[Review] Asher Tries Out Moony Diapers

Asher goes to a 2 hour playgroup so I had to make sure that his diaper could withhold pee for that long without any leakages. I also wanted a diaper which required no change throughout night so that I could have uninterrupted sleep.


I’m no stranger to Moony Diapers, having heard so much about it from friends and reading all the raves online. So imagine my delight and excitement when I got to try the Moony Man L Size Pants on Asher.


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My Trial & Error with Diapers

It has been a long time since I wore sanitary pads since the switch to tampons. Unfortunately for a baby, there’s no other option when it comes to diapers. And so, like most new parents, hubby and I have been trying out a number of brands in bid to see which one fits our little one best.

Just to share my views on a bunch of brands we have tried out.

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