[REVIEW] The Orange Blush Look

It seems like this orange blush trend is still continuing into Fall 2011. Actually, way before it begin trending, I was already using orangey blushers due to my more tanned skin tone. Orange blushers give me a healthy glow as compared to the saccharine sweet shades of pink.

Previously, at a Maybelline event (I blogged about it HERE!), I got to try out the Angelfit blushers. As there were only the tiny brushes that usually come with the compacts. I thought that the blushers were very light and the colors didn’t show. But after using my own brush – yes, I’m an ELF fan. I realized that the blusher was really not bad after all even thoughIt’s not as orangey as the ELF one which also has shimmers.

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[Review] Maybelline’s Hyper Sharp Liner

I apologize that this would be a brief review as my camera is not with me. I’ve ran out of pencil liners and so I ransacked through my makeup stash to see what I could use. As I MUST line my eyes before I go out, no matter what. And yes, you’ve guessed it. I found this Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner.

Created with ultra fine particles of carbon black, HyperSharp Liner gives you the blackest of black lines. While its super fine 0.05mm tip, the new HyperSharp Liner allows you to create ultra-precise, ultra-fine lines. It is 100% smudge-proof and waterproof but can be easily removed with warm water or eye makeup removal.

Join the Maybelline BB Generation!

June (www.june-licious.blogspot.com) & I were invited to Maybelline’s Clear Smooth BB Cream Event at A Curious TeePee @ *Scape. I must be getting old and ‘sua ku’ as this is my first visit to *Scape since it opened. It seems to be the latest IN place for teens & young adults.

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L’oreal, ZA, Maybelline going at 20% off + 20% off @ Expo

I was there on sunday but the queue was horrendous. So do bring a friend along, get one person to queue and the other to grab all the goodies you need. I guess in this case, it’ll definitely help if you have a shopping list prepared :)
L’oreal, ZA, Maybelline going at 20% off + 20% off. Really good deal, no Youth Code but I saw the Derma Genesis range. The usual great stuff from ZA & Maybelline such as makeup and skincare products were also on sale. 
Oh, I saw Lioele items on sale too.
Robinsons Expo 2010
04 November 2010 – 14 November 2010

Venue : Hall 5
Admission : Public – Free Admission
Time: 10.30am – 10pm

Massive discounts of up to 70% off a wide selection of brands such as Esprit, Adidas, World of Sport, Giordano, BCBGMAXAZRIA, French Connection, Steve Madden, OSIM, Electrolux, Triumph, Nine West, G2000, Little Tikes, Mizuno, Meyer & many more!

Win a trip to New York with Maybelline!

If you’ve not gotten your Maybelline Angelfit foundation & jewel sticker kit.
Then what are you waiting for!?!?
Right now, there’s a contest in which you get to bling up your foundation case and also to travel to NY if yours is the winning entry.

This foundation which contains unique & special ingredients such as Chamomile Essence, Royal Jelly and Vitamin E, is said to be specially developed to suit Asian women’s skin.

It’s quite huge in Japan, with Miss Universe Japan 2006 Kurara Chibana as the endorser.

So what makes this foundation different from the rest?
Well, it boasts of revolutionary ultra-light ‘micro thin oxy powders’ that blends onto your skin perfectly regardless of the layers you pile on without giving you that cakey or patchy feeling. And it claims to even cover up flaws and is non-clogging to your pores as well. Sounds like a dream come true, yeah? :)

I can’t wait to try it out but the shade I’ve got might be too dark.
I’m checking with Maybelline if I can use the OC3 (darkest shade) if I’m using W02 (not darkest shade) for their Pure Mineral powder. I know I look pretty tanned now but seriously, I am not sure if OC3 is really my shade.

Anyway, for details on how to join the contest for that awesome trip to NY, do check out the following:

Step 1: Bejewel your Angel Fit Two-Way Foundation casing with diamante stickers and make it one-of-a-kind!
You may use your own diamante stickers on top of those provided in the Dazzling Radiance set.

Step 2: Take a photo of your handicraft.

Step 3: Access Maybelline’s Dazzling Radiance Facebook Fan Page and complete the contest form here.

Step 4: Upload the photo to Maybelline’s Dazzling Radiance Facebook Fan Page. (Keep your receipt for purchase of Angel Fit Two-Way Foundation / Dazzling Radiance set safe! You’ll need it to redeem your prize!)

NOTE: Please submit a .JPG or .GIF file of maximum 1MB in size.

1st Prize: 1 pair of return tickets to New York
2nd Prize: 1 iPod Shuffle & a Maybelline product hamper worth $250
3rd Prize: 1 iPod Shuffle & a Maybelline product hamper worth $150
3 x Consolation Prizes: Maybelline product hamper worth $80

Psst! Your friends can take you closer to New York! Get them to vote for your design here. Their votes count for 40% of your score!


