage. And while divorce is definitely an unpleasant event, it is important to also look at the positive side of it.

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Before one begins the process of rebuilding your life after divorce, it is essential to make sure that you are getting the right and proper legal guidance. It is not only important to find the best divorce lawyer but also making sure that the lawyer is a right fit for you. Divorce itself is already a stressful process, so it is essential to make sure that you are getting a good divorce lawyer. No one wants to waste money and time going through several lawyers only to increase the animosity between your spouse and further affecting the children.

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[Review] Indoor Playground eXplorer Kids At AMK Hub

It is the school holidays! I am running out of ideas on how to keep Asher entertained. And it’s just the start of the June holidays only. Some parents find Hokey Pokey rather subpar but I think it’s fine and I really enjoy the kitchen section where Asher gets to pretend he is a chef or cafe patron. Anyway, I was delighted to learn that AMK (Ang Mo Kio) Hub had an indoor playground by NTUC called eXplorere Kids. I thought that maybe we won’t need to travel down all the way to town the next time Asher wants to indulge in some ball pit fun.

Collage 2014-06-05 18_14_29

So we arrived at AMK hub level 4 where the indoor playground is situated at. Toddlers aged 13-24 months pay only S$5 during off peak period and S$10 during peak period. for a 2 hour play time. Basically, it was peak period since it is the June holidays. What a waste of money it turned out to be.


The place was terribly small that even Petite Park at Changi Point somehow seems so much bigger than it even though I find it to be quite tiny. And that’s not the worst part, the play station’s lack of sufficient lighting made it an undesirable place for both my toddler and I. This was the first time I had to use the FLASH function to snap photos of Asher in an indoor playground.

The toddler’s area turned out to be JUST a pathetic ball pit corner. I’d rather spend my money at Hokey Pokey or Cool De Sac instead. Even Singkids at United Square which Asher finds to be quite boring is actually more exciting than explorer kids AMK Hub. This is the first and last time we are ever heading over there. I guess the next round we would be visiting Polliwogs, we went past the playground the other day and it sure looks fun from the outside.

The ‘Mums & Babies’ Movie Experience At Golden Village GV

The boys settling in their cinema seats

I’ve heard of the Mums & Babies movie program at Golden Village and when they finally had another show coming up. I wasted no time and went ahead with a booking two weeks in advance. You bet I was excited about bringing my 18 months old boy to the cinema. That day came and went, and I hereby conclude that it’s a bad idea to bring your baby or toddler into the cinema.

The Golden Village website states “Screenings will be held in a conducive environment and the hall will be dim. Babies crying and running toddlers are to be expected. ” And being a mother myself, of course I knew what to expect when you put a bunch of babies together, much less in a cinema theatre.

But like every other parent, I thought I had it all under control. Obviously, with kids, you never have anything under control. Just mere  30 minutes into the Lego movie, my boy started to gesture for his milk before promptly falling asleep once he was done. By then, it was almost chaotic in the cinema as the other babies and toddlers got restless. Some thought it would be the perfect time to practice stairs-climbing or run around the front rows.

I guess I was lucky in the sense that Asher had decided to take a snooze. So I didn’t have to worry about him wanting to partake in any of the “restless toddlers” rituals that was happening around me. Besides, I had wanted to watch the Lego movie ever since it came out but a movie is a thing of luxury for a stay-home mother. I mean, I can’t even take a shower in peace, much less go out and enjoy a movie. So here I was, kid napping in my arms but I’m finally watching the Lego movie! (*Pumps fist in air*)

One and a half hours into the movie, I feel a hand grope my shoulder from behind and an embarrassed Dad apologizing while trying to get his toddler back on his seat. Then the kid sitting in-front spots Asher and is trying to climb up his seat to get a closer look, all the while chanting “Baby!” non-stop.

Asher wakes up and the show ends 10 minutes later. We were one of the first to leave the cinema because I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I guess we would probably have to wait for Asher to turn 4 or 5 before we bring him for his first proper movie. After all, I was 5 years old when I watched my first movie, The Little Mermaid, and I behaved perfectly well.

Cool De Sac Singapore at Suntec City

Finally, after being a hermit crab for the longest time. I’ve been bringing Asher out pretty often and especially last weekend since I had the car all to myself. I found out about this place online and thought I should check it out soon. Given it’s entrance fee was only S$10 (weekdays)/ S$13 (weekends) and it’s unlimited play time. That’s really cheap!

They have a cafe which serves western food and even food for babies but I had lunch elsewhere so we didn’t get to try the cafe out.

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Toys Overload?!? Some tips to overcome

A common dilemma in every household with kids – how many toys is truly enough? Very often, we are tempted to splurge and pamper our little munchkins with as many toys as our pay check allows. After all, kids learn through play, don’t they? And then we have the well-meaning relatives and friends who do the same during birthday parties or for no reason because you don’t need an excuse to give.


But too many toys result in clutter and this in turn stresses the little ones out even though the clutter may be visually blocked by the adults. Sometimes, less is the way to go. Too many toys may over stimulate junior. Having too much of a choice usually leaves them easily bored and along with the tendency to appreciate what they have less. What’s more, cleaning up after play time becomes a real chore.


For us, storage was starting to become a big problem. Our tiny ‘bomb shelter cum store room’ holds 90% of Asher’s stuff. We have an entire side of the storage rack dedicated to just his toys. Continue reading

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