Fashion Week Highlights

MyFatPocket has a whole selection of articles covering the fashion week events, as you all should know, Feb to March is Fashion Week in these various cities:

New york fashion week [feb 6 to 13]

london fashion week [feb 14 to 18] 

milan fashion week [feb 18 to 23] 

paris fashion week [feb 25 to march 5] 

My fav of all would be this… [Milan Fashion Week F/W 2014] Moschino F/W 2014 Collection with McDonald’s, Budweiser and Spongebob Squarepants 

Tacky? Cheesy? Well, to some I guess, but to me this is something new, refreshing and cute! Though most of the outfits might be deemed more suitable as Halloween costumes. There are a few less over the top ones like this McDonalds inspired pull-over. I would so wear it out!

Check out other Fashion Week Highlights below:

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[New York Fashion Week F/W 2014] New York Fashion Week Lineup Revealed

The Cutest Designer Mobile Phone Covers

I hate it when iPhones get all the cute, cool covers. I tried searching for S4 but to no avail. It’s almost like a punishment for being an iPhone defector. I might be the odd one though because I am not loving my Andriod and am so missing my Apple. Let’s just say I feel so out of sync because my other IT toys are an iPad mini and Macbook Air. The S4 simply sticks out like a sore thumb in my family of gadgets.


So I was surfing the net & happened to come across these really cute iPhone covers. I thought to myself, maybe, just maybe they would have something for Samsung users. But hey, who am I kidding? So let me just lust at these till I switch back to an iPhone.



Credits to

I’m totally digging the Bear design because it’s simply way too adorable. It reminds me of Hello Kitty’s teddy bear, don’t you agree? But they do not have these in the S4 version :(


mg_be-my-valentine-marc-by-marc-jacobsAnd then we have these from MBMJ. The animal collection looks kinda cute in a somewhat wacky & whimsical manner. While the metallic covers are rocking cool even though the prints somehow reminds me of a diaper bag (Don’t mind me, it’s a motherly thing)


On a brighter note, perhaps these Balenciaga cases could fit an S4. I love the zip and buckle details compacted onto this tiny little space of a pouch. It looks sophisticated and subtle without screaming “I’m a designer phone case”

Pity that I just don’t have the dough to buy it. :/

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