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I really love the cleanser and have reviewed it HERE. This cleanser has been recommended to friends who also love it as much as I do. I did review the 3 kit set too before, please check it out HERE

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Mentholatum Lipbalm Review: Mogitate Kajjitsu & Deep Moist

I have always been a fan of Mentholatum lipbalms ever since I tried their Mentholatum B New Lip Pure Lipbalm.

I’ll have dry, peeling lips that sometimes would result in a bloody mess when it just gets too drying and the skin tears.
And boy does it hurts when a tear/cut occurs but Mentholatum’s lipbalm saved my lips!


It’s really no surprise as to why its the NUMBER ONE selling lipbalm brand in Japan.
Therefore, when I realized that their Mogitate Kajitsu & Deep Moist range was to be launched in Singapore. I got really excited in wanting to try them out.

What is so unique about these Mogitate Kajitsu lipbalms? Well,they are made with fresh fruit juice!! How interesting. And they contain essential minerals and vitamins sjuch as Squalene, Grape Seed Oil, Vit A & E which are beneficial to the lips and body. Honey, one of the key ingredients, heals and renews chapped lips.

Mogitate Kajitsu is their fruity range. “Mogitate” means “Fresh” and “Kajitsu” means “Fruits” in Japanese. These delectable-looking lipbalms are available in 5 fruity juicy mixes:

Mogitate Kajitsu

As shown in the picture above, we have Mogitate Strawberry, Mogitate Orange & Mango, Mogitate Peach, Mogitate Lemon & Lime and Mogitate Grape & Berry. (Left to Right)

Thanks to The.Sample.Store & Mentholatum, I was given yummy Mogitate Strawberry, Lemon & Lime and Orange & Mango to try.

Firstly, the fruity scent is light and subtle unlike some lip balms that give out an overwhelming artificial scent. The sweet delicious scent made me feel like gobbling the lipbalm whole though. It’s texture was just right; moisturizing enough but not overly oily. This is yet another great product from Mentholatum that has never failed me.


The Deep Moist range comes in two types; Deep Moist Natural and Deep Moist Menthol.

It gives you a choice to opt for the menthol if you prefer a slight cool feel. Otherwise, stick to the natural one.


The Deep Moist range contain Hyaluronic Acid which is a moisture-locking ingredient. Did you know that it can hold 1000x its weight in water or 6 litres of water with just 1g! While Shea butter heals the skin and Jojoba oil gives all day hydration to the lips.

What is different about the Deep Moist range is its oval-shaped packaging which allows application to be hassle-free as it fits the corner of the mouth easily.


Like its Mogitate range, the Deep Moist range also provides adequate moisture to the lips. And it’s lightweight formula rests well on the lips not giving the user a sticky, heavy feeling.


Available exclusively at all Watsons stores, the Mogitate Kajitsu lipbalms are retailing for S$5.90 each while the Deep Moist lipbalms are retailing for S$7.90 each.

Try the Mojitate Kiajitsu & Deep Moist lipbalms today too & share your experience story to stand to win attractive prizes!

Just purchase the lipbalm, try it and post your experience onto HERE.
3 winners will be selected. Good luck :)

Mentholatum Acnes 3 Step Kit Review

Thanks to Fr3b & Mentholatum Corp, I got to sample their Acnes 3 Step Kit.

You can grab your trial sample pack here FREE!

Mentholatum Acnes Series is designed for those unfortunately plauged with acne-prone skin. It enhances the skin’s resistance and creates healthier skin that prevents acne, pimple scars and visible pores.

Their products can be found at Watsons stores and are relatively affordable.
There are a total of 3 products in this kit:


This cleanser has been reviewed before.

Price: S$6.90

Read about it HERE

To date, I am still using and loving it. The cleanser is creamy and has a medicated scent with a tinge of refreshing lemon; not dish-washing lemon. I think it does its part in keeping my skin pimple-free and also, it is gentle enough; it does not strip my skin off its natural moisture after washing. I have recommended this to friends and they love it too.


Step 2: TONE

Price: S$6.90

Powder lotion not shaken yet:

After a good shake:

Their toner comes in a form of an oil-absorbing powder lotion.
Really interesting product as it’s powder in a lotion, you gotta shake the bottle well before usage.

Like the cleanser, it is enriched with Vitamin C and E to keep skin healthy, soft and moisturized. It is recommended that you use this with a cotton pad and pat over your face after cleansing.

Some may not like the medicated smell of this product but it is still bearable for me.
The powder did help with my oil control but I also found it rather drying. It left a slightly tingling feeling after application.

Rated: .5

Step 3: TREAT

Price: S$8.95

This is the sealing jell which is more like a treatment product than a moisturizer.
I think if you usually peel after using anti-acne products as they tend to be more drying, please use your usual moisturizer after these three products.

The sealing jell contains Triclosan which is an anti-bacterial that prevents acne from forming. While sulfur unclogs pores and promotes healing of acne, it also contains vitamin E and B6 to prevent dry and rough skin.

As of the moment, I do not have any visible pimples. I cannot put this product to test. I shall update this post in time to come.

Quick update as of 29/07:
Promising product, I tried it on a zit… Though it didn’t work wonders like BP 2.5%, it was decent enough. I guess those who find BP 2.5% too harsh can try this out. Pretty decent product that is quite promising.


ACNES Mentholatum Cleanser Review

What? ACNES Mentholatum Cleanser
Where to buy? Watsons
How much? SGD $6.90 for 100ml

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of updates.
I’ve been spending most of my time working and resting (aka sleeping).
Anyway, it has been a MONTH since I’ve tried out the ACNES mentholatum cleanser.
Yes, my other cleansers are feeling alittle neglected now. LOL.

Remember I had the allergic breakout back then when I first received the ACNES
cleanser hamper? VIEW HERE
So I went for a facial at BELLA SKIN, I’ll blog about it later.
Anyway, sad to say, it didn’t exactly subside immediately.

But I’ve been using the ACNES mentholatum cleanser daily without fail.
Firstly, I think it smells great; some minty lemon scent.
And secondly, it doesn’t sting your eyes like how some cleansers do.
What’s more, it contains Vitamin C & E??
How cool is that!

So till now, I hardly have a spot but of course, it’s due to a number of factors.
You can’t just rely on a cleanser alone to minimize breakouts.
Remember to have enough sleep, drink sufficient water, watch that diet and apply suitable products for your skin.


ACNES Mentholatum blogger campaign

I collected my ACNES hamper the other day.
It’s a really small hamper LOL.


Anyway, I was thinking to myself, I had no acne so how would it help.
Then lo and behold, I got that bad skin allergy reaction and what’s worst is that
it is not getting any better.
It seems to just erupt on every Sunday. This is the 2nd Sunday so it is like a relapse!

I’ve not started on the ACNES cleanser YET but I will probably soon and I hope
that the spots on my face would disappear soon.
I get so depressed seeing my face turn out like that when it was once near flawless :(


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