My Experience As Judge For Mrs Singapore 2014 Pageant (Prejudging)

I was invited to represent My Fat Pocket as one of the judges at the prejudging panel for Mrs Singapore and Classic Mrs Singapore 2014. This was a first for me and what an eye-opening experience it turned out to be.


Together with fellow MFP mummy blogger, the pretty Jessie, we made up part of the fifteen for the prejudging panel that would account for 50% of their total scorings. Jessie would also be one of the judges at the Finals that would be held on 10th May 2014.

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The ‘Mums & Babies’ Movie Experience At Golden Village GV

The boys settling in their cinema seats

I’ve heard of the Mums & Babies movie program at Golden Village and when they finally had another show coming up. I wasted no time and went ahead with a booking two weeks in advance. You bet I was excited about bringing my 18 months old boy to the cinema. That day came and went, and I hereby conclude that it’s a bad idea to bring your baby or toddler into the cinema.

The Golden Village website states “Screenings will be held in a conducive environment and the hall will be dim. Babies crying and running toddlers are to be expected. ” And being a mother myself, of course I knew what to expect when you put a bunch of babies together, much less in a cinema theatre.

But like every other parent, I thought I had it all under control. Obviously, with kids, you never have anything under control. Just mere  30 minutes into the Lego movie, my boy started to gesture for his milk before promptly falling asleep once he was done. By then, it was almost chaotic in the cinema as the other babies and toddlers got restless. Some thought it would be the perfect time to practice stairs-climbing or run around the front rows.

I guess I was lucky in the sense that Asher had decided to take a snooze. So I didn’t have to worry about him wanting to partake in any of the “restless toddlers” rituals that was happening around me. Besides, I had wanted to watch the Lego movie ever since it came out but a movie is a thing of luxury for a stay-home mother. I mean, I can’t even take a shower in peace, much less go out and enjoy a movie. So here I was, kid napping in my arms but I’m finally watching the Lego movie! (*Pumps fist in air*)

One and a half hours into the movie, I feel a hand grope my shoulder from behind and an embarrassed Dad apologizing while trying to get his toddler back on his seat. Then the kid sitting in-front spots Asher and is trying to climb up his seat to get a closer look, all the while chanting “Baby!” non-stop.

Asher wakes up and the show ends 10 minutes later. We were one of the first to leave the cinema because I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I guess we would probably have to wait for Asher to turn 4 or 5 before we bring him for his first proper movie. After all, I was 5 years old when I watched my first movie, The Little Mermaid, and I behaved perfectly well.

What I Have Been Up To While On Mom Duty

So it has been a week plus since I started mom duty and boy, it sure is tiring. I wake up even earlier than I usually do for work and don’t even get much sleep at night because Asher is currently teething. And that means sudden screaming spells in the middle of the night. But it’s still all good, I’m still alive and kicking.


So what have I been up to all week? Well, lots and lots of baby play. During the other 10 over hours when Asher isn’t taking his nap, he is up and about doing all his busy baby activities. Sometimes that includes taking out all the wet tissue from its packaging, one by one.

Check out his play area!


I’m currently revamping our living room to be a cosy and safe place for him. Somewhere he can enjoy himself, learn through play and still be safe. I got him a crawl tunnel to compliment his sensory mini ball pit. Probably one of the best baby shower gifts we had gotten because he enjoys it a lot. I also tried to cover up most of the flooring with foam mats and sharp edges with bumpers. We got most of our baby proofing materials from Daiso. Almost every possible ‘bump’ corner has been fixed with cushioned tape.


I was inspired to create this place of fun and learning for him after I attended a trial enrichment class for babies. Apparently, it is a norm here in kiasu Singapore to start sending your 6 month old to school. Right brain training are very popular here with famous institutions here such as Shichida having long waiting lists for their classes. I reckon that Asher is gonna have many years ahead of him to be stressed over studies, so I decided against it. And what they do at enrichment classes, such as free play, read books, sing and dance etc. I believe you can do it at the comforts of your own home too. The only benefit I see a baby getting out of these enrichment courses is social interaction. But you could always arrange for play group sessions, right?

7894_10152202051759606_784397815_nAsher & Linus enjoying their 2nd play date together

Play date for babies can be so much fun, sure, they are too young to really interact with each other socially. But it’s still a perfect opportunity for them to just hang around people and be with others whom they are not so familiar with.

So yeah, that’s what I have been up to of late. Getting in touch with my inner child while I look after my own. I really enjoy the bonding time we get to spend together through play and reading. You just can’t put a price tag to that. Last but not least, I do not miss working at all. Hah!

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