Glamabox Feb Vday Edition

I know this is pretty late but hey, better late then never! I received this Glamabox Valentine’s Day edition awhile back but just never got the time to take a peek inside.

Anyway, here’s a short summary of the items found within:

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Staying Slim & Sexy with BottomSlim

I’m not sure about you but I’m feeling guilty from all the chinese new year feasting. And I’ll let you in on a secret, I still have 3 bottles of pineapple tarts just waiting to be devoured. So it isn’t a surprise that I’m developing a flabbier tummy. I would joke with the hubby that I have a “beer belly” now. It’s an inside joke ūüėČ

If you notice your love handles getting more obvious or you are growing ones when you never had this issue before all thanks to the Chinese New Year feasting. Perhaps, you just feel unattractive and depressed whenever you catch sight of your reflection in the mirror. Maybe you sit too much in the office and notice that your waist, butt and thighs are getting chunky. Well, fret not! I am excited to share with you about BottomSlim; the pioneer in lower body slimming.

This is especially so for those of you who totally dread working out (like me) or just don’t have the time to do anything about your figure. As we all know, even with exercise, some areas are just too difficult to reduce. You have to be really committed and how many of us just simply give up along the way. So why not just relax at BottomSlim and let the treatments do their wonders.

Located conveniently in the heart of Orchard road at Ngee Ann City, that’s where you can find BottomSlim’s flagship branch at level 5. It boosts a relaxing ambience with it’s¬†minimalism¬†decor and cosy seating area.

There’s even a kids play area where your children can hang out with Daddy while you are having your treatments done. Really thoughtful of them.

I had a consultation done prior to the treatment. This is to determine the areas of concern I had and which treatments would be suitable to tackle these issues. My consultant was friendly and pleasant, explaining everything in detail to me as well as answering all of the queries I had.

As I had just given birth recently last Oct, my main concerns would be my tummy. Because of the pregnancy, my tummy has lost most of its firmness. My hips had also widened and my shorts were getting tighter. Not to mention with all the eating binge due to the festive season, I was starting to worry about not being able to fit my pre-pregnancy bottoms.

My treatments were divided into 3 different ones. The first was for breaking down the fats, a signature treatment – The Tummy, Hips & Thighs Trimmer that is highly popular with all of their customers. Before we begin, my therapist snapped a BEFORE photo. And once the treatment was done, she took another one for¬†comparison. Immediate results could be seen, I noticed my tummy looking slimmer and it felt firmer. Sorry no photos cause I’m still very shy and conscious of my tummy (linea nigra and all). But you can check out below…

That’s an image of one of their clients who managed to achieve a slimmer waistline¬†through¬†their treatments. Amazing, right? Of course, to achieve such desirable results, more than one treatment would be required.

The next treatment I received was a detox session and this was followed by a mask with infra-ray to enable the nutrients of this mask to penetrate in deeper. The mask had a cool, minty sensation which I like.

All the treatments at BottomSlim aim to give you a slimmer and slender lower body through the breaking down of fats, detox, reducing cellulite, re-sculpting and firming. Don’t we all wish we had a figure like their spokesperson, Faraliza who was Miss Singapore 2008? She is one of their customers too and she lost 20kg in mere 4 months.

Having a slim figure like her would give one confidence, the ability to fit all types of clothing especially those tagged free size and at the same time look good in shorts, mini skirts and most importantly the sexy bikini!

Did I also mention that BottomSlim won the Cozycot award for best post-natal slimming? So mummies, you know where to go to now.

All in all, I enjoyed my session at BottomSlim. Their consultants are friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy at all. After going through pages of Before & After images of their customers, I’m very tempted to go for further treatments to regain my pre-pregnancy figure.

Keen in trying out their lower body slimming treatments? You are in luck because there is a  BottomSlim Special just for my dear readers, simply answer the below question and get complimentary treatments!

Q: BottomSlim is the Pioneer in Lower Body Slimming?


Just answer the above correctly to redeem 3 complimentary slimming treatments for tummy, thighs and calves worth S$888!

There’s also an instant lucky dip where you stand a chance to win up to $500 Takashimaya vouchers!!

To participate, you may SMS, call or leave your details HERE

Please SMS BA_BSNY_FullName_NRIC_Answer (True or False) to 9097 2682 to enjoy A BEAUTY AFFAIR WITH BOTTOMSLIM SPECIAL!

Example: BA_BSNY_JaneTan_S1234567A_True

Leave details over here: PLS CLICK HERE or call 6363 2525

Terms & Conditions Apply :

  • Only for females 18 years and above
  • Lucky Dip redeemable upon treatments
  • Strictly by appointment only
  • Promotion valid for 2 months

BottomSlim outlets can be found at Ngee Ann City, Novena Square 2, City Square Mall, Jurong East, Nex Mall and Parkway Parade. Please head to their website here for more information on the locations.

