[Review] Beauty Haul From My Daily Skincare


Remember the last time I had shared about my favourite serum from Loveisderma?  Well, guess what? This time round I have managed to find a local online store that stocks not only products from Loveisderma but also a number of other cult beauty brands from Taiwan and Korea. So don’t say ‘Bo Jio‘ but do check out My Daily Skincare. The best thing is that they also offer international shipping so even you are located elsewhere other than Singapore, you can still get your beauty fix.

Presenting my beauty haul.


From left to right: 23.5N Red Pearl Barley Brightening Toner, Loveisderma B5 Hydraboost Gelly Masque and the Loveisderma UV Shield

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[Review] Loveisderma Hydramax Serum


This is a little late, I have been using the Loveisderma Hydramax Serum for a month plus and loving it. Loveisderma is a Taiwanese beauty brand whose products are clinically tested and suitable for problematic skin types such as Acne, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Seborrhea. The mixture of the extracts and the unique formulas provide high level of satisfaction among doctors and consumers worldwide.


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[Review] Ziaja Marine Algae Deep Moisturising Cream & Eye Cream


Ever since a dermatologist mentioned that I had excellent skin, it made me more determined to take good care of it. So I thought it was pretty timely when I was introduced to Ziaja skincare products, a brand that’s new to Singapore. I was given their moisturizer and eye cream to try out. The are the products which I am going to review today are from their Marine Algae range: Continue reading

[Review] Vichy Normaderm Range

photo 4

I was invited by Vichy Laboratories to try out their No. 1 oil-control moisturizer in Singapore. – the Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care. I first tried out this brand in 2009 and loved it. I still have an entry dated 2011 for a review for their Normaderm range, please check it out HERE.

photo 1So I was given these 2 products to try. The one on the left is the ever so popular, best-selling Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care. It’s a moisturizer that is suitable for Asian sensitive skin. If you have troubled skin and suffer from breakouts often, then you should give this a try. It fights against imperfections, mattifies long-lastingly and hydrates for 24 hours.

photo 2

It has a light texture that is absorbed almost immediately when it is spread across the skin. The fresh scent is a plus point for me, serves as a great perk me up in the mornings. You could also use this in the evening as well. The best I guess was that I didn’t feel a thing on my skin after applying. It is that light! There was no sticky nor heavy after-feel. I think guys would appreciate this moisturizer.

I sleep in an air-conditioned room and I was delighted to see that my skin still looked hydrated in the morning after. So despite it being light-weight and all, the Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care did not compromise on the results it had promised.

photo 3

The other product which I was given was the Normaderm Hyaluspot, a fast acting targeted spot care with hyaluronic acid. Unlike most pimple creams which may be too harsh for sensitive skin, the Vichy Normaderm’s one is specially tailored for sensitive skin. So you need not worry about a bad reaction or excessive drying and peeling.

It has a gel-like texture that is slightly thicker than the Hydrating Care’s, however, it is absorbed quickly by the skin upon application. I hate to say this but I don’t have any pimples to test it on for now. Will update soon though once I manage to review it’s effectiveness.

Meanwhile, check out the whole range available for Vichy Normaderm:



October Etude House Pink Box – Moistfull Collagen Enriched Cream

Choice of Korea, this is the best selling moisture cream that is sold every 10 seconds there! Now, we in Singapore will be able to get our hands on this wonderful product. Presenting the Moistfull Collagen Enriched Cream by Etude House.

And yes, I’ve received the pink box for October BUT I’m so busy looking after my little boy that I couldn’t find time to review everything in the box. So today’s entry will be solely on this moisturizer. I’ll get to the other products soon, I promise.

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[REVIEW] All new Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care

Vichy has a skincare range targeting oily, acne-prone skin called Normaderm Anti-imperfection Hydrating Care . I’ve tried the moisturiser and thought that it was pretty good. You may refer to my review HERE

Now check out the all new version called the Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection.

There are 3 main causes of imperfections:

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Introduction to HEME’s 24hr Hydrating Series (LOVELY ROSE SCENTED!)

Anyone seen these products in Watsons before?
I’m sure the pretty, saccharine sweet packaging in princessy colors sure did catch your eye.
Well, they certainly did grab my attention!