Available at all Watsons & Guardian stores for S$25.90

Maybelline Angelfit Pore Zero Base & How BOTOX® can reduce pore size

Where to buy? Watsons, Guardian, John Little
How much? UP $19.90

Photos of me using this makeup base.
I think my pores look horribly enlarged due to my overzealousness
with the Shills peel-off mask.





Typo: It should be Pore Zero & NOT Zero Pore
Photo taken 24/05

For reviews on Maybelline Angelfit Pore Zero Base, please view:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Personally, I think this one works better with liquid foundation than 2-way cake foundation.


As you can see, after applying the 2-way foundation, it made the pores appear even more visible.

My ratings are reflected on using the Angelfit Pore Zero Base with the Revlon Beyond Natural Liquid Foundation.


***NOTE: I know there seems to be a difference in my pore size from the 2 photos.
After taking those horrendous photos on 24/05 & realising how ugly my pores appeared.
I did a scrub using the Dermalogica Microfoliant, followed by a deep cleansing Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque & then Dainty Rose Sheet Mask.
This could have helped in making my pore size look smaller.

It’s quite a sad thing that pore size can’t be significantly reduced.
The most you can do is either minimize the appearance of it with the help
of skincare products.

If you want much more visible results, you’ll have to turn to BOTOX® which can be expensive and addictive. According to splendicity.com, BOTOX® is said to be able to treat skin conditions such as large pores, oily skin, and inflammation from acne.

“The injection of Botox into the skin actually causes the pores to constrict in size, which is a huge plus for anyone who has tried to reduce them in the past – there have always been different methods and applications to reduce pore size, but there is nothing topical that can be applied to the skin to reduce their appearance.”

So how does BOTOX® work for large pores?

According to NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Anil R. Shah:
“The Botox interacts with the tiny little muscle around the pore. These muscles don’t form wrinkles; they’re the same muscles that create goose bumps. The injection into the shallow layer of the dermis freezes the same tiny muscle so that the skin is now taut.”
Credits to shizukany.com

I am VERY tempted but there’s so many other stuff I also wanna try out on an aesthetic clinic’s menu!
Of which I unfortunately can’t due to the lack of vitamin M. *Sigh*
But anyway, since there are cheaper alternatives to create an illusion of a flawless complexion. Let’s just stick to that for the time being :)

By the way, I’ve also update my ZA Pore Smoother review with photos.
To view, please scroll down or click HERE

Her World June 09: Sneak Peek

Get it at Kinokuniya as I heard that you’ll get an additional Laneige Pore Free Trouble Kit worth $28 on top of the freebie Lancaster sample.
Unfortunately, I got mine at the bookshop near my workplace so no Laneige freebie for me :(


And you can trade your insert in the magazine for another 2 Lancaster samples.


The Angelfit Maybelline Pore Zero Makeup Base is featured in Her World.


Click to read some reviews:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Big THANK YOU to Maybelline for giving me the opportunity to review it.

Interesting snippets in the magazine:


So now we know :) I can continue using what has been working well for me.
It’s not that my skin is ‘immune’ to the product but it is cause my skin has improved; thanks to the product.


Also there is more information inside on how to join Bio-essence’s “Look Younger with Golden Glow Instantly with Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Series” Challenge.
The first 100 readers to get back to Bio-essence will be selected to attend the event in late June and receive a fabulous goodie bag worth $209!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I’ve heard and read that the Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Eye Care Twin Treasures for eyes are pretty good.
And it doesn’t come cheap.
The Anti-Dark Circles Essence is priced at $43.50 and Eye Contour Lifting Serum costs $59.50!!!

So how can I miss something as attractive as that!?!
I’ve even told my girlfriends to sign up too :)

Watsons GSS catalog

Haha, I know this sounds crazy but I can pick up a Watsons catalog
and read it like a magazine.
I enjoy looking at the promotions they have and the new products they’ve brought in.
As you know that of late, Watsons have been bringing alot of new imported goods.
We now have Superdrug, Majolica Majorca, CURE and many more.

Have you picked up your copy yet?


Here are some products which I find worth buying:



I love the Vichy moisturizer! I did a review HERE
I think this bundle is really worth it! 25% off is alot more than the usual
Watsons 20% discount *duh*


Correct me if I am wrong but weren’t the K-Palette liners priced above $20
previously? Anyway, $15.10 is really a steal.


A L’Oreal eye makeup bundle: Unstoppable Mascara & Eyeliner for $20.60!?!?
That’s nearly 50% off! This is a MUST BUY!!!
And you get a pencil shadow FREE :)))))

Products I think you should try:


A new product by ZA. Say bye bye to ugly, open pores.
Read my review HERE


Just launched makeup base by Maybelline. It was initially available overseas.
Oh thank you, Maybelline for bringing this to Singapore!!!
I find that it light, non-clogging and has great oil control.
It also has SPF 25 PA ++ so you don’t need multiple products. Just use one.

