Budget Mummy : The Latest from NCLA Nail Wraps

Being a mummy to one active toddler means that I do not have the luxury of getting out of the house often and much less ever getting a manicure done. Furthermore, ever since I had stopped working, I have been trying my best to stretch the dollar so that I stay financially independent even though the hubs could still comfortably provide for us. (Yup, I don’t demand allowance from him and pay for my own stuff still)


So instead of going for a manicure which could cost at least S$20 (home-based pricing?) to more than S$50. Why not DIY? And because DIY-ing your own nail art can be such a pain in the ass unless you are incredibly talented with deft hands. Why not use NCLA nail wraps?
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[Review] NCLA Nail Wraps Now Available At Zalora!

Fancy a manicure but ain’t got the time or money to grab one? Well, I’m excited to introduce the NCLA Nail Wraps. As we all know that DIY nail wraps are all the rage now. You could get them done anywhere and any time! How convenient.

Did you know that NCLA collaborated with LA-based celebrity jewelry designer Melody Ehsani to create a nail wrap collection loved by the Californian press and worn by top celebrities, including Beyoncé herself. The label also teamed up with Nailing Hollywood, a trio of celebrity nail stylists that was the go-to nail styling agency for Hollywood film productions.


The good news is that these exclusive collection of nail wraps which made NCLA a celebrity-favorite among Hollywood lovelies Rachel McAdams, Vanessa Hudgens and Zoe Saldana, are now readily available at Zalora.SG. Yey!

And did I mention that I was given a kit to try out? These are high quality nail lacquers as compared to the ones I’d previously tried and took hours to get right. The wraps are sturdy and do not tear easily upon application.

photo 1

I was very pleased to learn that each kit contains a NCLA nail file and 44 wraps, which yields around 3 – 4 applications. These are going at S$23 per kit, so that works out to a mere S$5+ per use., which is really affordable.

photo 3

It’s pretty simple to use these nail lacquers. If you flip to the back, you will see that there’s an instruction guide.

photo 2

Basically, you just apply clear lacquer on your nails first. Next, you stick the nail wraps on, with the rounded parts towards the cuticles. File the excess away and ta-da! You have gorgeous nails which you do not even need to waste time waiting for them to dry.

Here’s a tutorial on how to apply the wraps if you are still unsure: http://www.shopncla.com/pages/how-to

Check out my masterpiece:


These NCLA kits are the answer to a hassle-free way in achieving great-looking nails, I’m probably gonna get some more. Keen to grab a kit too? Check out the designs at Zalora.SG :)

Sally Hansen gives you DIAMONDS in your nail polish!

I’m excited to share about Sally Hansen’s latest range of polishes. Presenting the Diamond Strength Nails: Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color & Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat. Now we can say good bye to nail color fading or unsightly chips.

Can you picture wearing diamonds on your nails? Not literally but in dust form. Yes, now Sally Hansen has come up with a breakthrough formula that is made up of an exclusive Micro-Diamond formula, Platinum and Aluminum, you can expect Diamond strength protection up to 10 days!

I have Bride to Be & Diamonds on my nails, they have been chip-free for 5 days already. Quite a record I must say since I type alot durng my work and personal time :)

There are 18 ultra-luxe shades in this new collection with it spanning across regal jewel tones, confectionary color, bold brights and ethereal sheers are all synthesized with diamond powder particles.

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[REVIEW] Ladyfinger the Nail Spa @ Jurong Point

Ladyfinger brings to you the unique customer experience by providing a sanctuary for sheer indulgence and pampering. Customers are well taken care of with the most detailed attention from their professional manicurist.
Last week, I got to try out the manicure & pedicure services of Ladyfinger The Nail Spa.
Ladyfinger is the ultimate nail spa bar, winning the Best in Beauty award by Singapore Women’s Weekly in 2010! The branch I visited was the one located conveniently at Jurong Point, just a stone’s throw away from home.
The treatments I got to indulge in were ….
Gel French Manicure
Creative Spa Pedicure

Look at my nails! Love them?
Well, then read on…
Psst, I’ve got a bunch of promo codes for those of you who wish to try out their services for the treatments too!
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