Presenting HEME’s 24hr Hydrating Series!
This popular budget Taiwanese brand, HEME, is endorsed by famous pop group, S.H.E.
The name ‘Heme’ comes from the combination of the words, He & Me, which means the best skin solution for both young females and males. In 2008, Heme began collaborating with well-known cosmetic research and development labs and manufacturing companies in Japan and Korea to develop a new product line to cater to market demands for quality skincare products. Heme is currently known in the market as one of the few skincare brands specially formulated for young Asian skins, where it offers simple, easy, smart and affordable skincare products for the younger generation.
The HEME 24hr hydrating series consists of the following products:
1. 24hr Hydrating Face Moisturizer (40ml) @ S$18.90
2. 24hr Hydrating Instant Recovery Serum (30ml)
@ S$18.90
3. 24hr Hydrating Detox-White Night Jelly (50ml) @ S$18.90
4. 24hr Hydrating Sparkling White Mask (5pc/box) @ S$18.90
5. 24hr Hydrating Ultra-White Lift V-Mask (5pc/box) @ S$20.90
6. Instant Lift & Whitening Eye Mask (5pc/box) @ S$18.90

However, I’m gonna share about the first 3 items only. The 24hr Hydrating Ultra-White Lift V-Mask is a product I absolutely adore and find unique. My review can be FOUND HERE, I will be trying out 24hr Hydrating Sparkling White Mask very soon, so do look out for my review :)

24hr Hydrating Face Moisturizer (40ml) @ S$18.90

 This ultra-charged and auqa-based moisturizer delivers Acetyl hexapeptide-8, Hydrolyzed collagen and Tranexamic Acid skin-essential elements to maintain skin’s moisturizing and brightening. Absorting immediately, hydrating skin for 24 hrs, helps skin to maintain its optimum moisture balance. 

 Apply to face and gently massage in a circular motion in the morning and evening.
Check out the texture of this lightweight moisturizer. It’s really interesting because the gel turns watery once you rub it on your skin and it’s almost instantly absorbed!

Honestly, the prices of these HEME products are really affordable which is what the drugstore budget junkie will find appealing. Furthermore, the quality and performance of the products do not disappoint at all.
I really like how the moisturizer is absorbed easily by my skin without leaving any sticky residue.
And the rose scent is not overpowering but light and soft, kind of therapeutic in a way.

And because it comes in a jar container, there is a spatula for you to scoop out the moisturizer for hygiene purposes.
However, I still rather skincare companies stop producing their creams in jars because it’s still a real hassle using them and ensuring it does not get contaminated somehow.

24hr Hydrating Instant Recovery Serum (30ml) @ S$18.90

An intensive hydrating and brightening serum for dehydrated skin that delivers a luminous glow. Helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles and repair skin imperfections and discolorations while adding moisture to the skin. 

This is a very affordable drugstore serum that is has a light gel texture which is easily absorbed by the skin.
It does gives one a brightened up complexion after constant usage.

 24hr Hydrating Detox-White Night Jelly (50ml) @ S$18.90

 This moisture-rich night Jelly is specially formulated to instantly hydrate skin and improve skin’s ability to attract and hold water overnight for a more intense treatment and repair. Wake up the next morning with a brightener and smoother skin.

 First thing that caught my eye is the jar, it’s shaped unevenly like a glob of jelly to resemble the contents within. How incredibly cute!! And it should be no secret as to why this is a best seller, the texture is extremely light and goes onto the skin like a dream.

It keeps the skin hydrated and even though it’s lightweight, it is still good enough for air-conditioned environments. Tried and tested!!
Wake up to skin that’s soft & supple to touch in the morning and you will see why this night jelly is keeper.


Do check out HEME out at selected Watsons or SASA outlets.
Don’t forget their website: http://www.heme.com.sg

[REVIEW] Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skincare Range

The Sample Store is Love, thanks to them & Eucerin, I got to sample out their latest offering:
Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skincare Range

This sponsored set consists of the cleanser, scrub & moisturizer.
What’s so special about Eucerin DermoPURIFYER?
Firstly, it contains natural ingredient; Lactic Acid that is more gentle to the skin as compared to Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Oxide. It is able to reach deep into the pores where the acne originates and targets specifically the affected areas without drying out the rest of the skin. So one won’t have to deal with redness, dryness or flaking skin in this case. 

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Presenting L’oreal Perfect Clean & Youth Code

I’m real excited to share about these 2 new range of products from L’oreal Paris.
It’s really great to have L’oreal launching so many new products in this short span of time. I was delighted when they invited me over for a lovely preview with the other beauty bloggers & their guests to try out and experience these products for myself.

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L’oreal Youth Code Celebratory Luncheon! You’re invited!

Just got this in my mail, those who are keen to experiment this revolutionary new range brought to you proudly by the great folks of L’oreal… Do check it out 😉

I think you’ll need to log on to www.reebonzcity.com to get your invites! Just pay $35 and get a free luncheon + goodie bag worth $176.50, why not?

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