How Far Are You Willing To Go For Beauty Deemed Perfect By Society

surgery-main(photo from Stomp)

I think it’s sad that people have to resort to getting plastic surgery just so that they can get hired for a job. It has been an open secret in Korea but it seems China is following suit due to the influx of degree graduates vs low supply of jobs. I think its also rather upsetting when some folks go for an ultimate makeover and end up looking totally different.

It is like as though they are saying “Hey Ma & Pa, your horrid genes made me look fugly so now I’ve to resort to plastic surgery to make myself to look good (or at least according to society’s standards).” And even more depressing when some get so obsessed with a certain celebrity that they go all out to become clones themselves.

(Ever seen the Clark Kent clone or Miranda Kerr’s clone?)

Here are some bizzare articles to check out. Weird surgery trends such as undereye bags to look younger or injecting botox so that one can wear Louboutins all the time.

Read about the crazy shit that people do to themselves in the name of “beauty”.

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