BottomSlim is also the proud¬†sponsor of Star Awards 2013 and there’s an award presented by them! The voting for Sexiest Legs Actress can done HERE.

Heme skincare on sale at 50% off

Just found out that¬†¬†is having a sales for HEME products. The above special offer is really worth it, it’s a buy 1 get 1 free promotion. If you have not tried out HEME’s night jelly before then you really should. In fact, you should take advantage of this promotion and get both to try out.

Previously, I had tried the 24hr hydrating series and fell in love with this range. You can check out my past reviews HERE¬†too. I also adore their slimming facial mask, it’s now retailing at S$2 per pc instead of S$4.20! Great savings, do check out the website soon… A lot of items are going for 50% off.

Sothys presents the Hydradvance Cosmeceutic Programme

Last week, I was invited to an intimate session with SOTHYS to learn about their Hydradvance Cosmeceutic Programme. This is a skin care range targeted at hydration. An interesting fact I’d learnt was that 98% of people suffer from dehydration. And dehydration could be caused by several factors such as external environmental factors like cold winds, sun exposure and physiological factors such as aging etc. leading to dull and dry skin.

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[REVIEW] HEME’s 24hr Hydrating Sparkling White Mask

Have you checked out my previous blog entry on the Heme skincare range?
If not, please do so!

24hr Hydrating Sparkling White Mask (5pc/box) @ S$18.90

This contoured 10-minute facial mask slips on luxuriously to bring concentrated hydrating and brightening benefits to one’s skin. It is infused with an intensive treatment that rapidly penetrates skin and helps fight darks pots, freckles and uneven skin tones.

How to Use: Use after cleanser. Apply mask over facial contours, positioning it over openings for eyes and mouth. Leave on for 10 minutes before removing mask. Gently massage remaining essence into skin.

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[REVIEW] Dress Up Your Face with Dress Me Masks

I love facial sheet masks for their ease and convenience.
They provide care & moisture for the skin but eliminate the hassle that comes with using clay & gel-based masks.
A big thank you to Sample Store & Dress Me for the opportunity to try out and review these Dress Me facial sheet masks :)

Dress Me facial mask series uses the finest and purest quality ingredients extracted from selected plant concentrates. Enhancing your skin care routine, Dress Me is the perfect companion that boosts your natural capabilities to good skin, tailored according
to your skin‚Äôs needs. 

Dress Me facial masks are ideal for common skin problems; skins that are dehydrated, oily, pigmented, dull and lost of lustre. The hassle-free skin treatment takes only fifteen minutes to complete and is suitable for daily usage. The effective and essential natural ingredients used in the masks are found in many skin care products. The ingredients are Natto, Trehalose, Helichrysum Agustigolium, Spriarea Ulmaria, Gigawhite, Ginkgo Biloba and Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit.

You will be spoilt for choice with the range of Dress Me facial masks available!

Soften & Clarifying Mask (Clear. Moisture. Revive) 
Moisturizing & Refreshing Mask (Clear. Balance. Revitalize) 
Silky & Soothing Mask (Clear. Moisture. Soften) 
Oil Control & Purifying Mask (Clear. Moisture. Refresh) 
Whitening & Brightening Mask (Clear. Moisture. Tighten) 
Whitening & Revive Mask (Clear. Balance. Restore) 
Revitalizing & Firming Mask (Clear. Balance. Renew)

I got to pick 3 Dress Me Masks to sample and my choice was 

Silky & Soothing Mask (Clear. Moisture. Soften) 
Oil Control & Purifying Mask (Clear. Moisture. Refresh) 
Whitening & Brightening Mask (Clear. Moisture. Tighten

However, I’d only tried out 2 out of the 3 so far.

I decided to use the Oil Control & Purifying Mask as my period was approaching and my skin felt like it needed to detox. I have combination skin where the T-zone is more prone to oiliness.

The facial mask felt cool against my skin even though I did not leave it in the refrigerator.
It had just the right amount of essence and there weren’t any dripping from my mask.
Some masks do that and makes mask time quite a mess.

After leaving it on for 15 minutes, I removed the mask to reveal skin that looks brightened.
No rinsing is required at all, my skin starts to feel soft and smooth after awhile.


The Whitening & Brightening Mask was just as great!

Like the first one I’d tried, this one also leaves your skin looking brighter and glowy after masking.
I also like that they all are not heavily-scented.
My skin also felt moisturized after this indulging little treat, I’m glad with my choice of masks for this trial.


