Hair, Makeup & Beauty Tutorial Videos!

You know how tutorials are always easier to follow if they are in video format?

So have you checked out the HOW-TO-VIDEO section in MyFatPocket. Here you can learn how to beautify yourself through the many video tutorials available, isn’t that fabulous?!

Just to share, these are my favorite HOW-TO VIDEOS:


How to have beautiful hair-dos without having to make a trip down to the salon. Perhaps you would like to have a kawaii bun like those pretty Japanese models you see in the magazines. Then check out this Japanese Bun Odango Upstyle Video.

What about a red carpet look, then try this Beyonce-inspired Updo Tutorial Video! There’s also another one on Ponytail Fishtails which looks pretty interesting. Click here to view the Ponytail Fishtails Video.


Learn various makeup styles from beauty gurus through the how-to videos. Achieve bigger eyes with this video on how to do Japanese Tearduct Eye Makeup. Or if you have a problem with eyeliners smudging on you all the time, then you would find How to make your eyeliner last Video. Another video worth checking out would be the Kat Von D Signature Makeup Video.


Love nail art but want to save money? Then you should check out these wonderful tutorial videos. Fancy some Sesame Street nails, view the Cookie Monster Nail Art Video here. Or prefer florals? Check out the Pretty Flower Petals Video. Some bling would be nice, check out the Gold Stardust Nail Art Video.

Do you wanna look like Angelina Jolie?

This blog entry was inspired by Michelle Phan’s post in Facebook. She’s a makeup guru & you can follow her on Facebook HERE. She has posted a makeup tutorial on how to look like Angelina Jolie in The Tourist. I’m always fascinated by her makeup tutorials especially since I’m a klutz with makeup. And I simple adore Angelina because she is just so beautiful.

I’ve not watched the movie but it has 2 of my favorite artistes inside!! Anyway, I’ve always thought such dark, smokey eye makeup would be suitable for deep set Caucasian eyes only. But these Asian-looking makeup gurus have proved me so wrong.

Check out Tamang Phan’s Makeup Tutorial to replicate Angelina Jolie’s look. I was shocked when I clicked on the link because she resembled Angelina so much…

Check it out… This is the real deal. Gorgeous Angelina herself:

And this is Phan after she’s done with the makeover:

OMGFBBQ right!??! And so you think, perhaps this Phan lady is a caucasian. Cuz using the in-group and out-group sociology theory. We asians tend to see all caucasians are similar-looking and vice versa. But no, she is ASIAN!!!

This is her before she puts on the makeup:

I’m just so simple amazed. Once again, if you wanna attempt to be an Angelina Jolie lookalike. Do check out her makeup tutorial!

Tamang Phan’s Makeup Tutorial

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