[Review] CandyDoll Base Makeup

This is part 3 and my final post on the CandyDoll makeup I’ve received. If you missed out my other blog entries on the lip glosses and blushers, do check it out HERE.

From left to right, the CandyDoll foundation, Makeup base, Liquid Foundation and last but not least, the Face Powder.

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[REVIEW] Holika Holika Goodies from I♥KoreanBeauty

I Heart Korean Beauty was so kind to send me some Holika Holika makeup products to try out. Holika Holika is a popular Korean brand and one of the many brands which you can find on this online store. They not only sell Korean beauty products but also accessories and stationery with a new product range of clothing and K-pop merchandise coming soon.

Holika Holika means ‘Beauty-HOLIC’. It has this mysterious, magical theme behind it’s packaging and brand image.

And this is evident from it’s introduction:

Holika Holika has MAGICAL COSMETICS which will reveal your attractiveness.
Holika Holika has BEAUTY MAGICIANS who will make your dream to be beautiful come true.
If you wanna be pretty, SPELL HOLIKA HOLIKA!!

Interesting, yeah? Read on to find out more…

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Don’t let the summer heat get to you & your makeup

It is summer all year round in Singapore, with the humid heat constantly suffocating us. So my makeup regime has stayed the same for a long time or perhaps just blame it on my laziness and the lack of willingness to experiment.

Anyway, there’s often one big question on everyone’s mind when it comes to summer makeup. Just how do you go about ensuring that your makeup stays? Basically, I’m no expert in the area of makeup but a few basic steps could be followed to avoid unsightly streaking of your makeup as you go about your business under the summer sun.

Let’s check out these simple steps….

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