Products I find interesting:


New detox drinks from Japan! Really intriguing…. but alittle too much
for my pocket. :(


The cleansing express gel was the product that caught my eye.
It actually turns from gel to water!


The limited edition casing is truly gorgeous and the price is just as
attractive. Really worth it!

Products I am tempted to get:


Gransenbon Gran Blusher!!!! *speechless*


Eyeliner that fills up the waterline area and is resistant to tear & sweat?
That’s like an answered prayer!


Last but not the least, the absolutely adorable Sesame Street products!
OMG OMG OMG Elmo looks soooooo cute! I am tempted to get all of the Elmo items
shown above and the big brolly too.

*takes deep breath*

Now you know why Watsons is one of my favourite stores.

L’Oreal Sale’s Loot

The loot!!!!


This is a e/s + blusher + lip color palette :)
It is really small and compact so it’s handy when you are going out with a small
bag and do not have much space for much stuff inside.
You can just leave your makeup pouch at home and bring this out.

It opens up to this!
I love the colors on this palette. It’s just truly gorgeous!

And YES! The L’Oreal Derma Genesis Day Cream going for 1/2 price!!!
I’m not sure if it was cause I arrived too late but there was only the day cream on sale.


And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Derma Genesis range.
Even The Times UK has a high 4/5 rating for it!

Here’s what they say about the L’oreal Derma Genesis:

They say “Skincare with Pro-Xylane and hyaluronic acid derivative helps the renewal of surface skin cells for younger looking skin.”

We say These two ingredients perform the same function, boosting the skin’s water content. This may help to increase skin plumpness and combat sagginess that comes with age. Research suggests that hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring skin molecule, acts like a moisture magnet when it comes into contact with the skin. Pro-Xylane is a derivative of sugar xylose, found in plants. Dr Tamara Griffiths, a dermatologist from the British Skin Foundation, says lab studies suggest that this compound may improve cohesion between the top and bottom layers of skin, potentially increasing firmness. However, she says further studies on facial skin, published in the public domain, are welcome.

Feel-good factor Slightly medicinal smell; gives skin a subtle shine.

Science rating 4/5

Review by Kate Wighton, the science editor of Body&Soul.
Credits women.timesonline.co.uk

If you’ve missed out on this sale. You can still get the L’Oreal Derma Genesis range at a bargain at either Watsons or OG Chinatown.
Watsons is having 20% off for the Derma Genesis range.
OG Chinatown is selling them at a bundle.
When you buy the day cream ($32.90), night cream ($34.90) & essence ($36.90)
together as a set. You’ll get their eye & lip makeup remover & lipgloss FREE.

Eyeliner stock up! My most used cosmetic item!


Makeup Pouches. It was cheap & pretty so I got alot.



Cute, eh?

Today is the last day of the sale.
So please go down if you can make it!
Details are in my previous blog entry.


L’Oreal sale is worth going…..

If you do use L’Oreal/Garnier skincare.
L’oreal bodycare.
L’oreal/Maybelline cosmetic.
Elseve shampoo…. I didn’t check out the other hair care range.

Price List for what I can recall:

– 2 Cleansers for $10
– Garnier Light/Age lift kit (Moisturiser + Cleanser I think) $10
– Body Anti-Cellulite Rolls 2 for $15

Maybelline Cosmetics Mostly 2 for $10 or $10 each!!!
– Eyeshadow palettes $10
– Angelfit Pouch + Blusher set $10
– Angelfit Foundation + refill + casing $10
– Angelfit Dream Mousse Blusher 2 for $10
– other blushers at 2 for $10
– Angelfit UV MU base 2 for $10
– Maybelline Unstoppable, XXL & many other Mascaras 2 for $10
– Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner 2 for $10
– Maybelline Loose Powder Finish $10
– Nail polish $2
– Watershine collage, essence, lipstick, Moisture Shine 4 for $20
– E/S Palette 2 for $15
– Maybelline Mineral Foundation/Blusher 2 for $25

L’oreal Cosmetics
– MU Palette (3 e/s, 1 blush & 1 lip color) $10
– Mineral blush 2 for $15
– E/S palettes $10
– Eyebrow pencils $10
– Mascaras $10

L’Oreal Skincare
– Moisturiser + Toner + Cleanser sets at 1/2 price! $15 each
– MU remover $8
– Cleansing oil $8
– Derma Genesis Day Cream $15
– Intensive Peeling Kit (MFG DATE 2006!?!? WTH IS IT STILL ON SALE!??!) $15
– UV Perfect items – $10-15

– Slimming packs $20
– 2 body sunscreens $20

– Bundle $15
– 2 (diff from the one below) cleansers bundle $10
– 1 cleanser for oily skin $5
– Moisturiser $10

PWP Bags
– Quite worth it! $3-5 each!


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