I’m Done Apologizing For My Toddler


Do you find yourself often apologizing for your baby or toddler’s behavior? Even though this is the way they normally behave because they are FREAKING TODDLERS NOT ROBOTS. And just because of the “tsk”s and dirty looks, you cave in and apologize. People find it so easy to judge and tend to forget that they were probably like this when they were little too. But no, they must have been perfect little angels. We had yet another unfortunate incident happen again today at the library.

I thought that at 30 months old, it would be a good time to reintroduce the library to Asher. After all, they had a Baby Corner where there’s carpeted flooring with a wide selection of baby books. Asher has been a regular patron of the library since he learnt to walk at 13 months, however, we stopped the visits once he started attending playgroup. So off we went to the library and he was really excited about it. Upon seeing the baby corner with shelves full of board books, Asher told me that he wanted to get a book on bears to which he was promptly “ssh-ed” by a librarian.

My boy is merely 30 months old and still a toddler. This is how toddlers behave. Obviously, he still doesn’t get that you speak in low, hush voices at the library even though I constantly reminded him to because the librarian was giving us this dirty look. But he wasn’t screaming his head off, throwing a tantrum, crying or flinging books off the shelves. He wasn’t running around and causing a disturbance to the adult patrons of the library who are located at the other side of the library. He was just simply telling me what he thought of getting while marveling at the many books on display, just like any excited toddler would.

Then the same librarian came over to tell me that “He is really loud.” Seriously?

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Coolest Library For Little Ones

I think I’d just found my favorite library of all times. I have been bringing Asher out so often, it is starting to burn a hole in my pocket. Indoor playgrounds, enrichment activities   and so on, all these cost money.

So when I found this Treetop section at the National Library at Bugis. It was like a dream come true, the place was done up nicely to resemble an enchanted forest which of course made Asher very excited. And there were books for 0-3 years of age available, which would have made this an education trip, not that he cared though.

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