[Contest] The Body Shop presents 10 Most Loved Products at 30% off!

Heya! As promised, I would be sharing with you the top 10 most loved products by The Body Shop. These will be available at 30% off from today onwards till 14th Oct. So grab them before it’s too late!

Like I mentioned previously, I am taking part in The Body Shop Bloggers’ Challenge.

I would need your help and support to win.

And if I am the winning blogger, one of my lucky readers would also win a prize too :) And the attractive prize would be *drum roll, pls!* a hamper containing all 10 of the most loved products below + 1 star entrant (worth over S$400!) Now, how cool is that?

Presenting the 10 best sellers at The Body Shop

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10 Awesome Reasons why you should be MyFatPocket.com’s Member

10 Awesome Reasons why you should beMyFatPocket.com‘s Member

We love you like our own. That is why we speak to you with respect, honesty and love. Everything that we share on our website everyday is from the heart because you are always in our mind. You come first.

Pink is the marriage of red and white, just like the balance in yin and yang. While we give you the hottest latest trends and news on beauty and fashion, we also whip up a palette of entertainment news for your bite-size gossip sessions with your girlfriends. And of course those real life experiences that we tackle in sex and love issues because every girl has their own set of insecurities, inhibitions. We know that because we ask the same questions too. .

You need some spice to neutralize that Monday blues. You want some kink and inspiration to survive a mid-week. Make new friends. Improve your sex life. Get that promotion at work. We have them all here.

All your friends are in it and you are not. Sad, ain’t it? They talk about us and you feel left out. If you hate awkward silence within your head as they rave about our left-wing content and awesome giveaways, you should join in the fun. .

Don’t drown in the crowd. If someone is walking down the alley of normalcy, sashay down the runway of glamour and luxury. Embrace your individualism. Let your unique personality and aura rub off others. Because you are what you read.

We have bloggers, forum discussions, latest fashion and beauty trends and information, articles on lifestyle, sex and love, local and global entertainment gossips, weekly Friday Freebies and very so often luxury giveaways. We even make jest of the fashion disasters on the streets of Singapore. What else do you want, girls?

We guarantee that whenever you close the browser, you will miss us. Each time you visit us, you will leave with a valuable piece of information. Knowledge is power and brains beat brawn any time of the day.

We bring the world to you without the confusing travel itinerary, costly flight fares and exorbitant hotel accommodations. We bring the world to you, ‘nuff said, at no cost.

That is what a real woman is about. Looking good is not about merely looking good. Feeling good is primary. What is secondary are those cosmetics and makeup brushes on your dressing table. But we combine both, just for you. After all, a real woman should be beautiful – inside and out.

They say if you love someone, you gotta show it. So join us to find out about the last reason 😉

Hair, Makeup & Beauty Tutorial Videos!

You know how tutorials are always easier to follow if they are in video format?

So have you checked out the HOW-TO-VIDEO section in MyFatPocket. Here you can learn how to beautify yourself through the many video tutorials available, isn’t that fabulous?!

Just to share, these are my favorite HOW-TO VIDEOS:


How to have beautiful hair-dos without having to make a trip down to the salon. Perhaps you would like to have a kawaii bun like those pretty Japanese models you see in the magazines. Then check out this Japanese Bun Odango Upstyle Video.

What about a red carpet look, then try this Beyonce-inspired Updo Tutorial Video! There’s also another one on Ponytail Fishtails which looks pretty interesting. Click here to view the Ponytail Fishtails Video.


Learn various makeup styles from beauty gurus through the how-to videos. Achieve bigger eyes with this video on how to do Japanese Tearduct Eye Makeup. Or if you have a problem with eyeliners smudging on you all the time, then you would find How to make your eyeliner last Video. Another video worth checking out would be the Kat Von D Signature Makeup Video.


Love nail art but want to save money? Then you should check out these wonderful tutorial videos. Fancy some Sesame Street nails, view the Cookie Monster Nail Art Video here. Or prefer florals? Check out the Pretty Flower Petals Video. Some bling would be nice, check out the Gold Stardust Nail Art Video.

[Giveaway] Make your skin smile with Mary Kay

This was my first Mary Kay event and it was an interesting one. I’ve heard of Mary Kay products but have not tried any. This is because Mary Kay is exclusively available through direct selling only; so you won’t see these in stores or at the beauty counters. Mary Kay is a US company but its products can be bought worldwide in more than 35 countries. This includes both Malaysia and Singapore.

The motto behind the new skincare range which was being introduced to us was ‘Make your skin smile’ and so we actually got to indulge in some laughing exercises before the presentation begin. You know, they say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ and some people actually practice this to keep themselves healthy and fit.

It was kind of awkward but a rather eye-opening experience for me. I think I do laugh enough since people around me are always making me LOL.

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Be part of a fun community at My Fat Pocket Forum!

Have a burning question about beauty, lifestyle, career or shopping? Not sure whom to ask, why not join MFP’s forum and ask away? You may even make new friends there since My Fat Pocket Forum where like-minded ladies all gather to share and discuss on beauty,fashion and lifestyle.

Check it out now! MFP Forum

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Which eyeliner style are you?

Pic credited to Glossybox

This is a rather interesting picture, isn’t it? So which eyeliner style are you?
I’m most likely a D&G and always will be one, given that I am so not adventurous and boring with my makeup.

[REVIEW] Holika Holika Goodies from I♥KoreanBeauty

I Heart Korean Beauty was so kind to send me some Holika Holika makeup products to try out. Holika Holika is a popular Korean brand and one of the many brands which you can find on this online store. They not only sell Korean beauty products but also accessories and stationery with a new product range of clothing and K-pop merchandise coming soon.

Holika Holika means ‘Beauty-HOLIC’. It has this mysterious, magical theme behind it’s packaging and brand image.

And this is evident from it’s introduction:

Holika Holika has MAGICAL COSMETICS which will reveal your attractiveness.
Holika Holika has BEAUTY MAGICIANS who will make your dream to be beautiful come true.
If you wanna be pretty, SPELL HOLIKA HOLIKA!!

Interesting, yeah? Read on to find out more…

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[REVIEW] The Orange Blush Look

It seems like this orange blush trend is still continuing into Fall 2011. Actually, way before it begin trending, I was already using orangey blushers due to my more tanned skin tone. Orange blushers give me a healthy glow as compared to the saccharine sweet shades of pink.

Previously, at a Maybelline event (I blogged about it HERE!), I got to try out the Angelfit blushers. As there were only the tiny brushes that usually come with the compacts. I thought that the blushers were very light and the colors didn’t show. But after using my own brush – yes, I’m an ELF fan. I realized that the blusher was really not bad after all even thoughIt’s not as orangey as the ELF one which also has shimmers.

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ZA Go Go Lashes! New packaging & new mascara range!

Sorry for the long overdue post but this was an event I’d attended last month. ZA introduces their new mascara range. Check out their gorgeous Ambassadors in the 3 new mascara types:

The venue was at La barra di Vino; this neat little bar off Mohd Sultan Street. Parking was a bitch and you would like to think that Mohd Sultan would be a ghost town now but there are still their regulars filling up whatever waterholes that are left in that area.

Anyway, the private function room though small was cosy and beautifully decorated by the passionate marketing team. Just check it out:


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[Announcement] Kanebo Seasonal Markdowns Event

Another reason to shop?
Check out Kanebo’s great sale at COZYCOT office…

There’ll be brands such as Kate (OMG! I love Kate, read ’bout my Kate event HERE), Freshel, Lunasol, Blanchir Superior, Impress & so on…

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