How I Prepared Financially To Be A Stay Home Mom


Note: I would like to emphasize that a stay home mom is not necessarily a tai-tai (太太 is a Chinese colloquial term for a wealthy married woman who does not work.) This only applies to the upper class.

I made that collage when I was still working and it reflected my feelings at that point of time. It soon dawned upon me that I wanted to stay at home to spend more quality time with my son. I had only 2-3 hours each day after work to spend with him and it wasn’t sufficient.

So I have been a stay home mom for about a year and some of you might be interested to know how did I come to such a decision? Well, after the 16 weeks maternity leave, I returned to work with a constant void in my soul. I found myself pinning for my son. There were also issues happening in the workplace which further fueled my desire to leave. I finally made the decision in June and wanted to quit without a job to try out the SAHM lifestyle. However, at the advice of my manager, I searched for another job before quitting.

I moved on to a new company but the work scope wasn’t what I had expected. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to finally call it quits and stay home with my boy. And that was the best decision ever, I couldn’t be happier now.

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