[Contest] Excuse Me, Are You A Blogger?

I had been blogging since my teenage days but it was a personal blog that was kept mostly private. It was only after I’d attended a Maybelline beauty event (my first beauty event) and wanted to share it online that prompted me to start A Beauty Affair in 2009. Then one thing led to another, I started attending more beauty events and soon this blog grew. In 2011, I joined My Fat Pocket as one of the bloggers. It was a great honor to be a MFP blogger alongside the other famous bloggers.

I know I may not be a fantastic writer but I enjoy writing a lot. Blogging gives me an alternative platform to express my thoughts and feelings. I also get to share information with others through my blog. It is my love for writing that has been keeping this blog alive for this long.


Being a blogger with MFP has helped my blog to reach a wider audience. With my blog getting noticed, I then had the opportunity to be exposed to different brands and their products through media invites and product trials. One of the more memorable events was an invitation to a preview at a restaurant called PODI. It was a first for me since I usually go for beauty or lifestyle related product launches. I enjoyed myself and it was indeed a new experience for me.

2014-02-06 16.12.58

As a blogger, I would receive free products to sample and review. Sometimes, I can hardly keep up with the testing and reviewing, that some products unfortunately are left forgotten in a corner. But I tend to be rather biased when it comes to products I love. One of my favorite brands, Etude House, sends me packages every month to try out. You would definitely see a monthly post on my blog because I believe in their products. Check out the latest Lipsfit lip colors they sent me.

Blogging is a hobby which I foresee would be here to stay. It keeps me sane amidst the craziness of this world.

Are you a blogger too? Do you enjoy writing and sharing ideas online? Then do you have what it takes to be the next My Fat Pocket Blogger? If the answer is YES, please click on the below image for more details. :)

Look forward to YOU joining US!

Gossip Gossip Gossip



If there had to be an award for top gossiper, I would have bagged it or at least be on the list of nominees.

And when it comes to crazy news around the world from weird stuff happening in whichever neighbor or who your favorite celebrity is seeing. My Fat Pocket & Rocket News 24 has got you covered. Go ahead and leech on their gossip database, I won’t tell.

To bring you the latest juicy updates, MyFatPocket has partnered with RocketNews24, a Japanese-language news blog from Tokyo. Since their humble launch in 2008, they’ve built a massive fan base by reporting the interesting, strange and random, much of it brought over from the English-speaking world.

Two years later, they launched their English site to bring Asia’s own brand of strange to the English-speaking world. Most of the articles offered are translated right from the Japanese site, providing you unique stories and trivial information about Japan, by Japan.

Check out these 5 articles on MFP’s GOSSIP section which you MUST read!

Japanese Model Underwent 30 Cosmetic Procedures to Look Like a French Doll

Creative Japanese Turn Water Cooler into Urine Dispenser…

Fake Knee-High Stockings Enrage Men of the Internet

Angelina Jolie Reveals Breast Removal Surgery

Seoul’s Stunning Sky-High Urinals

Psst… Bored At School or Work?

Bored? Shhh… I’ll let you in on a secret.

 Sometimes, instead of mindlessly browsing the web or fiddling with your handphone, hoping that your friends would hurry up their response in group chat. Why not join the like-minded ladies in  My Fat Pocket Forum to share and discuss on beauty,fashion and lifestyle.

Check it out now! MFP Forum

Other than gaining information and sharing tips in a community that feels like family, you also get to participate in the Friday Freebies Giveaways. Sometimes, a resident blogger hosts a premium giveaway too. Now, who doesn’t like freebies?

Just under Beauty alone, there’s an array of topics from aesthetics to cosmetics to skincare. If you need recommendations on which skincare product to use or which aesthetic procedure to consider, it’s all in this forum.

The fashion-savvy is not forgotten with a wide category of fashion topics in Fashion such as Fashion Spotting to keeping abreast with the latest Fashion Trends & News. Zoom in to niche categories to discuss about your fashion weakness in BagsClothes or Footwear Discussions.

Then there’s a Lifestyle section where folks have a casual chit chat, share the latest eateries to try in Good Eats or even talk about their beloved pets at Pets Playground. Or if celebrity gossip is your thing then you must check in the Gossip section.

So what are you waiting for?

Check it out now! MFP Forum

TGIF! Friday Freebies!

Ahhh Friday, the one day of the week we all look forward to. And now there’s something to sweeten up your TGIF. It’s My Fat Pocket’s Friday Freebies.

Closing TODAY just before the stroke of midnight would be WIN SEXY HEELS FROM ELSKA FOR YOU & YOUR BFF!

Check out those heels, ain’t they HOT & SEXY? Want to win a pair for yourself and best of all, your favorite girlfriend too? Then hurry, CLICK HERE & JOIN THE FRIDAY FREEBIES Contest NOW!

Please sign up to be a forum member & BOOKMARK My Fat Pocket’s Friday Freebies. Remember there will be new goodies up for grabs EVERY WEEK! Now, how cool is that?

Who are the lucky winners for the luxury bag giveaway this year?

Who are the lucky winners for the luxury bag giveaway this year? By 5pm tmr, all will be revealed… www.myfatpocket.com

This Wednesday on 28th November 2012 at 3pm we will reveal who will walk away with the lovely arm candies. All winners chosen will be unbiased, recorded and audited. By 5pm, all will be revealed…

Our 3 awesome ambassadors, ONESIXTYNTEPAD, Miyake Ng and Renee Lorentzen from BeautyFool will be joining us in this draw.

Thanks for participating. Till then, good luck gals!

