[June Holidays Special] Activities With Toddler

It is no simple task trying to keep a toddler captivated, since he started crawling at around 9 months old, Asher has always been more keen in exploring than sitting down to complete activities. They should put a warning on these toy packagings. I mean, they often show these happy babies expertly stacking rings. I bought him a similar toy too, expecting him to do the same but he never had much regard for the toy except to toss the rings around the house.

Soon, I learnt that toys weren’t enough. And that was when I started googling for activities to keep him occupied and stumbled upon all these pinterest-worthy activities online. “Sensory play” is a phrase that often popped up whenever I was searching for new activities. Sensory play refers to play that involves and stimulates the five senses; (the senses of touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing), as this is how young children explores the world around them.


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Tour Around Asher’s Play Area

I’ve been blog-hopping around mommy blogs online and most of them are based in US. It has been fun taking virtual tours of their homeschooling rooms and play areas. I thought I would post a mini tour of Asher’s play area too. Even though unlike most of them, we lack the space and so our play area is extremely confined. That’s the sad thing about living in Singapore where land is scarce. Unless you are freaking rich enough to live in a landed property with several rooms. While the rest of us peasants live in pigeon holes they call Public Housing.


Here in our humble 4-room flat, part of the living room has been dedicated to Asher’s reading and play corner. Continue reading

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