Hello October!

October has always been a magical month for me. It was the month of Asher’s birth, the month where we get to celebrate Halloween and also the month I’d regained my freedom and stopped work.


It’s strange but I’m surprisingly optimistic about October. I think it would bring great things, new beginnings! And guess what? We are also having our first flea market this month too.


Do visit us if you are nearby :) I’m kinda busy preparing for his birthday party so this post is gonna be short. Can’t wait to update with posts on his party and flea market though… October, you are gonna be AWESOME!!!!

Hello October!

I love October because the fun stuff always happens this month.

Like Halloween, Fashion Week, Oktoberfest and my boy’s birthday. Hee! Check out what MyFatPocket will be covering during this awesome month!


Fashionistas, watch out! Expect a visual orgy on FASHION WEEK from Seoul, London, Milan and even our very own Singapore’s Fide Fashion Week on the MFP site. You will be informed of the latest trends with this coverage of fashion weeks round the world.

Halloween is once again here. Expect lots of coverage on crazy, out of this world news from weird food and sex stuff to horror places which you might wanna check out if you have the guts.

Here’s to October, may it be awesome!

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