3 top fashion SG bloggers + 6 Luxury Bags for you & Friend

MyFatPocket is doing it again, ladies! This time round, they are giving away 6 luxury bags for us bag whores in just 3 simple steps!

MyFatPocket have also partnered 3 top fashion bloggers in Singapore for this year’s Luxury Bags Giveaway – ONESIXTYNOTEPAD, Miyake and BeautyFool. These 3 top bloggers chose 6 bags from Mulberry, Prada and Celine for you and your friend!

Here we go!

Step 1: Answer a simple question here.

Step 2: Enter your email address to be included in the contest and to receive your lucky URL.

Step 3: Refer your friends by Facebook, Twitter or Email for additional chances.

The more friends you refer* through your lucky URL, the more chances you have to win! If you are drawn as a bag winner, the friend you referred* wins too.

* Your friend must participate in the contest through your Lucky URL referral for your additional chance to count.


10 Awesome Reasons why you should be MyFatPocket.com’s Member

10 Awesome Reasons why you should beMyFatPocket.com‘s Member

We love you like our own. That is why we speak to you with respect, honesty and love. Everything that we share on our website everyday is from the heart because you are always in our mind. You come first.

Pink is the marriage of red and white, just like the balance in yin and yang. While we give you the hottest latest trends and news on beauty and fashion, we also whip up a palette of entertainment news for your bite-size gossip sessions with your girlfriends. And of course those real life experiences that we tackle in sex and love issues because every girl has their own set of insecurities, inhibitions. We know that because we ask the same questions too. .

You need some spice to neutralize that Monday blues. You want some kink and inspiration to survive a mid-week. Make new friends. Improve your sex life. Get that promotion at work. We have them all here.

All your friends are in it and you are not. Sad, ain’t it? They talk about us and you feel left out. If you hate awkward silence within your head as they rave about our left-wing content and awesome giveaways, you should join in the fun. .

Don’t drown in the crowd. If someone is walking down the alley of normalcy, sashay down the runway of glamour and luxury. Embrace your individualism. Let your unique personality and aura rub off others. Because you are what you read.

We have bloggers, forum discussions, latest fashion and beauty trends and information, articles on lifestyle, sex and love, local and global entertainment gossips, weekly Friday Freebies and very so often luxury giveaways. We even make jest of the fashion disasters on the streets of Singapore. What else do you want, girls?

We guarantee that whenever you close the browser, you will miss us. Each time you visit us, you will leave with a valuable piece of information. Knowledge is power and brains beat brawn any time of the day.

We bring the world to you without the confusing travel itinerary, costly flight fares and exorbitant hotel accommodations. We bring the world to you, ‘nuff said, at no cost.

That is what a real woman is about. Looking good is not about merely looking good. Feeling good is primary. What is secondary are those cosmetics and makeup brushes on your dressing table. But we combine both, just for you. After all, a real woman should be beautiful – inside and out.

They say if you love someone, you gotta show it. So join us to find out about the last reason 😉

10 reasons to like My Fat Pocket

Reasons why I love MFP & Why you should too!

#1- Cuz I’m a resident blogger in MFP :) Haha!

#2 – If you love to read blogs, you gotta check out the panel of resident bloggers who have great fashion & beauty tips to share!

#3 – MFP’s portal has so many brilliant articles especially on Beauty & Fashion such as this article on False Eyelashes. Oh & not forgetting the Gossip section too where I get my daily fix of entertainment.

#4 – The MFP Forum allows fellow-minded ladies to share information as well as make new friends. Have you check it out yet?

#5 – TGIF Giveaways are fantastic! If you are a forum member, you get to participate in the MFP weekly TGIF giveaways where you get a chance to win cool stuff like beauty products or fashion accessories!

#6 – You get to join sprees in MFP & buy fabulous stuff at wholesale or much cheaper prices. This would be great news for the shopaholic addict.

#7 – And that’s not just it for you shopaholics as MFP has its own Eshops run by resident blogger Mikko. You can get rare & popular fashion & beauty products from Japan & Taiwan. Check it out HERE!

#8 – Ok, the last 3 reasons are purely personal reasons. I’m a beauty junkie & I love how girly & pink MFP is with its vast information on the topics I can relate to.

#9 – Being a resident blogger on MFP has allowed me to share with a wider audience my passion for trying out new beauty products and services.

#10 – Surfing the MFP Portal takes stress off an unusually busy day. It’s one of the ways to relax and just take a breather for me.

Get connected with MFP here:

Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

GSS is here! Shopaholics are you ready?

It’s the time of the year where every shophaolic excitedly anticipates. Yes, it’s none other than the Great Singapore Sale. So armed with numerous credit cards (to get more discounts off through special shop & bank collaborations), we hunt down bargains with a vengeance.
If you are not one to jostle with the crowds for a good deal, take heart to know that even online stores are sales too. You can now shop within the comforts of your home and still get a good deal.

Mikko’s Shop – New E-shop for Japanese beauty & fashion!

Hey, all of you crazy shopaholic ladies! Did you know that MFP has launched their ecomm store: MF Fashion Avenue 

Currently, there are two shops in the ecomm store: Taiwan muse which sells taiwanese fashion and beauty products while Mikko’s Shop focuses on Japanese fashion and beauty items. I think the layout is really cute because it looks like a shopping mall on your screen and I totally adore the mini elevator that brings you to each shop level.

For those new to shopping online or at MFP, please read up the How To Shop guide. It’s easy, safe and secure to shop at MF Fashion Avenue because of their unique payment method – MFP e-wallet. What is MFP e-Wallet? It is similar to your wallet or purse – it stores all your sensitive information that you use to make payments on MFP Fashion Avenue.

Continue reading

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