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Ashamed to admit that I have been neglecting my hair of late and couldn’t wait to head down to Headlines Hair Dressing to shower it with some pampering. And since my blue and yellow streaks have faded back into a lovely shade of grayish blonde which I’m totally digging, I decided not to dye it. Besides, I felt that my hair needed a break from all the dyeing and bleaching.

So I had the Scena 4 Step Hair Treatment done, this is usually recommended for dry and damaged hair. I also finally gotten a much needed trim as my hair ends were starting split. Never underestimate the difference a hair cut can make! Nic not only trimmed the ends but also thinned it. I could literally feel a weight off my shoulders and head, I have not gotten a hair cut for such a long time that my hair had grown so thick and heavy.


Check out my soft and smooth locks after the treatment and trim. My bleached ends actually look healthy and manageable. If you have dry and damaged ends like me and your frizzy ends are bothering you, do check out this Mucota Scena 4 Step Treatment at Headlines Hair Dressing! :)

As I’m writing this blog entry, I’d just realized that I have been with Headlines Hair Dressing for the past 1 year. Oh boy, how time flies! Looking back, it was an enjoyable experience collaborating with the good folks over there. Nic has been great in offering creative ideas when it comes to color styles and dye jobs. You know you can count on him for something totally unique which suits your look and personality. My stylist is Nicolas. Look for him and quote my name “CHARLOTTE” to get up to 15% discount. For more information, please visit their website and follow their Facebook Page for the latest updates and promotions. Headlines Hair Dressing is located conveniently at China Square Central, #01-15.
You can call 6221 6866 to make an appointment.

Here’s a recap of the past hair colors I had done with Nic.  You can read more about my Headlines Hair Dressing experience in these entries.

Collage 2016-05-04 22_28_52

Meanwhile, email me at if you are keen in collaborating or becoming my hair sponsor! :)


Mucota Scena 4 Step Hair Treatment at Headlines Hairdressing


I had my hair bleached last month and the ends were starting to dry out despite frequent usage of hair conditioner. So I’m back at Headlines Hair Dressing at China Square with Nicolas, my trusty stylist to fix it. And my hair got treated to the Mucota Scena 4 Step Treatment, which is highly recommended for dry and damaged hair.



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