Hollywood Celebrities Have it. BeautyFool Covets for One. Do you too?

The frenzy over the Céline Luggage Tote is so crazy because the bag is so gorgeous, it has jumped from the fashion crowd straight to Hollywood.

Not every It Bag translates that well to people but Céline has found a way and succeeded.

Now, everyone wants one of these bags. Like me!!

Celebs like their Céline luggage totes and they carry them pretty much 24/7!

In love with Céline luggage tote? Win one for you and your girlfriend now! If you win, your friend wins too.

You MUST tag at least 1 friend to be in the draw. So, refer as many friends as you can to increase your chances of winning!

CLICK HERE >>>>> http://is.gd/jFx8W8


Finally, the CHANEL luxury draw….

The winner for the YSL giveaway has been announced. Amy Chua went shopping with MFP and got herself an early Xmas present. Check out her shopping adventure HERE!

And the winner for the MIU MIU has also been selected. Read all about it HERE & see if its you cuz the MFP team has not been able to get through this lucky lady’s phone.

The last giveaway is what most ladies have been waiting for… yes, it’s the CHANEL.

A Chanel 2.55 classic costs almost S$5600 and this is the most generous giveaway in the Luxury Giveaway by MFP.

WIN Miu Miu’s Vitello Lux Shopper

Don’t you just love MIU MIU bags for their simplicity, sophistication & style?

Yes, the draw for the MIU MIU bag is only 2 days away. Are you going to be the next LUCKY one to win this beauty from the generous folks at My Fat Pocket?

It’s real simple to participate, all you have to do is to become a member of MFP.


Please CLICK HERE to register to become a member and be entitled the chance to participate in the Luxury Giveaway.

Register now for 1 lucky draw chance that is valid for ALL 7 lucky draws!

Existing members:

As an existing member, you have been automatically given 1 lucky draw chance that is valid for ALL 7 lucky draws.

Do join the discussion at the MFP Forum to increase the number of lucky draw chances. Every 5 posts = 1 lucky draw chance.

Wanna increase your chances of winning?

Buy any 2 bottles of Pink Dolphin and mail the entry form to MFP, or upload a picture of your receipts in here.

1 receipt with 2 Pink Dolphin purchase = 1 additional lucky draw chance. Now, how cool is that?

Good luck, ladies! And good luck to myself too…

I don’t have many luxury bags so I’m really hoping to win one 😛

Lucky Dawn goes shopping at LV Island Maison for FREE

And so the 4th bag has been won by lucky Dawn Ng, an active member of the MFP FORUM. You can still try your luck for the remaining 3 brands – YSL, Miumiu & Chanel. Oh yes, Chanel… *inhale.. exhale*

Are you green with envy? Cuz I sure am and since it’s her bday month. MFP was so nice to let her top up 50% to a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Artsy Ombre!

Nice bag, yeah? I think it oozes style & class, so much sophisticated looking than the usual brown monograms.

Anyway, all hope is still not lost yet. You can still participate in the draw for the remaining 3 bags. So you’re lemming for something Miumiu, YSL or CHANEL (YES!!!!), then hurry up!

Campaign Period: 01 October 2011 – 27 November 2011

All lucky draw chances are valid for ALL 7 lucky draws.

Draw Item Promotion Cut-off Date  Draw Date
Draw 1: Balenciaga 14 Oct 2011 17 Oct 2011
Draw 2: Prada 21 Oct 2011 24 Oct 2011
Draw 3: Gucci 28 Oct 2011 31 Oct 2011
Draw 4: Louis Vuitton 4 Nov 2011 8 Nov 2011
Draw 5: Yves Saint Laurent 13 Nov 2011 21 Nov 2011
Draw 6: Miu Miu 20 Nov 2011 28 Nov 2011
Draw 7: Chanel 27 Nov 2011 05 Dec 2011

More photos over at LV Winner at Island Maison

Next up, is a GUCCI bag for the ladies!

Everyone’s jealous of the latest winner, Ms Koh May Ying who has won herself a PRADA bag from the MFP Luxury Giveaway. So that makes it 2 bags down but with 5 more to go who knows, you might just be the one to get your hands on that GUCCI.

The GUCCI draw is scheduled this coming Monday, 31st October 2011. And that happens to be HALLOWEEN!! So are you in for a treat? If yes, then get your sexy ass down to the MFP Luxury Giveaway Page and start posting in the MFP FORUM to increase your draw chances.

I currently do not own any GUCCI bag but if I were the winner, I would most probably get a document bag for work to stuff all my files in.

Something like this…

So ladies, let the countdown begin… Sign up now by clicking on the pink button below if you have not registered for a chance to win :)

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