Do check out Dress Me promotions too at their FACEBOOK PAGE:
    Good deals at  50% off all dress me mask
        – Buy any 5 pieces of Dress Me mask and get 1 Dress Me Moisturizing n Refreshing Mask free  
        – Buy any 35 pieces of Dress Me mask and enjoy free delivery + 1  Dress Me Moisturizing n Refreshing Mask free

  Great bargains at SaSa
       – Purchase 2 pieces of Dress Me mask and enjoy 20% off 
       – Purchase 1 box (5 pieces) of Dress Me mask and enjoy 50 % off 

Also visit their website for more information, Dress Me Facial Masks!

Silk Whitia Mask Review: Strawberry & Peach Organic Masks

I’m a convert after trying some in the organic range.
There’s also a Kiwi in the range.
So far, I’ve only tried the strawberry & peach ones.

Firstly, the masks have a great fruity scent which I love alot!
Nothing artificial or musky-smelling :)
And each individually packed mask is practically dripping with the mask essence.
You can use the excess essence on your neck, arms and legs if you find it a waste to just discard.

The strawberry one is mainly a whitening mask whereas the peach one is a hydrating mask.
Both masks contain vitamin B1,B2 and C.
However, the peach one has plant protein extract which is useful in retaining the skin’s moisture.

On the back of the mask sheet, it states that you must rinse off after using the mask.
This may seem weird since we usually do not rinse off after masking, in hope of retaining as much of the masks essence on our skin.
But if you do not, you’ll end up with a film of dried up mask essence on your face the next day.
So yes, the instructions are there for a reason.

I found my skin color lightened immediately after using the strawberry one.
Of cus, it is a temporal effect only but perhaps after more usage, my skin tone may even out. Yes, I’m quite hopeful about that.

Rating both masks:

Silk Whitia Organic Strawberry whitening Mask and Peach Water-binding Organic Mask can be found at SASA. Usual price is S$5.90 a sheet but they usually have promotions and I stock up only when each mask is going for S$1.76-1.99/piece.

Etude O2 White Mask Tub Review

What? Etude House o2 Mask White (Tub)
Where to buy? Etude House
How much? SGD $25.90 for 100ml

Previously, I reviewed the freebie masks Etude House gave out which were so unfortunately, not available for sale at all.
And I loved them!
You can check out my previous review HERE

Now, I’ve gotten the tub version; which is the only one in the market.
I don’t understand why they had to discontinue the sheet mask version.
But anyway, a tub version is better than nothing!

I saw this ad online and was wondering if there’s any truth in it.
Like can it really whiten your skin to that extent?!?

And guess what?! It really does!
I tried it on my so-tanned-that-I-look-like-a-beach-goddess arm and it did show a
much lighter patch on the area where I’d left the mask on for 10 minutes.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture it properly in photo though I did try!
So give me some credit for the failed attempt at least. LOL.
Thing is how long will this last?
Would the lighter tone remain or would it be gone in a day or even a few hours?

That will be yet another discovery I’ve got to make.
So stay tuned, I hope I’ll be able to update soon.
Right now, I’m gonna apply it to the whole of both arms.
Seriously, I’m not exactly into that whole beach girl look ūüėõ

Etude O2 White Mask Sheet Review

What? O2 White Mask Sheet
Where to buy? Etude House but not available for sale
How much? Not for sale

Sadly, this is not for sale but only available as a freebie.
They have the ones in a tub, the wash off kind for sale as an alternative.
More information about the tub ones can be found here


I was elated when I saw them giving it out on Monday as a freebie.
The O2 white mask sheet was calling out to me.
I felt compelled to go grab one. After all, it was free.

So I just tried one on after cleansing my face from makeup.
I left it on for around 20 minutes because I lost track of time.
The instructions behind read 10-15 minutes.

Anyway, one thing I really like about this mask is that it was not
dripping with essence when I opened it.
I hate those sheet masks which makes DIY masking such a messy chore with all
the goo dripping all over you after you try to fix it on.
The essence packed was adequate and just right.
There was even a little bit more left in the pack which I used on my neck.

So after 20 minutes, I was to surprised to see that it actually worked!
My skin appeared brighter and fairer.
Pores appeared smaller and less visible.
OMG this is good stuff man!

I’m a convert!


FREE Kose Mask White Sample!


Freebie alert!
Get your KOSE Mask White Sample now at :

The KOSE Mask White is a peel-off black whitening mask.
Remember that I’d tried the Dasio mask? It used to be comparable to the KOSE mask.
But now, it is like a totally useless product.
The Shills chocolate peel-off mask is still the best.
However, I’ll review again and make a comparison between the KOSE & Shills when
I get my hands on the sample.

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